RCVS 41.2

Zuo Wei said that he would call Sheng Xia Chen and Sheng Xia Xiao. However, he actually called Sheng Qing Dong directly. Sheng Qing Dong was not feeling guilty at all. He took the opportunity to “send” Yan Mu Lin a birthday present as his father.
Sheng Xia Chen, after hesitating for a long time, decided to call his father. His father told him that he would be dealing with this matter personally. He thought that he did not have to deal with this anymore but who would have thought that he would still be included. He did not want to mix in with anything related to Yan Mu Lin anymore.
Hehe, who would have thought that his refusal would be invalid. He would not dare refuse.
It was only when he got up in the morning did he find out that his dad wanted him to do something. A car key was given to him and he assumed that his long-awaited sports car has arrived. However, this car was already transferred to Yan Mu Lin’s name!
His father hardly wanted to comfort him, “In the future, the whole Sheng Group would be yours. Your brother only has this one sports car.”
Sheng Xia Chen should not, I repeat, should not feel like he suffered: “……” He told himself to be generous and patient.
Because of his great father, Sheng Xia Chen had to take Sheng Xia Xiao, who just woke up, with him. It was better to bring Sheng Xia Xiao when facing Yan Mu Lin, that stinky boy.
The clueless Sheng Xia Xiao saw the new sports car that his elder brother brought with him. He laughingly asked, “Big Brother, can I borrow this car for two days?”
Sheng Xia Chen slapped the head of his stupid brother, “Do you think this car would be yours or mine? No! This is Yan Mu Lin’s. We are going to give it to him.”
When Sheng Xia Xiao heard the name “Yan Mu Lin”, his expression changed greatly. If he could jump away, then he probably would, “I don’t want to go!”
Sheng Xia Chen forced him to enter the car, “You have to go even if you don’t want to. Dad ordered us to.”
Sheng Xia Xiao was still against it, “I don’t want to go. I’m going to tell Mom!”
“Do you think that mother still doesn’t know? Don’t you know that Dad and Yan Mu Lin is rumored to be together? Do you not understand that Dad is doing this to win favor with Yan Mu Lin?”
Sheng Xia Xiao leaned on the car seat, “Mom doesn’t mind?”
Sheng Xia Chen sneered, “Is Mom an existence who can manage someone like Dad? If she could control him, then how could someone like Yan Mu Lin exist? Don’t bully people all day, use your brain.”
Sheng Xia Xiao: “Do I still dare bully people? You see, that Yan Mu Lin is now a guy who sneers at me. I don’t want to see him.”
Sheng Xia Chen started the car and left the yard. The car’s performance is really good!
Sheng Xia Xiao fastened his seat belt and said, “Brother, drive faster. The Xiali beside us is faster than you. Are you really driving a sports car?”
Sheng Xia Chen glanced at him, “Shut up.” He also wanted to drive faster but he refused to step on the gas when he remembers that they would be seeing Yan Mu Lin.
At this time, Yan Mu Lin just received a message from Ah Ya. He has been following Director Ma so he did not dare open his mobile phone. He was afraid of affecting everyone’s focus. He handed his mobile phone to Ah Ya for safekeeping. He believed that Ah Ya would not do anything behind his back. After all, he was Zhou Wen Jing’s person.
Ah Ya whispered to Yan Mu Lin: “Mu Lin, Sister Jing said that we should go to Guanyuan’s north gate to take a photo. You will know who they are. It’s related to handling the scandal.”
Yan Mu Lin could not get what medicine was Zhou Wen Jing brewing in her gourd. He asked for an hour break to Ma Yu Huai and changed into his regular clothes before bringing Ah Ya with him to the north gate. It took some time before they arrived.
He saw two cars that were parked not so far away. One was a high-end commercial car and the other was a top-class sports car. With Ah Ya’s sharp eyes, he immediaetly recognized that it was a limited edition car from a global brand that has been around for a long time.
After a while, Ah Ya shouted: “That’s a limited edition sports car! I’m going to take a photo with that car. Come on, help me take a photo!”
Yan Mu Lin was forced to follow Ah Ya. Anyways, the car seems to be parked. No one should be inside.
However, before Ah Ya could even come near, the doors on both sides of the car were opened. Two brothers with similar looks and tall figures came out of tthe car. Yan Mu Ln stood in place and refused to walk. Ah Ya also stopped when the car owner came out. He was too embarrassed to come closer.
Yan Mu Lin stood in the same place with his arms folded together across his chest.
Sheng Xia Chen said, “Yan Mu Lin, you know what the situation is. We are going to leave after taking a photo.”
Yan Mu Lin was reminded of Zhou Wen Jing’s plan so he walked over to the two, “Okay.” Then, he turned around and threw his phone to Ah Ya.
“Help the three of us take a group photo.”
Ah Ya was stunned, “Ah?”
Yan Mu Lin repeated: “Take a photo of us first then I will take a picture of you.”
Ah Ya remained stunned, “O-oh. Good. Good.”
Although he could not understand why the plot was moving so fast, he still had to follow orders. After all, who asked Yan Mu Lin to be his boss?
Facing the Sheng brothers, Yan Mu Lin said: “I did not expect the people to be the two of you.”
Sheng Xia Chen said, “I’m just following Dad’s orders. This is not for you.”
Yan Mu Lin waved his hand: “I don’t care. Say, how are we going to take the photo.”
“You and Sheng Xia Xiao have to pretend that the both of you are friends. I’m still just his big brother.”
Yan Mu Lin looked at Sheng Xia Xiao, the corner of his lips hooking upwards: “Oh~ I have no problem with this.”
Sheng Xia Xiao was shocked by the unexpected cooperativeness of Yan Mu Lin. His whole body shivered when he saw him smile.
