RCVS 39.2

At the same time, Yan Zi Qiong was invited by Sheng Qing Dong to a coffee shop. This old-fashioned shop brought back a lot of memories. There were good memories, but the grief and indignation outweigh it.
Surprisingly, Yan Zi Qiong agreed to meet with Sheng Qing Dong this time. So many years have gone by, she had to let go. Right now, she would make that clear.
In the past 20 years, although they could see news about each other or find out that they were in the same city through major newspapers, they never saw each other in person.
Yan Zi Qiong took off her glasses and walked towards Sheng Qing Dong, who was sitting at the corner.
As she sat opposite Sheng Qing Dong, Yan Zi Qiong did not feel the anger or the embarrassment she imagined she would feel. After twenty years, this man also grew old. There were wrinkles around his eyes. Yan Zi Qiong laughed bitterly in her heart.
“I didn’t expect you to have the face to invite me, Mr. Sheng.”
There were no ripples in Sheng Qing Dong’s facial expression. He knew how to hide his emotions very well. When he was young, he was sick of his family’s tradition of arranged marriages. However, he had to walk on that path for his family’s prosperity.
He met Yan Zi Qiong shortly after he got married. He tried his best to hide the fact that he was married and please her. Sheng Qing Dong hypnotized himself into thinking that he was a single man. He wanted to be with the woman that he loves, wanted to be free.
However, everything was too late. He knew that as soon as Yan Zi Qiong found out that he was married, the two of them will break up immediately.
Following Yan Zi Qiong’s character, she naturally would not lower herself to become his mistress. His guess was right. When Yan Zi Qiong learned about his lies, she decided to leave. However, he really did not fool the other. Until now, his memories with her was his happiest memories.
Sheng Qing Dong drank his black coffee, “You have my son. Why can’t I invite you to talk about my child’s progress?”
When he mentioned Yan Mu Lin, Yan Zi Qiong found it funny, “How funny. What is the relationship between you and my son? We aren’t related, Mr. Sheng. I am unmarried.”
Married man Sheng Qing Dong: “What you mean is that you don’t want him to come back to Sheng family? We can take care of him. Instead of letting him run around the entertainment circle, I can provide him with the best education.”
Yan Zi Qiong: “I can take care of my son myself. You don’t have to bother. Be worried about your own son, don’t look at other’s children.”
“I invited you out to talk about Mu Lin’s return to Sheng family.”
Yan Zi Qiong laughed sarcastically, “I don’t believe that you haven’t talked to Mu Lin. What are his thoughts about this? I won’t force my son to do what he doesn’t want to. Also, let me emphasize this, he is not your son.”
Sheng Qing Dong said, “I am related to him by blood.”
Yan Zi Qiong countered, “Did you raise him? After I die, everything I have would be his. Do you dare say that after you die, everything you have would be his? Don’t talk nonsense if you can’t even promise this. The phrase ‘Once bitten, twice shy’ makes a lot of sense, doesn’t it?”
Although she did not dare say that she raised him, she still gave birth to Yan Mu Lin. Ever since he was little, he never lacked material things. Perhaps she was never close to her son and has not paid attention to his emotions, but everything she owned was all for Mu Lin!
Sheng Qing Dong, who was countered, could only drink coffee to cover up the emotions in his heart. Some time ago, he was told off by Yan Mu Lin. He also thought that she made sense, but there was no need to take care of children this much.
Many years ago, he should have already understood that he could not always have everything that he wanted. However, were his ideas worse than a 20-year-old child? Hah, ridiculous.
Sheng Qing Dong once again pulled out the bank card and the house key that he had Sheng Xia Chen give to Yan Mu Lin: “This is my coming of age present to that child. The house is named after him, but he does not want to accept. Accept this for him. I am sorry towards you and him.”
His apology was good, but his expression was not sincere enough. It must have been because she was too young that she was deceived by this face. This time, Yan Zi Qiong was not stupid, “I can accept, but you shouldn’t try to decide for Mu Lin again. He isn’t your son.”
After talking to both Yan Mu Lin and Yan Zi Qiong, Sheng Qing Dong was made aware
