RCVS 40.2

When Ma Yu Huai and Miao Han Lin came in, they saw the two Jia Baoyus disappearing from the other side of the canteen.

Miao Han Lin was amused and asked: “Did they really have such a good relationship?”

Ma Yu Huai: “Why are you asking me? How am I supposed to know?”

Miao Han Lin shook his head helplessly, “Well, I have no problem. I think that Yan Mu Lin kid will get along with everyone. Did you see his Weibo? Even Sheng Qing Dong talks to him. Little Ma, didn’t you say that surname Sheng isn’t his backer?”

Ma Yu Huai frowned: “You believe some random fabrication from the Internet?”

Miao Han Lin touched his stomach, “Then who do you think recommended him to the crew?”

Ma Yu Huai gave him a glance, “I don’t know and I don’t want to know.” He turned around and went to have lunch.

At the same time, Xue Bai Ping and Yan Mu Lin took their meals to a nearby pavilion to eat.

Xue Bai Ping asked Yan Mu Lin: “How did you get into the crew? I only got in after four rounds of interviews. Anyways, do not offend Director Ma. He is very fierce.”

Yan Mu Lin evaded his question: “I came to voice a character so Director Ma let me go around the set for a few days so that I can adapt before working.”

Now, Xue Bai Ping knew that he was not here to steal his rice bowl. He let out a sigh of relief and bit his chopsticks, “It’s not for my role, right…?”

Yan Mu Lin said smilingly: “What do you think?”

Xue Bai Ping bit the chicken meat angrily, “This time, when I finish, you have to tell me your secret!”

Yan Mu Lin: “The secret is to persevere and to not be afraid of hardships.”

Xue Bai Ping said firmly, “I am not afraid of hardships.”

“Okay then. I’m going to give you something tomorrow. If you can do this for a month, your line delivery will probably improve.”

Xue Bai Ping: “Is there such a shortcut?”

Yan Mu Lin shook his head, “Shortcut? Don’t think of it as something like that. Let’s see if you can do it.”

Xue Bai Ping was sure that he could persevere. In the afternoon, Yan Mu Lin continued to follow Director Ma. Miao Han Lin also called him. However, whenever he calls Yan Mu Lin, Director Ma would look at him coldly. Miao Han Lin was unhappy in his heart and whispered, the next one to be rumored with Yan Mu Lin will be you——Ma Yu Huai.

In any case, Yan Mu Lin did not have thoughts on controlling the “fighting over one man” behavior of the two directors.

He learned a lot on this busy day. Due to the changes in history,《Dream of the Red Chamber》changed a lot. The background and culture were different. The direction of the research was also different from his previous life.

The world was changing every day. Even if it was fine for others not to learn, it isn’t fine for him.

Director Ma gave him a separate room in the garden. In fact, it was actually in the courtyard of Xue Bai Ping. Ah Ya was also assigned a room. All his expenses were taken care of. It was quite good.

In the evening, he had no other means of entertainment except for his mobile phone. Xue Bai Ping had no scenes tonight but he was playing around with the actresses. He had no time to accompany Yan Mu Lin in the garden.

He had an early dinner and poured tea for himself in the tea room. He was preparing to browse the web and sleep.

He was busy the whole day and had not had the time to scroll through Weibo.

Just as he turned on his phone, a phone call came in. He thought it was the Prince so his hand clicked answer without thinking. However, the voice was not quite right. It was obviously not the low and magnetic voice of the Crown Prince.

Yan Mu Lin was discontented, “Why did you call ah.”

Hearing Yan Mu Lin’s voice that was filled with loss, Sheng Xia Chen was incensed, “Am I not allowed to? Why can’t I call you!”

Yan Mu Lin sighed, “Then call, I just don’t want to answer it.”
When he heard what Yan Mu Lin said, Sheng Xia Chen almost had a heart attack, “You definitely have to answer my phone call!” Can’t you stop telling the truth? I might have a heart attack.

Yan Mu Lin: “Oh. Did something happen?”

With this lackluster reply, Sheng Xia Chen got more angered. This damned child, what did Laozi owe you in his past life?

Sheng Xia Chen said silently to himself, take a deep breath, take a deep breath. Then he said, “Didn’t you see the articles online?”

Yan Mu Lin said honestly, “Nope. I am busy. I’m not someone who is as leisurely as you, paying attention to other people’s gossip.”

Sheng Xia Chen: “I am not free!” He actually roared. Yes, he roared. Now he felt a bit comfortable. “Everything is a mess on the Internet. They are saying that you are being kept by my dad. Don’t you think you should clarify?”

