Your Voice Sounds Similar To My CP


Original Title:《你的声音很像我CP》
Author: 飞奔的小蜗牛
Chapters: 68 Chapters
Translator: Lily




Tong Qian felt that his recent years had been unlucky. If not, then why would he act like a quiet melon-eating person? Just lying around at home watching shows for a few months.




His agent screamed loudly: Since you are so free, why don’t you practice your lines!




Sick personnel Tong Qian: QAQ So inhumane! I am recuperating, let me rest!




At home, Tong Qian thought that he really was a part of—Strength! School!


Actors, how should he voice this script?




Therefore, due to a freak combination of factors, Tong Qian entered an Internet circle through his anonymous account, Beijiang.




Nan’an: I think your voice sounds very pleasant.




Tong Qian was overjoyed. For the first time, he was praised for having a good voice!


北江:o(*////▽////*)q 大神大神,这是真的吗?


Beijiang: o(*////▽////*)q Dashen, dashen! Is that true?




Nan’an: I have a role that is perfect for you.




Beijiang: What!! 不要大意地 来吧!!




Nan’an: ^_^ My CP!

a new novel uwu i’m claiming this!!
i currently have three chapters,, but i won’t
be posting yet except for.. chapter one maybe
– lily.


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