RCVS 41.1

Chapter 41: Cut Off

The Internet was going through erratic and turbulent times. Yan Zi Qiong, whose status has been “invisible” for several years, was forced to go “online”. In the past, she might not even enter the company for half a year. However, it was already her second time entering the company this month.

As a veteran in the company, Yan Zi Qiong also owned shares in the company but only a few people knew about it. Everyone thought that she was just one of the company’s stars. Nobody knew that she was actually one of the shareholders. This was partly because of Fang Yi Yuan. He suggested that Yan Zi Qiong should be an invisible shareholder, otherwise more people would bother her.

Fang Yi Yuan was waiting for Yan Zi Qiong in his office. This weekend, his lover was away on a business trip. He had to bring his younger child to the company while the older one went to class. His younger child was only four years old so he had to bring him to the company.

What greeted Yan Zi Qiong and Zhou Wen Jing when they walked into Fang Yi Yuan’s office was him carefully making his child drink milk. Zhou Wen Jing asked, “Why did you bring your child here?”

Fang Yi Yuan said: “Su Nan went to shoot a movie while the nanny brought my eldest to a hobby class. Yu’er, call her Aunt.”

Moving away from the pacifier, Su Yu called them shyly and then shrank in Fang Yi Yuan’s arms to continue drinking milk.

Almost everyone in the circle knew that Fang Yi Yuan’s lover, Su Nan, was a martial arts star and that they have been together for many years. Except for some gossip during the peak of Su Nan’s popularity, everything was fairly peaceful as both of them were extremely low-key. Even if Su Nan became a martial arts superstar, she refused to expose her family to the media. She did not want the media to turn their attention to her two children, as it can lead the children to have a bad attitude and a wrong outlook in life.

Being forced to go to the company on a weekend, Fang Yi Yuan was obviously unhappy. However, this was related to Yan Zi Qiong and Sheng Qing Dong’s story. After listening to the people’s reports, Fang Yi Yuan was speechless. The follow-up story was even more jaw-dropping that he did not know whether he should laugh or cry.

This kind of situation could either be difficult to handle or not. If it was handled well, then great. He was just afraid that if it was not handled properly, the privacy of Yan Mu Lin, the Yan family, and the Sheng family would be involved.

It was not only Yan Zi Qiong who came to the company but also the person sent by Sheng Qing Dong.

After a day of ignoring the situation, they found out that things could not be suppressed. Some people have been going against Yan Zi Qiong. Take the photo of her and Sheng Qing Dong for example. They obviously went to a secluded place to meet yet they were still photographed. The photo was very clear too. Obviously, it was planned. She has been in contact with so many people, thus she did not know who she offended. Yan Zi Qiong knew that she had to help herself and Yan Mu Ln. She was now more annoyed with Sheng Qing Dong, who liked her son’s Weibo post as he had nothing to do. It was obvious that he had no relationship with him.

Naturally, Sheng Qing Dong would not dare come in person. Yan Zi Qiong came today to protect her son. She had never worried about her son before, but she was not against such a feeling. Of course, what she was doing right now was wiping the buttocks of others. She felt very upset when she thought of this. The person sent by Sheng Qing Dong also looked upset.

They were all sitting in Fang Yi Yuan’s office. In fact, he actually had a lot of things to do. These gossips were usually handled by Zhou Wen Jing. However, the boss of Sheng Group was involved this time, so he had to handle it himself. He had to give the other face as he heard that the Sheng Group was about to open a film and drama investment company. Wouldn’t it be great if they chose to cooperate with Noah’s Ark first?

Sheng Qing Dong’s representative was his special assistant, Zuo Wei. He was already 45 years old yet still looked exquisite. When he spoke, one would feel comfortable. You could not feel any arrogance or contempt from him.

Zuo Wei knew Yan Zi Qiong. When Sheng Qing Dong was with her, he helped him hide the truth. Therefore, when he saw Yan Zi Qiong again, he was somewhat embarrassed. Of course, he did not show it in the surface.