After hearing this, Yan Mu Lin laughed: “Last time, they said that I was being kept by my mother. I did not clarify that time. Is your dad’s face so big?”

“I know Dad shouldn’t have liked your Weibo post. Don’t you want to tell the media that you are his son?”

Yan Mu Lin said indifferently, “I have nothing to do with him. He did this to himself.”

Sheng Xia Chen: “Yan Mu Lin, have some respect. He is still your father.”

Yan Mu Lin: “I thought I already said this clearly. I don’t care about matters like this. I don’t want to control it either. The media loves doing things like this. Anyway, this isn’t my fault. Who asked him to do this…… Yawn.”

Sheng Xia Chen was mad again: “……” Trying to make Yan Mu Lin obedient this time was a bit difficult.

In the past, Yan Mu Lin used to be bulled by Sheng Xia Xiao. Now, the fox revealed his tail and is difficult to deal with. More importantly, Yan Mu Lin was going against him and does not want to listen.

Sheng Xia Chen bit his teeth and couldn’t calm down, “Fine.”

The little devil in Yan Mu Lin’s heart flew, “Don’t try to find me. Handle everything yourself.” Then he hung up.

Sheng Xia Chen was just about to say something when he heard the sound of a beep.

He actually hung up, he actually hung up, he actually hung up!

After calming down, Sheng Xia Chen thought that calling Yan Mu Lin on the phone was just like seeking abuse for himself.
After the two people involved pretended not to see the article, Weibo was immediately refreshed. Another photo rushed out and it was very clear. This picture pushed the development direction of the scandal to another level. Yan Mu Lin, Yan Zi Qiong, and Sheng Qing Dong’s relationship made everyone confused.

The protagonists in the photo were not Yan Mu Lin and Yan Zi Qiong. It was not Yan Mu Lin and Sheng Qing Dong either. It was Yan Zi Qiong and Sheng Qing Dong.

In the photo, Yan Zi Qiong was accepting the bank card and key that Sheng Qing Dong pushed to her. A satisfactory smile could be seen on Yan Zi Qiong’s face. Their place of transaction was a coffee shop.

The powerful netizens used their mind and thought of a plot!

[Plot 1]

Sheng Qing Dong: Yan Mu Lin is mine. This money and house key is yours.

Yan Zi Qiong: How much?

Sheng Qing Dong gave a number: How about it? Satisfied?

Yan Zi Qiong: Of course, I am satisfied.

[Plot 2]

Sheng Qing Dong: Why haven’t you let him go? Don’t you know how painful it is being with him? He is my true love.

Yan Zi Qiong: True love? Hahaha… Actually, instead of telling me that he is your true love, how much do you think is your true love worth?

Sheng Qing Dong pulled out a card: Is the money inside enough? Not enough? This is a house bought by the family under my name!

Yan Zi Qiong sneered: If it isn’t for me needing pension money, heh. I will accept the money and come again tomorrow.

[Plot 3]

Sheng Qing Dong: How much did he borrow from you? I will help him pay you back.

Yan Zi Qiong: Oh? How much can you help pay for him?

Sheng Qing Dong: Here is the money I got from selling the company’s shares.

Yan Zi Qiong: Very good.

[Plot 4]

Sheng Qing Dong: You shameless old woman. This money is yours.

Yan Zi Qiong: You shameless man. The person is yours.

[Plot 5]

Sheng Qing Dong: I’m buying him for half a year.

Yan Zi Qiong: It depends on how much you can afford. A lot of people are asking…

There were ten versions in total.
When the photos came out, it was suddenly not an affair that could be solved by ignorance. Zhou Wen Jing’s team and Sheng Qing Dong’s PR team were now in a hurry.

What a mess!

This was a bloody case caused by a like. Ai.

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21 thoughts on “RCVS 40.2

  1. Lol what a mess. I really don’t envy them–no sense of privacy at all! And the media and netizens often make some crazy stories and assumptions based on rumors and a couple of pictures taken out of context, oof. At least it seems like Yan Mu Lin is unbothered by the whole thing.

    Thanks for translating!

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  2. Thank you for the translation… A like that shouldn’t have been done. And I’m like YML, Prince, why don’t you call him?


  3. lmao the netizens 😂😂😂

    i love yan zi qong’s silent guardian kinda character =w=

    mc’s mom so cool 🌟


  4. Damm. This family’s dog blood drama even the whole world wants to be involved, while the core of the drama is missing his prince ans indifferent to everything aside from his prince. 😂😂😂😂😂😂


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