This fake Yan Mu Lin is so terrible, I want to go home!
Yan Mu Lin got amused the more frightened Sheng Xia Xiao was. Ignoring his struggle, Yan Mu Lin placed a hand around his shoulder and gave Sheng Xia Chen a look, “Ah Ya, take the photo.”
The three’s poses are just “normal”.
Ah Ya took a few shots. Although he felt that the three people had different smiles, he did not dare say anything. He had a simple mentality. A part of that mentality was to not provoke people who drove luxury cars.
After taking the photo, Sheng Xia Xiao immediately moved away from Yan Mu Lin. It was as if the other was a plague.
Sheng Xia Chen threw the sports car key to Yan Mu Lin, “This is Dad’s birthday present to you.”
Yan Mu Lin did not accept but also did not refuse, “Is it my birthday?”
Sheng Xia Chen rolled his eyes at him, “Whether you want the car or not has nothing to do with me. Go talk to Dad on your own.”
Yan Mu Lin said calmly, “This isn’t a birthday present. It’s a gift.”
Sheng Xia Chen looked at the car with slight reluctance and then dragged Sheng Xia Xiao, whose expression was not normal, back to the other vehicle.
Sheng Xia Chen and Sheng Xia Xiao both sat at the back. The driver would be driving them to the company and to school.
During this time, Sheng Xia Chen noticed that Sheng Xia Xiao’s attitude towards Yan Mu Lin was quite strange: “Xia Xiao, what did happen between you and Yan Mu Lin? You don’t see him as a mouse anymore. Instead, he looks at you as if he was the one looking at a mouse. What’s wrong?”
Sheng Xia Xiao bit his lip and whispered to his brother, “Big Brother, do you think that Yan Mu Lin is still Yan Mu Lin?”
Sheng Xia Chen asked, “What are you talking about?”
“He told me that Yan Mu Lin is dead. He is a fake.”
Sheng Xia Chen slapped his head, “You will even believe such words. Don’t say this to others, they would think that you are crazy.”
Sheng Xia Xiao touched his head: “…I know.” However, he really was telling the truth. One day, he will find out!
Yan Mu Lin sighed as he watched the Sheng family’s car drive away. It seems that his father would not give up so easily.
Yesterday, Yan Zi Qiong told him that Father Sheng gave him a bank card and a house key. Today, he received a sports car. Did he really think that material things could impress him?
He really could not understand how these people think. Anyway, he was going to wait for the scandal to blow over and then return this car.
As his mind worked, Yan Mu Lin turned around and told Ah Ya: “Ah Ya, give me the phone, I’m going to take your photos…”
Ah Ya felt that he watched something unreasonable happen so he did not ask questions.
Afterwards, Yan Mu Lin sent Zhou Wen Jing a photo that had his side profile on it. When the latter received it, she was stunned.
At 12 PM, Yan Zi Qiong’s Weibo posted an announcement that clarified the scandal between her and Sheng Qing Dong, as well as a group photo with only Yan Mu Lin’s side profile.
Oh, so this was the truth……
Damn. The media cheated us again, blah blah blah……
On another note, the sons of the Sheng family look good……
However, why was harpy eagle’s photo still a side profile……
The majority of the netizens were intoxicated……
A limited edition sports car, awesome……
Mr. Harpy Eagle, who are your parents……
Damned noveau riche [goodbye]……
The scandal stopped spreading but the netizens started to talk about Yan Mu Lin’s parents. This made Sheng Qing Dong feel like he was suffering a heavy burden!
Yan Mu Lin, whose problems have finally been solved, has another problem. Where should he park this sports car?
At this time, he only thought of one person——Shao Nuo Yu.
In the afternoon, Ma Yu Huai gave everyone a break. Yan Mu Lin wanted to find a place to keep the car. He also had a place to go to.
His plan to be close to the prince was: If you have a problem, look for the prince. He had to have a thick face and a black belly!
Yan Mu Lin’s cheeks flushed as he remembered the kiss. He started to dial Shao Nuo Yu’s number to borrow his garage.
As a generous prince who wanted to pursue Yan Mu Lin, Shao Nuo Yu did not tell him that his garage was full. Shao Nuo Yu ordered people to drive one of his limited edition sports car to another villa’s garage to make room for Yan Mu Lin.
Yan Mu Lin asked Shao Nuo Yu, “Why don’t we have hot pot when I park the car? I can cook for you.”
Shao Nuo Yu: “I am free tonight, there are no problems.”
Yan Mu Lin said, “Then I will cook spicy food for you. It’s very spicy, can you handle it?”
Shao Nuo Yu’s hand shook, which caused his pencil to break: “……No problem.”
The two agreed to meet at Shao Nuo Yu’s villa at 6:30 PM.
Ma Yu Huai turned his head and saw Yan Mu Lin tidying up his things quickly as soon as he said that tomorrow would be a free day. His mouth pursed as he shouted, “Is someone going to give birth at home? Why are you so anxious.”
Yan Mu Lin replied: “This is more urgent than having a baby!”
After saying goodbye to everyone, Yan Mu Lin held his bags and left the crew. He has to hurry to Shao Nuo Yu’s home in his new sports car. He could not wait even for a single moment.
Wait a minute, he had to go to the supermarket to buy some vegetables and spices.
Was he going to drive this sports car……

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  1. I love the meetings of YML and the Shen brothers, their reactions are so funny (they stimulate my sadistic vein) Ψ(`∀´)Ψ

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  2. Shao Nuoyu is in for a long night.. I’m guessing that he’s not good with spicy foods… ?

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    • Finally! The rumors and gossip cleared up! Aha, but there will likely be more following Yan Mu Lin’s footsteps… good luck, YML.

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