RCVS 40.1

Chapter 40: Photo

Sheng Xia Chen has been living comfortably these days. He did not need to wait for Yan Mu Lin nor Sheng Xia Xiao. The new company he started with his friends obtained a huge government dealing. He was currently celebrating with his friends in his villa. There were a lot of people coming.

Everyone there is of the same age and they all had similar interests. There were two chefs in the villa who was cooking barbeque for them. The garden turned into a temporary stage where his friends can dance to the music.

Lin Xue was one of the partners who opened the company with him. He was always quiet, hiding away to play with his mobile phone. Because of this, he found out that it was noisy in Weibo tonight.

He actually saw a news article about a voice actor and his friend’s father. Lin Xue peeked and saw Shen Xia Chen who was about to go on the “dance floor”. This pulled him back to reality. How can he let those irresponsible media create this kind of story about his father?

Lin Xue walked in front of Sheng Xia Chen, who was most afraid of his serious father: “Look at this news article, it will surprise you.”

Sheng Xia Chen, who was having a good time, was suddenly interrupted. Of course, he was slightly unhappy: “What? Lin Xue, if you don’t want to play around, stop bothering me.”

Lin Xue shrugged and said, “I suggest you take a look at this.”

Sheng Xia Chen took his mobile phone, “What kind of news is in the gossip, they’re all about those stars… just boring… gossip…” He immediately swallowed all the words he was going to say.

Lin Xue was very satisfied with Sheng Xia Chen. His expression right now was as if he ate poop: “See, I didn’t lie to you.”

Sheng Xia Chen took a deep breath: This unusual news isn’t amusing, it’s horrifying!!

He missed the days when he had no younger brother. When he was just living comfortably.

Sheng Xia Chen, who was so frightened that he almost choked on his saliva, scrolled through the entire scandal. Now, with enough knowledge, he understood that it was fake. His dad just went to the Weibo of Yan Mu Lin, that damned child, to like his post. Then, the gossip reporter thought that Yan Mu Lin found another patron, his father. Last time, didn’t that child previously have a scandal with his own mother?!

In the end, which scoundrel took this photo? The angle is too scary. They were in a hospital. Sheng Xia Chen was obviously there with them yet they deliberately removed him. It was too much.

If it was him in the scandal, then everything would be different. However, the scandal was about his brother and father. He can’t call his dad right now and ask him why he would praise Yan Mu Lin. Naturally, he did not have a death wish. Didn’t you know that? What if his mother asks him? Even if his mother does not browse the web did not mean that her lady friends do not go on Weibo. The point here is that those ladies who always hang around her will tell her about this article for several reasons.

Yan Mu Lin, you’re really good at causing trouble. If I see you, I’m definitely going to fix you up!

Li Xue watched Sheng Xia Chen passively. Sheng Xia Chen glanced at him: “This is nonsense.”

Li Xue fearlessly remarked, “Look at you restraining yourself, so amusing.”

Sheng Xia Chen stretched out his leg and stomped, “Leave!” He moved away from Li Xue and went back to the house.

The room was quite warm and there were many people who were eating a freshly baked cake. Among them was a woman who loved him, Yu Ting. Unfortunately, he had no intention to look at flowers. Sheng Xia Chen passed by without even looking at her.

The man next to Yu Ting asked her, “Yu Ting? What happened to Master Sheng?”

Yu Ting shook her head: “How can I know? Am I not just eating cake here?” She wanted to know too.

The man said, “Oh, continue eating then.”

When this article came out, Yan Mu Lin himself was not affected. However, the Internet went crazy. The PR director of Sheng Qing Dong’s company was currently wiping the sweat on his forehead at this moment.

How can such a thing happen to the boss? They might have created this article as soon as they took that photo. However, they had valid evidence. It is not that he did not believe in his own boss’ conduct but why did they release such a thing? His boss has never been involved in the entertainment industry.

At this time, Yan Mu Lin just left the set of《Who Has That Good Voice?》 and went into the set of《Dream of the Red Chamber》. When he arrived, he saw Ma Yu Huai losing his temper at the actors. He silently followed Ah Ya as he hid in the shadows in fear of being the brunt of his temper.

Fortunately, Ma Yu Huai found out that he has been there for a while and did not make any noise. Therefore, he obediently greeted Director Ma.

