RCVS 42.1

Chapter 42: Hot Pot

Yan Mu Lin only felt at ease if he was the one who prepared the hotpot. Previously, he tried eating at a restaurant, but their hotpot did not taste good enough for him. Following his previous life, he paid attention to table etiquette and placed the best food on the table. Yan Mu Lin did not have the time to look for other food, he was excited to eat his favorite food which he has not eaten for the past six months–spicy hotpot.

That light and tasteless hotpot that was like plain boiled water can’t enter Young Master Yan’s mouth. It’s not spicy at all. Numbness, numbness, numbness! That is the main point of a hotpot. His favorite hotpot and nothing else!

Some people might ask, as a voice actor, wasn’t he afraid that hotpots would destroy his voice? On the contrary, it actually makes him happy. Eating hotpot gives him inspiration. Maybe this was God’s favorable treatment to Yan Mu Lin. He even found out that the spicier his food, the more he could change his voice. Other types of food did not have this effect on him. Therefore, hotpot was his favorite.

He did not know if it was the same in this life, so he had to try it. He was Yan Mu Lin and Yan Mu Lin was him.

Using a navigation application, he looked for a supermarket that was near Shao Nuo Yu’s house and bought the most popular spicy hotpot seasoning. He thought that it might not be spicy enough so he also bought a handful of red hot peppers in the fresh vegetable section. These red peppers were the spiciest he could get in the supermarket.

Under the strange gazes of a group of aunts, he tried three kinds of chili peppers. Honestly, he thought that it was not that spicy.

In his previous life, to find the spiciest Sichuan hotpot, he went to several spicy hotpot restaurants with his friends. They found one that was very spicy. It was so abnormally spicy to the point that they shed tears. After the spice though was a cool aftertaste.

Ai, who knows when he would find such a perverted shop in this world? When he does, he would go there regularly. He would become a regular customer then a VIP. He has to get a membership card so that he gets a 30% discount!

Yan Mu Lin thought about buying meat and vegetables. He asked about Shao Nuo Yu’s food inventory previously. He already bought fresh ingredients for today. The amount Shao Nuo Yu purchased should only be enough for two people to eat, so Yan Mu Lin bought extra.

Yan Mu Lin was not very picky. As long as it looked pleasing to the eye, he would throw it into the cart.

While Yan Mu Lin was in the supermarket, Shao Nuo Yu looked at the bottles of stomach medicine that he asked Special Assistant Pei bought for him. He had to take care of his stomach even if the hotpot was just slightly spicy.

Of course, he did not know that Yan Mu Lin actually wanted to eat hotpot that was something that was abnormally spicy.

After leaving the supermarket with his groceries, Yan Mu Lin drove the new sports car to Shao Nuo Yu’s house. Following the rules, Yan Mu Lin should not have been able to enter without a community pass. However, Shao Nuo Yu gave the green light so he entered the community unimpeded.

When Yan Mu Lin arrived at Shao Nuo Yu’s villa, Shao Nuo Yu already took stomach medicine in advance so he was standing calmly at the door. In his heart, he felt happy seeing the youth happy for the first time in his two lifetimes. As long as Shao Nuo Yu could see the happiness in Yan Mu Lin’s eyes, then he was at ease. In his previous life, he felt that something went wrong as he had not found the right one for him. There was no one who could be a match for him.

Now, he found him.

Nevertheless, Shao Nuo Yu would not suffocate him. He would do this step by step. What he wanted was not be with Yan Mu Lin, but to be with Yan Mu Lin forever. Shao Nuo Yu did not dare to come too hard as he was afraid of frightening the youth. He had to remember that while he was a soul who has lived for more than 30 years, this child was still a playful spirit in his early twenties.

At least, that’s what Shao Nuo Yu thought so.

After Yan Mu Lin brought all his groceries out the car, Shao Nuo Yu took the car key and parked the car in his garage.

Shao Nuo Yu then asked, “Why did you suddenly think of parking your car here?”

Yan Mu Lin looked left and right, “I don’t have a driver’s license yet.”

Shao Nuo Yu was so frightened by his words that he was a little bit angered: “…You dare drive without a driver’s license!”

Yan Mu Lin stared at him innocently, “Am I not sending the car to your care now~”

Seeing that he was fine, Shao Nuo Yu said: “Don’t do this again next time. I won’t report you to the police.”

Yan Mu Lin laughed, “Thank you, Your Royal Highness. This commoner obeys!”

Shao Nuo Yu took half of the grocery bags and said, “Let’s start preparing for dinner.”

“Just the two of us?”

Shao Nuo Yu reassured the youth, “Just the two of us.”

Yan Mu Lin’s eyebrows were raised as he thought, That’s good, no one would be disturbing me.

The kitchen was large. They had all the ingredients for hotpot but no chafing dish. Yan Mu Lin could remember asking Shao Nuo Yu about this with the other party saying that there was no problem. He believed in his words, thinking that the other has ate hotpot like he did. However, what he did not know was that Shao Nuo Yu was raised as carefully as possible when he was a child. His grandparents even refused to let him walk around before he was three years old, not to mention letting him eat an unhealthy yet popular food like hotpot. His meals have always been prepared by a special chef.

Shao Nuo Yu only went down from his “fairy platform” when grandparents and mother had passed away. He started trying the diet of normal people. Or in popular terms, being practical and connecting with the normal people.

However, his attempts were not so good. Shao Nuo Yu’s standard of living was still too high. When he goes out to eat, people would remind him not to eat too much as his stomach could not stand it. As long as he ate something slightly unclean, Shao Nuo Yu’s honest stomach would act up.

Today, Shao Nuo Yu had to challenge his gastrointestinal endurance. Brother stomach, you have to hold on.

Meanwhile, Yan Mu Lin, whose thoughts were filled with “hotpot, hotpot, hotpot, spicy, spicy, spicy, and eat, eat, eat~”, was preparing dinner happily.
Their hotpot was placed on some high-tech multi-functional gadget. Yan Mu Lin first threw a large amount of pepper into the pot, a hotpot base, then filled their “chafing dish” with his spicy and special butter. It was perfect, he just had to wait for the spicy hotpot to heat up.

Shao Nuo Yu stood behind Yan Mu Lin with a plate of fresh mutton. He looked at him while using his free hand to rub his stomach silently. This could be called his “warm-up” exercise.

Yan Mu Lin turned back, asking for praise: “Is it fragrant?”

Shao Nuo Yu made use of his acting skills. The hand that was gently touching his stomach was naturally moved back to the plate. With a stiff smile, he said: “Very fragrant.” He then went back to holding his stomach.

With the two people working together, the house was filled with the strong fragrance of hotpot.

Rumble, rumble~~

Rumble, rumble~~

Rumble, rumble~~

Sorry for disappearing for around two weeks (?)  ;; had to fix my visa then was sick for almost a week qwq. will post chapter 42.2 sometime this week!!

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  1. The tests of love are sometimes so hard and painful, the saddest thing is when you go head to them … everything is in the name of love

    Thanks for the chapter! 💕💕💕

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