RCVS 42.2

When the water in the pot was finally boiling, the meat and the vegetables could be placed inside the pot to cook.

The soup was prepared by Yan Mu Lin himself. One was very spicy. It was filled with the flavor of sesame oil, chili oil, chili pepper, garlic, and salt. The other is not spicy, with mashed garlic, scallions, and sesame oil. They could use any of the two. Shao Nuo Yu naturally used the latter because… it’s not spicy.

He uncovered the pot and stared at it thoughtfully.

He said that he was going to cook spicy hotpot tonight, so he placed some meat in the pot. Not a moment later, the first few pieces of cooked mutton was put into Shao Nuo Yu’s bowl: “Taste it. Fortunately, we’re in your home. I don’t stay at my house often so the items there are incomplete.”

Shao Nuo Yu looked at the piece of meat in his bowl. He could smell a spicy scent. Just like a hero facing his death, Shao Nuo Yu dipped the meat in the sauce and sent it to his mouth.



Very delicious…

Really really delicious…

Compliments popped up in Shao Nuo Yu’s mind. He did not expect that the hotpot he was escaping from could be so delicious. It was more delicious than the other foods that he has eaten. What French escargots? What British stargazy pie? What Buddha jumps over the wall? What state dinner? Nothing compares to this spicy hotpot.

After his first bite, Shao Nuo Yu slowly swallowed the meat. As he savored the “delicacy”, his mouth turned numb. It was filled with spice.

Yan Mu Lin was waiting for Shao Nuo Yu’s compliments but he did not hear anything. However, Shao Nuo Yu’s actions showed that he really liked the spicy hotpot that was prepared by Yan Mu Lin. The hotpot that he used to eat was not so hot and strong at all!

“I’ll continue. Don’t worry about me, eat more.”

“En.” Yan Mu Lin felt satisfied as he watched the other eat what he prepared. It made his empty and lonely heart full.

Of course, what he did not know was that in the past, whenever Shao Nuo Yu ate outside, everyone would take care of the prince’s health. The hotpot soup would always be some kind of nutritious soup filled with tonic. Such a crude hotpot ah.

It’s so hot and spicy.

Since Shao Nuo Yu was eating, Yan Mu Lin, this drooling animal, ate happily.

The two people sweated as they ate. While they were eating, they turned off the air conditioner and opened the window to let the cool air come in.

The spicy hotpot was so delicious that Shao Nuo Yu almost forgot to keep his elegant prince image, but Yan Mu Lin did not notice as all of his attention was focused on looking for which soup or meat was the most tender and fragrant.


Shao Nuo Yu, who had reservations about tonight, did not realize that the two of them had already eaten all the dishes. Their eating power was really comparable to a construction worker ah…

It was already late when they finished eating. The two of them drank some wine so Shao Nuo Yu invited Yan Mu Lin to stay for the night. Yan Mu Lin remembered that his suitcase was still in the car so he could only hesitate for a while before agreeing. Anyways, it was not his first time~ Being here habitually was good, very good.

I hope that I would get used to doing this in the future…

Shao Nuo Yu was not as unprepared as before. The guest room was already prepared by the housekeeper. Yan Mu Lin could rest immediately after he took a bath.

The mess that they left after eating naturally wouldn’t be for them to deal with. The bodyguards who had been waiting outside for a long time went inside to clean. They moved quickly and were well-trained. This was only natural as they learned all kinds of martial arts.

The bodyguards sucked in a breath when they saw the spicy hotpot soup. They were all worried about the prince’s stomach.

Yan Mu Lin worked too hard during the day, then and ate drank a lot. Therefore, he took a comfortable bath and shyly said good night to Shao Nuo Yu before going to bed. As for interesting things such as candle-night dinners, looking at the moon while exchanging poetry, it was not necessary for our two protagonists.

Besides, after eating, Shao Nuo Yu was too worried about his stomach. He was afraid to expose himself in front of Yan Mu Lin so he did not dare continue to speak to the youth about the world. No one wanted to be with their loved ones while having a bad stomach.

For the sake of his reputation, Shao Nuo Yu did not dare!

Yan Mu Lin was really tired, though. He had to wake up early and deal with the crew. Then, in the afternoon, he talked with the Sheng brothers. When it was night time, he had to buy groceries for the hotpot. He was too tired. Shao Nuo Yu looked at him and thought, let’s have a good chat tomorrow. I’m going to make you breakfast. Your favorite steamed buns and chicken porridge.

Shao Nuo Yu did not fall asleep until midnight as he kept on worrying about his stomach.

The next morning, Yan Mu Lin got up early to run on the treadmill. He was feeling very energetic. Meanwhile, Shao Nuo Yu woke up late, his spirit a little low. He headed towards the kitchen to prepare breakfast for the two of them.

Suddenly, Yan Mu Lin got down from the treadmill and called him: “Nuo Yu…”

Shao Nuo Yu wiped the sweat off Yan Mu Lin’s forehead. He was not afraid of his hands being stained by the other’s sweat. He could see that Yan Mu Lin’s expression was quite strange: “What did I do for you to look at me like that?”

The corners of Yan Mu Lin’s mouth tilted upwards unnaturally, “I think you look good. I just wanted to look.”

Shao Nuo Yu flicked him on the forehead and said, “I’m going to make you breakfast.”

Yan Mu Lin blinked, “Okay.”

When Shao Nuo Yu returned to the kitchen, Yan Mu Lin couldn’t resist jumping towards the sofa and covering his mouth, giggling like a mad dog…

After the two ate their breakfast, Shao Nuo Yu headed to the bathroom to wear his glasses. Only then did he realize why Yan Mu Lin’s face looked strange this morning.

The crown prince, who always had a mild temperament, shouted at someone who has packed up his luggage and was ready to escape, “Yan Mu Lin, get back here!”

Yan Mu Lin quickly closed the door, then urged the driver to drive.

Yes, the near-sighted Shao Nuo Yu had no stomach problems last night, but his body still could not keep up with ordinary people~

The spicy hotpot left a deep impression on him.

It was bright, round and full near his eyebrows——acne.

Yan Mu Lin: The prince’s acne is different from other people, it was really beautiful, but he did not dare talk about it ah~

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  1. o(*〃︶〃)o I do not know what is more fun to get rid of stomach ache and be attacked by acne or that YML find cute even acne in SNY

    Thanks for the chapter! 💕💕💕

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  2. LOL… They don’t need candle light dinner, but spicy hot pot is more than enough. Fact: my friend always got mouth ulcers after he eat something too spicy. But he likes spicy foods, so the time he have mouth ulcers is more often than not having it. When the prince got acne, well, I had to say the acne worth it.

    Thanks for the translation..

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  3. Thanks for the chapter! Apparently what you eat doesn’t actually give you acne, according to various specialists, but I could see the ML worrying all night about his stomach causing a problem… apparently the people who live in the areas of China famous for spicy cooking are also famous for beautiful skin due to the spicy food. Not sure how that works…

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  4. I totally thought that Shao Nuo Yu was about to experience hell but it turns out he enjoyed the spicy hotpot! I wouldn’t be able to stand one bite…

    Thanks for translating!

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