RCVS 43.2

After a minute, Wen Zi Jun called again. However, it was not Wei Zi Jun, but his agent, “Wei Zi Jun had too much to drink, he made you witness a funny scene. However, you being his permanent voice actor was true. I hope you agreed to it. Thank you very much.”

Yan Mu Lin reassured Wei Zi Jun’s agent that he really agreed.

Then, they hung up without flowery talk. The next part would be for Wei Zi Jun’s agent and Zhou Wen Jing to discuss the terms of the contract. The two of them (WZJ and YML) were just responsible for acting and voice acting.

《Spy》broadcasted two episodes that night. What Yan Mu Lin did not know was that after the first episode, Wei Zi Jun’s fans suddenly organized a huge thank-you event. The event’s sponsor was the fan who filmed in the set. She was Wei Zi Jun’s loyal fan. She even sent out a post on Weibo which touched many fans and even Wei Zi Jun himself.

The post sent out by the fan: You complete Wei Ye. Our Wei Ye. Thank you, Mr. Yan Mu Lin. @I am not a harpy eagle @Wei Zi Jun @Spy TV Series [《Spy》Publicity Poster] [A photo of Yan Mu Lin’s face filled with make-up]

The number of forwards this Weibo post received reached 10,000 in thirty minutes. Even Wei Zi Jun forwarded it. It has been increasing since then. Yan Mu Lin successfully entered Weibo’s hot topic list again. An envious person after seeing this: That sissy truly annoys me to death ah!

The director of《Who Has That Good Voice? 》, Teng Jian Ren, was worried that no one knew about Yan Mu Lin before the broadcast. In addition to that, he was still worried about the ratings. For some reason, Yan Mu Lin became a hot topic on Weibo. It made him even more worried.

I hope that it is all good news, not bad news.

It’s okay so far, all good news ah.

Yan Mu Lin was probably the first voice actor to have such a huge “thank you event”. Even black powders did not dare say that this was Yan Mu Lin hyping himself up beside Wei Zi Jun. Wei Zi Jun had received a Best Actor award before. Naturally, his fans were not the same as other people’s fans. Can you use them to hype? That’s just stupid.

First of all, Wei Zi Jun’s number one fan, “Brother Shi is very handsome” participated. Who dared say anything?

In Wei Zi Jun’s fan circle, “Brother Shi is very handsome” was one of the authoritative figures. They would never lie. Also, they did not thank Yan Mu Lin just to follow the trend. They also watched 《Spy》. Wei Zi Jun’s voice sounded perfect, the emotions in the voice were all on point, and they could see a complete Wei Zi Jun. Can’t they organize a thank you event? It’s not that they did not want to see a flawed Wei Ye. They also sympathized with Wei Ye and is praying for him. However, he made Wei Ye complete. Naturally, they are willing to see that!

To summarize, Wei Zi Jun had logical fans. They are very good.

Yan Mu Lin had no time to discover the liveliness on Weibo. He did not even want to browse through Weibo.

Ah Ya dozed off while watching 《Who Has That Good Voice? 》 on the sofa. He seemed to have caught a cold after arriving in Nan City, but he still insisted on watching 《Who Has That Good Voice? 》 with Yan Mu Lin. However, his boss was not touched at all. Sick people should just be good and sleep!

At this time, Yan Mu Lin, who said that he could not lift Ah Ya, was lying on the bed with a soft pillow on his side, a quilt covering his legs, and heating on the room. He was so comfortable. If it wasn’t for being filmed candidly, he would retreat to his quilt and sleep.

At 9 PM, the show began.

The camera first showed the four people in their respective cars. Yan Mu Lin’s appearance was subtly showed last. First, his side profile, then his whole face…

The program team was very bad at subtitles.

【Look, look, look! It’s Mr. Harpy Eagle’s side profile!】

【Look, look, look! It’s Mr. Harpy Eagle’s face!】

Naughty! Too naughty!

Yan Mu Lin wanted to do a real-life PK with the post-production crew. He wanted to get rid of the Harpy Eagle title yet they decided to do this. I want to cry, is it okay?

At this time the audience who were sitting in front of the TV / the netizens who were watching the live broadcast in front of the computer grabbed their TV/computer screens and stared at Mr. Harpy Eagle’s face!

Whether if it was in front of the TV, or in front of the computer screen, they all flared up.

