RCVS 43.1

Chapter 43: Thanks

As time passed, snow finally came to Beijing. Yan Mu Lin, who got up early in the morning, opened the windows to breathe in the fresh air. He then put on his sportswear before jogging at a nearby park.

After leaving Shao Nuo Yu’s house the day before yesterday, Ma Yu Huai took him to attend lectures related to 《Dream of the Red Chamber》so he had no time to rest. He had to spend the following days in school as finals were approaching.

Today, he had to participate in recording an episode of《Who Has That Good Voice?》. When Ah Ya arrived, he still had a deep-fried dough stick in his mouth.

The filming crew required them to be in the designated city a day in advance. The third episode was going to be filmed in Nan City, where the weather was not that cold yet. They will only find out what the episode was about after they arrived at the location so they only packed clothes and some items that the program team insisted that they purchase.

Ah Ya was responsible for purchasing items that would protect them from the cold.

Now, Ah Ya became Yan Mu Lin’s long-term assistant instead of just a temporary one, mainly because Yan Mu Lin thinks that he is someone that is intelligent and he knew what and what not to say. Zhou Wen Jing had no objections.

Even in other cities, TV stations and various entertainment websites could be seen playing the promotional video of 《Who Has That Good Voice?》.

The people in the show were: Tian Zhen Yang, a voice actor who was quite popular; Lu Zhong Ting, a handsome guy with slightly westernized features and a pair of enchanting eyes, super famous. He is the voice acting world’s prince. Tang Wen Hao, a very hardworking and simple guy. He and Lu Zhong Ting debuted at the same time, which was why the media loves reporting about them. Lastly, Tao Bai Chen, who was young and handsome, did not have fame as high as the previous four.

Basically, all four of them are first- and second-rate voice actors in China.

As for the fifth person, he was being hidden by the program team. Even in the advertisement, when they were showing the fifth person, he was censored. This piqued the audience’s interest. Who was the fifth person?

We really want to know!

Let us guess?

Is it Cheng Hao?

Although Tian Zhen Yang was a well-known senior, he was less popular than Cheng Ye, someone considered to be the top voice actor. A superstar. This year, he won his second Golden Phoenix for the Best Male Voice Award!

Or could it be Xie Yi Qun?

Xie Yi Qun could also be regarded as one of the top voice actors in China. If there are four Heavenly Kings in the singing world, then there are also four Heavenly Kings in the voice acting world. Cheng Ye and Xie Yi Qun are Heavenly Kings. Both of them have a high face value, high skill, and high-quality fans~ Once one hears Xie Yi Qun’s voice, they would never forget about it. He was well-known throughout China.

As for the other two of the Heavenly Kings, it was said that one changed professions to a traveling salesman, while the other went abroad for higher studies. There is no confirmation for whether this was true or not. There are currently only two Heavenly Kings who are still in the entertainment circle.

If it wasn’t them, then who could it be? After all, the person whose face was censored, was not burly, but not also thin and small. We really can’t imagine anyone else who could be this figure. The younger generation had heavy blush powder, and the younger ones who had quite some popularity like Tao Bai Chen were really few.

With Tianzi TV’s vigorous promotion, there were few people who did not know 《Who Has That Good Voice?》.

Because of the snow, Yan Mu Lin, Ah Ya, and Zhou Wen Jing were delayed for three hours before boarding the plane. They got off the plane at 4 PM and arrived at the hotel at 5 PM. Except for Yan Mu Lin, the other two were both haggard. Flights were usually not delayed, it was so depressing to think about.

In his previous life, it was normal for flights to be delayed so Yan Mu Lin could adopt well. As the youngest, he consoled Ah Ya. Zhou Wen Jing could take care of herself.

After a 30-minute rest in the hotel, he decided to call others for guidance.

It was not only Yan Mu Lin’s group in the hotel but also several other voice actors.

Nan City is Tian Zhen Yang’s hometown. Since it was his daughter’s winter vacation, he decided to bring her back to his ancestral home. Luckily, they decided to shoot here. He went to the hotel as soon as possible and took his daughter to Yan Mu Lin’s room to give him local gifts. This was naturally going to be filmed. Yan Mu Lin pretended not to know anything about it.

Cameraman: Why isn’t Mr. Harpy Eagle an actor? With this acting skill, he is absolutely capable of being an emperor.

Yan Mu Lin was really skilled in playing with children. With his face value, he only had to say a few words to coax them. The little girl saw that this uncle was a hundred times more handsome than her father and he even spoke gently. Within two minutes, she abandoned her father and played with the uncle. She was not willing to give gifts to other people anymore. It made Tian Zhen Yang a bit worried. Oh, his baby girl. What should he do if she found a boy that she likes?

