Rebirth into an Interstellar Marriage


Original Title: 重生之星际宠婚[娱乐圈
Author: 莫晨欢
Chapters: 200 Chapters + 10 Extras
Translator: Megane / Cian-Chan

Chu Yan just received the trophy to be the movie king when he had a car accident and was reborn a thousand years later.

Cars are flying all over the sky, and everyone has virtual reality glasses. It’s a cultural explosion! An entertainment explosion!

Such a splendid and brilliant entertainment world, Chu Yan is surprised to discover that—

These people can’t act ah!!!

Artificial Intelligence simulates emotion? Special effects production covers up the defects of acting skills?

You can become an actor if you understand AI scripts? The times are progressing, but the acting skills are backward.

Reporter: Chu Yan, what can you say about the incident of the exposure of your marriage?

Chu Yan: … Before that, please tell me, who the hell is my other half!

Actor was reborn as a third-tier star, filming, getting popular, winning awards, reaching the summit

Set off the entertainment world into a climactic frenzy

As for the identity of his other half—

He Baishen: Hello, my surname is Yi, you can call me anonymous(Yiming)

High Cold Ruthless Black Belly Gong X Poisonous Tongue Graceful Intelligent Queen Shou

So cool and so beautiful. It’s love after marriage and it’s pure and sweet.

Note: This novel doesn’t have anyone with a golden finger or golden thigh!!!


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