Zuo Wei used his usual tone to ask Fang Yi Yuan’s opinion: “I don’t know what Mr. Fang thinks about the story between Mr. Sheng and Ms. Yan? Do you have a solution?”

Fang Yi Yuan looked at Yan Zi Qiong as he held his son in his arms: “I haven’t looked at the plan ah. Wen Jing here has it. Go, talk about your plan.”

Yan Zi Qiong wanted to ignore Zuo Wei so she took out a piece of jade from her bag and gave it to Fang Yi Yuan’s son. Su Yu did not dare pick it up without his father’s permission. He only took it when his father urged him to.

Zhou Wen Jing waited for them to finish interacting before speaking. Zuo Wei did not feel impatient. After all, that little bun’s face was quite cute.

Zhou Wen Jing said: “My plan is not complicated at all. Zi Qiong could use her Weibo to explain her relationship with Mu Lin. As for the photos with Mr. Sheng, they could say that they have been friends for many years. Inside the bank card is money she earned from her house abroad that is handled by Mr. Sheng’s friend. I have no idea about the key yet.”

Zuo Wei: “……” He was dissatisfied with this result but he had no choice. He was in another person’s territory.

Zhou Wen Jing added, “Mr. Zuo, do you have any other suggestions?”

Zuo Wei was only waiting for them to ask: “In fact, I asked Mr. Sheng’s opinion for this. We also had the idea of having Ms. Yan and Mr. Sheng as long time friends and that they are both the friends of Yan Mu Lin’s parents. In addition to that, for the bank card and the key, isn’t Mr. Yan’s birthday coming up? It could be said that the bank card and the key are Mr. Yan’s birthday gifts as Mr. Sheng would be abroad for a meeting during his birthday. They met up so that Ms. Yan could give it to him.”

Zhou Wen Jing said, “Why would he give a house key to Yan Mu Lin on his birthday?”

“Since it was only a key, then we could change it. It is really a house key, but let us turn it into a garage key. Mr. Sheng bought a sports car for Mr. Yan’s birthday.”

“Then where is the car key?”

Zuo Wei took out an envelope from his bag. Inside was indeed a car key. It was a limtied edition car. There were only ten available in the world. Fang Yi Yuan noticed this at a glance. He wanted to buy this car for Su Nan. As a result, it was already bought by a hateful capitalist.

Yan Mu Lin really profited this time.

Zhou Wen Jing looked at Yan Zi Qiong, “Do you have any comments?”

Although Yan Zi Qiong knew nothing about cars, she still knew which cars were good and expensive.

Yan Zi Qiong said: “Wouldn’t there be consequences if Mu Lin accepts this kind of car?”

Fang Yi Yuan looked at the car, almost drooling: “What consequences are you talking about?”

Yan Zi Qiong: “He would be labeled as a kept man.”

Zuo Wei smiled, “Ms. Yan, you don’t have to worry about this. Mr. Yan and the Third Young Master Sheng are classmates. We would tell them that they are friends. This would be Third Young Master’s idea. The person who chose the car is Eldest Young Master Sheng.”

It seems that more and more people are getting involved.

Lastly, Zuo Wei said: “However, Mr. Yan would have to take a photo with Young Master Sheng and Third Young Master Sheng.”

Everyone looked at Zhou Wen Jing.

Zhou Wen Jing was puzzled, “What did I do?”

Yan Zi Qiong: “You know where Mu Lin is.”

“He is now with the ใ€ŠDreams of the Red Chamberใ€‹crew.”

Zuo Wei said, “Okay. I will call the Eldest Young Master and Third Young Master immediately. They will go to Fourth Young Master and take photos for proof. The announcement should be posted on Weibo at 12 PM. I am bothering Ms. Zhou to create the Weibo post as your company is more professional in this aspect.”

Yan Zi Qiong’s lips curled, “Hehe. What Fourth Young Master? My son is called Yan Mu Lin.”

Zuo Wei smiled and said nothing.

Fang Yi Yuan pretended to play with his son while Zhou Wen Jing pretended to call someone.


Sorry for the late upload. Endgame broke my heart into little pieces qaq.

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