that Yan Mu Lin would not return to the Sheng family. He nodded, “I won’t force him to go back. However, if he voluntarily returns, you are not allowed to stop him. After all, the Sheng family still has a little status. He can always rely on this big tree to enjoy the shade.”
Yan Zi Qiong held the house key tightly, “I am afraid that the tree has started to rot. I don’t know which day it would fall.”
Sheng Qing Dong: “……” He finally knew who Yan Mu Lin got his disposition from. It was not from him, but Yan Zi Qiong. They had the same ability to make people feel choked.
Except for Yan Mu Lin, Yan Zi Qiong had nothing to talk about with him. After she getting the present for Yan Mu Lin, she took her bag with her and went out. She did not even look at Sheng Qing Dong.
Sheng Qing Dong, who suffered from her cold shoulder, finally realized what he threw away…
Truly, prosperity and decline never last. Every person had its day. The past’s scenery was not applicable to the present.
Sheng Qing Dong dumbly opened his private Weibo. He went to Yan Mu Lin’s Weibo and found the post from last night. He immediately gave him a compliment. Although he wanted to be more vocal, he could not say them out loud.
After Yan Mu Lin’s “kept man” scandal, the sharp-eyed people from the media saw that Yan Mu Lin’s Weibo was praised not only by directors but even the president of the Sheng Group. This was a person who hardly had any love affairs and had no relationship with Yan Mu Lin…
Is Sheng Qing Dong the person behind Yan Mu Lin? It seems that we have found something incredible!
Our media people analyzed and analyzed. Sheng Qing Dong is the president of Sheng Group. He was very caring towards his family. The education of his children was also quite strict, especially to his heir, Sheng Xia Chen. However, in addition to this, there were rumors that he was keeping a mistress and that he liked to play around with boys. Of course, those were just rumors.
Now, we are curious. Why did he like Yan Mu Lin’s photo? Definitely was not just finding the post interesting. He absolutely was not just passing by!
Let’s start digging around.
The rumor that Yan Mu Lin’s financial backer might be Sheng Qing Dong came out. Some reporters began to search for their recent photos. In less than half an hour, someone actually found something. The location of the photo was at a hospital’s front desk.
It was still Yan Mu Lin’s side profile, but Sheng Qing Dong’s face could be seen clearly. The two of them were looking at each other and it looked as if sparks could fly at any time.
Actually, that wasn’t true…
After the scandal with Yan Zi Qiong, Yan Mu Lin was once again entangled with another scandal.
This time, his golden master changed from Yan Zi Qiong to Sheng Qing Dong.
His powerful backer got bigger. One is stronger than the other. From the entertainment circle to the business world. This newcomer is really amazing.
The media wanted to ask Yan Mu Lin: How much charm do you have?
Yan Zi Qiong, Sheng Qing Dong, the united television stations’ big directors, the high and mighty Crown Prince Shao Nuo Yu, how do you know all of them? Tell us, you bastard!
You are a newcomer who hasn’t even debuted officially. However, every day, you are with these powerful people. Stop scaring us, okay!
When they saw the bogus scandal, fans were once again incensed: Reporter, why didn’t you take a frontal photo of harpy eagle! Also our family’s harpy eagle wasn’t satisfied with this old man at all! Are you blind?
Also, we’re tired of seeing harpy eagle’s side profile!
However, it’s still very beautiful. Licking the screen!
Yan Mu Lin, who was currently eating a steamed bun that was given by the staff of 《Dream of the Red Chamber》, sneezed.
Why is he feeling a sense of foreboding?

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  1. Feeling sorry for Yan Mu Lin’s mom and dad. :/

    Haha, another scandal. On one hand I find it irritating, but on the other, it’s a little funny to me.

    Thanks for translating!

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  2. Thanks for the chapter! It’s good to discover what happened between YML’s parents; I like the way his mom defended him. But it’s a bit sad his dad can’t even support him in a small way online without idiots making a fuss…

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  3. Hmmm…
    When will the reporters be able to dig about Harpy Eagle’s soon-to-be-real-backer, and the fact that he is actually the son of the big shots of Entertainment and business world?

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