The actors in the crew now had no other hobbies. When they saw Yan Mu Lin appear, the first one to be shocked was Xue Bai Ping. However, he was afraid of Ma Yu Huai so he did not dare approach.

Why did Mu Lin come here?

Was he here to film?

No, he’s a voice actor, how could he film something?

It must be for voice acting!

But…… There is no voice acting booth here……

My head is aching… Yan Mu Lin, in the end, what are you doing here? You wouldn’t come here to visit.

While Xue Bai Ping was currently occupied, Yan Mu Lin followed Ma Yu Huai’s instructions. After thirty minutes, Yan Mu Lin was forced to wear a costume from《Dream of the Red Chamber》. The purpose was to feel 《Dream of the Red Chamber》’s atmosphere. It wasn’t only him. Even the voice actors of other characters had to do so. Ma Yu Huai was such a nitpicky Virgo!

Yan Mu Lin’s voice acting roles have already been determined. His characters for the TV series were three females and one male. When Ma Yu Huai saw him, he almost asked the crew to give him a female costume. However, after careful thinking he gave him male clothing.

Thi was mainly because Yan Mu Lin reminded Ma Yu Huai: “Director Ma, I am a man.”

Ma Yu Huai glanced at him coldly, “Then you can be a nan dan.”

Yan Mu Lin whispered: “You still remember that I’m an actor that can act as a woman and not a transvestite.”

Ma Yu Huai: “Shut up. Be careful or I’m going to make you wear a female costume.”

Yan Mu Lin immediately stopped running his mouth. He wanted to hit himself in the head!

Ah Ya moved far away from them. He was looking at the happenings in the ancient garden. However, Ma Yu Huai did not let Ah Ya leave. Since he was following Yan Mu Lin, he would naturally wear a servant’s costume.

Ah Ya: “……” Was the crew not afraid of wasting money on costumes?

The stylist must have been amused due to Yan Mu Lin’s sweet-talking. Yan Mu Lin was wearing Jia Baoyu’s spare costume. In the daytime, Ma Yu Huai’s schedule was packed so he did not have enough time to spare. Yan Mu Lin had nothing to do with Director Ma anyway so he got to know the other directors. Director Miao had good character. The two of them could chat well.

Soon, a rumor circulated in the crew: Director Ma was dissatisfied with Xue Bai Ping’s acting skills so he deliberately looked for an alternate character. The other party portrayed Jia Baoyu better than Xue Bai Ping.

It was only during lunch when Xue Bai Ping, who was trained like a dog by Ma Yu Huai, found an opportunity to chat with Yan Mu Lin.

The two Jia Baoyu’s feelings were very good. An actress was trying hard not to look at them. These two men are more beautiful than women. They couldn’t even let people live!

“Why did you come to the set?” On the contrary to what other people thought, Xue Bai Ping thought that he found his friend.

Yan Mu Lin reassured Xue Bai Ping, “I came to study with Director Ma. Do you know any quiet place to have lunch? There are too many people in the cafeteria.”

Xue Bai Ping skillfully took Yan Mu Lin to get food in the canteen, where even the main and supporting roles had to queue for dinner without exception. Just like in school. It was quite interesting.

The aunt who serves the dishes especially likes Jia Baoyu. Today, she saw two Jia Baoyus with her eyes. She definitely had to give two chicken legs for each of them!

Yan Mu Lin incessantly lured the auntie. His mouth was particularly sweet: “Auntie, you have a very good heart.”

The auntie smiled, “Eat more so that you can grow more white and tender.”

The two of them left the canteen under the eyes of everyone.

Some people recognized that Yan Mu Lin was wearing Jia Baoyu’s spare costume but was not sure if he was ‘I am not a harpy eagle’ as the Internet only had his side photos. He was so familiar with Xue Bai Ping and was led in by Director Ma.

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11 thoughts on “RCVS 40.1

  1. Yan Mu Lin whispered: “You still remember that I’m a nan dan (男旦) and not a fanchuan (反串).”

    From the little I can tell, he basically said “So you remembered I’m a male that can act as a woman, and not a transvestite”

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  2. And now his biological family has heard of the scandal… how fun. At least it isn’t just him who has to deal with it, I guess.

    Yan Mu Lin gets to walk around the set dressed all cool and handsome lol. I wonder how the ML would react!

    Thanks for translating!

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