After a while, the girl finally left and the cameraman followed her. At 9 PM, they would watch the first episode in the hotel, but Yan Mu Lin turned the TV on earlier than they did.

At the same date as《Who Has That Good Voice?》,《Spy》 was also going to be broadcasted. Other people might not care but he does! It was his first series. Let him be happy ah!

After eating the meals that Zhou Wen Jing brought back from the restaurant downstairs, Yan Mu Lin sat in front of the TV. Ah Ya also sat with him. Zhou Wen Jing, who was staying next door, continued to do her work. She was responsible for many things aside from managing Yan Mu Lin. This woman had a laborious life and she could not spare even a moment.

《Spy》could be considered as Director Guo Li Peng’s masterpiece. The publicity done for this was much bigger than his previous TV series. Even Wei Zi Jun’s matter was often talked about. He did not mind though as his voice was really destroyed. If they can use that for more attention, then fine.

Wei Zi Jun’s case was really tragic. He was at the peak of his life, but his voice got destroyed. The movies and TV series that he acted in, his characters were all filled with joy, anger, and sadness. The way he said his lines was one of his selling points, but unfortunately, he had to return this skill back. However, since his good voice disappeared, he met the serious and pragmatic Yan Mu Lin.

After the first episode of《Spy》, Yan Mu Lin received a call from Wei Zi Jun.

Yan Mu Lin answered immediately: “Brother Wei ah.”

Wei Zi Jun could speak, but his voice was very hoarse. He would also say his lines when filming, but most of the time, no voice would come out.

Wei Zi Jun asked, “Are you nervous?”

Yan Mu Lin laughed a bit and said, “No. I just watched 《Spy》, Brother Wei performed really well.”

Wei Zi Jun also laughed and said, “Kid, you talk really well. Director Guo talked about you all day long.”

Yan Mu Lin scratched the tip of his nose. To tell you the truth, he classified himself as a voice actor and did not consider himself a part of the crew. He believed that a TV series was different from an anime. Voice actors were necessary for animation crews. It was different for a TV series. This has been his belief for a long time so he could not feel a sense of belonging in the crew of 《Spy》.

In fact, he did not even record his lines in the set. In addition to that, Yan Zi Qiong was a part of the cast so it felt strange to him. It did not matter if he did not come with the crew for the premiere of the first episode as he was just the protagonist’s voice. Anyways, he was just a newcomer and should not expect to receive a prize.

Tonight, aside from paying attention to Wei Zi Jun’s return to the industry, his fans also paid attention to Mr. Harpy Eagle as he was their idol’s voice actor in 《Spy》.

After expressing his regret, Yan Mu Lin said: “I hope we can work together again, Brother Wei.”

Wei Zi Jun chuckled. His laugh was not low and gentle. It was like a rusty gear. However, Yan Mu Lin thought that it still sounded nice.

Wei Zi Jun said: “I didn’t like interacting with fans before. However, after watching the first episode of 《Spy》, I was touched by their comments on Weibo. They said that ‘Wei Ye’s back.’ ‘It’s still the original Wei Ye. It hasn’t changed. The angry tone, the prideful laugh. It is all still the same as before.’ ‘It’s the classic Wei Ye.’ It felt very good.”

Yan Mu Lin listened to him talk and did not interrupt. He knew that Wei Zi Jun felt touched and that here was a reason why he was telling that to him. Wei Zi Jun calling Yan Mu Lin to talk about the future, it was a good thing.

Wei Zi Jun paused before saying: “Mu Lin, my fans think so because of you. I knew that I would not regret choosing you at that time. Director Guo also praised you very much. This time, I’m asking you to be my permanent voice actor. Is that fine with you?”

In the past, when he talked to Wei Zi Jun, he has never heard his voice sound this low. It had its own appeal. Yan Mu Lin thought that he must have been crying. His heart soured at the thought. Wei Zi Jun fell from heaven to hell then got up again. Ordinary people would not be able to handle this pain.

Yan Mu Lin felt happy. He was appreciated by this Wei Zi Jun and could get his recognition. This was his first step to success in this world.

He answered without hesitation, “Well, Brother Wei, I promise that I would be your voice in any movie or TV series you want to play in the future.”

Someone must have advised Wei Zi Jun to stop drinking as he suddenly said impatiently, “I’m happy. Leave me alone.”

“It’s decided. I’ll treat you to dinner when you return to Beijing.”

Then, Wei Zi Jun hung up.


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