They were all thinking of Mr. Harpy Eagle’s face with a defeated attitude but who would have thought that Mr. Harpy Eagle was really handsome ah ah ah!!

Mr. Harpy Eagle was not a large flatbread face, he does not look stupid. He is very very handsome ah ah ah!!!

Mr. Harpy Eagle, I want to give you babies!

Mr. Harpy Eagle is beautiful beautiful beautiful~

Mr. Harpy Eagle, I don’t dare say you look stupid again, wuwuwu~~

Mr. Harpy Eagle, you are young, you are handsome, you don’t look inferior at all even when standing beside Lu Zhong Ting. You deserve to be Mr. Harpy Eagle!

If you don’t know what “Mr. Harpy Eagle” means, you can use your phone to search online and find out what the hell that is.

It turned out to be like this.

The side profile is handsome, handsome, handsome! However, the front is ugly, ugly, ugly!

Mr. Harpy Eagle’s name is Yan Mu Lin, and he debuted with only his side profile showing…

How strange? Why do I feel like something is wrong…

Anyway, let’s keep watching the show.

After the appearance of the five voice actors, the post-production team added a brief introduction for each actor. They added information such as name, height, weight, years in the industry, and representative works.

The audience more or less had an understanding of the four actors except for Yan Mu Lin. It was the first time that Yan Mu Lin’s information was shown on public TV.

Name: Yan Mu Lin

Height: 182 cm

Weight: 75 kilograms
Years in the industry: 0 years

Representative works: Animated Film 《Pan Jinlian》, TV series 《Spy》

A sharp-eyed audience member who just finished watching 《Spy》raised a question: “Is it that 《Spy》?”

He searched《Spy》online and saw that Wei Zi Jun’s fans were all thanking Yan Mu Lin. What happened?!

At the same time, Yan Mu Lin’s official Weibo and website simultaneously release Yan Mu Lin’s personal portrait, as well as his representative works and other information.

What attracted the audience was not only the Weibo post and Mr. Harpy eagle’s face, but also his performance in the program.

He successfully completed the first task of the program team and took on the production task of the shadow play members. The program team gave him a lot of screen time too.

At first, they thought that he was young and ignorant. He would not figure out these things. They did not focus on him at the beginning as he looked like a jade child. However, he was not afraid of hardship at all. He worked with the master and ate with the workers.

While working with the master, Yan Mu Lin was attentive. His face did not show impatience. When he made a mistake, the master corrected him. However, he just laughed in front of the camera. He was really interesting.

Next door, the person surnamed Tao broke a shadow puppet. He could not compare with Yan Mu Lin at all. The person surnamed Tao was just two to three years older than Yan Mu Lin!

Wives and Aunties said: Ai, I like this kind of child who is calm and have a good temperament. Son, you should learn from him.

An elderly person said: The craftsmanship is good. Working slowly is good. When I was doing shadow play, a lot of masters scolded me…

The workers who accompanied Yan Mu Lin said that day: You said that Yan Mu Lin was faking it? That this was arranged by the program team on purpose? You are wrong. He really learned from us. If it were not for the time limit, he could have done it by himself…

The first episode was very interesting. Hahaha. The audience’s eyes were shining. Mr. Harpy Eagle got the most votes. After Yan Mu Lin’s success was appreciated by the four masters, he got first place. However, time betrayed them. Today’s episode was almost over.

Then, it’s over.



Director, come out. Why is one episode only two hours? How is this enough? It’s definitely not enough. Asking for more episodes!

In fact, while the episode was playing, the name Yan Mu Lin kept on being searched on major websites. It kept on being mentioned on Weibo.

Yan Mu Lin logged into his Weibo account and sent four words: good night, sweet dreams.

At the same time, Shao Nuo Yu sent him a text message.

[Your shadow puppets are very beautiful, congratulations.]

Hey, the prince is watching my show. I feel a little shy and embarrassed.

Yan Mu Lin hid in the quilt and roll, roll, roll. His face was slightly feverish.

Yan Mu Lin was too noisy that he woke up Ah Ya.

Ah Ya, who witnessed everything: “…….” Thoroughly awake.

Yan Mu Lin: “……” Cough. He hid into the quilt and slept.

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  1. Aaaah… No matter how popular Mr. Harpy Eagle is, he’s unexpectedly acts just like us when being complemented by people we have crush on. Thank you for the translation..

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