RCVS 39.1

Chapter 39: Change

After the filming of 《Who Has That Good Voice?》’s second episode, Yan Mu Lin dragged his tired body back to the hotel. He insisted on taking a bath after charging his phone to full power as soon as he posted that photo. He did not care what sensation it caused on the Internet. If there was a problem, Aunt Zhou would help him.

There was a text message on the quiet phone. Yan Mu Lin opened it before going to bed and replied.

[I was filming a show today and yesterday. My phone got drained.]

After sending the text message, Yan Mu Lin waited for five minutes. Since Shao Nuo Yu did not reply, he slept like he was dead. He was too tired, without any more energy. However, he still did not forget about going home tomorrow to prepare a hot pot dinner with Shao Nuo Yu. Well, he’s going to sleep first.

Yan Mu Lin, who slept like the dead, was aware that the photo he posted today would cause a huge uproar.

Of course, he was aware of that ever since he took the photo.

However, he dared not to remove his makeup and showed it to the people. Although this really was a beautiful photo. It broke the Internet.

What’s with the traditional makeup and dress? You are obviously a professional CV! Why are you relying on your beauty to eat?! The point is, we have seen this refined dan role in a stage costume, but we did not see harpy eagle’s face!

How could this damned child annoy people so much?

There was only one photo and they had no way to identify whether the person in the photo was harpy eagle. Immediately, the curious netizens ran to Xue Bai Ping’s forward  of Yan Mu Lin’s Weibo post

Male god Xue, tell us, is this Mr. Harpy Eagle? Does he feel shameful about his looks that he deliberately wore theatrical makeup on his face? After all, theatrical makeup made people look mysterious. After a modern person wears that kind of makeup, it is as if he walked into the tunnel of time, transforming into an ancient person.

Mr. Harpy Eagle is really getting worse and worse. Ignoring genders through his exquisite dubbing, and now, he can look like a man or a woman. This is simply making people more curious.

After Yan Mu Lin’s Weibo post was forwarded by Xue Bai Ping, several big directors in the circle liked the photo one after another, as if they talked. If they were not avoiding the netizens’ curiosity, they would have commented. Especially Ma Yu Huai, who has changed his attitude towards Yan Mu Lin.

He hated not being able to scold Yan Mu Lin. Why didn’t you debut earlier? It’s time for you to come back and shoot with Jia Baoyu. I’m really annoyed!

This post got extremely popular and was forwarded by many fans. Eighty percent of them was drooling!

Netizen 1: Harpy eagle, come out. Let’s talk about life! However, this photo is really beautiful. Drool…

Netizen 2: First, save the photo. Licking the screen!

Netizen 3: Why am I falling in love with you? I can’t stop ah.

Netizen 4: Evildoer! Quickly run, return to this one’s embrace!

Netizen 5: Beauty, marry me. Marry me!

Netizen 6: Say, according to this photo, even without makeup then you’ll still look good, right? It’ll be much better if you upload a high-definition photo without pixelations and, right? Harpy eagle, come out, I won’t hit you.

Netizen 7: Although I don’t have a good impression of harpy eagle, this photo still looks  very beautiful.

Netizen 8: Very beautiful +1


All of the ones above were positive comments. However, there were also quite a few negative comments.

Hater 1: A grown man who turned himself into something that isn’t a man or a woman. This is simply losing face for us men. What a pervert!

Hater 2: Shameless.

Hater 3: Will a decent person take this kind of photo? He he.

Hater 4: Not a decent person +1

Hater 5: Not a decent person +2


Since the trolls gathered too quickly, they were torn up by Yan Mu Lin’s fans. They were paid trolls, so they didn’t really have enough power to fight back!

The fans who fought the trolls were not idle. They continued to camp under the Weibo post. I hope that Harpy eagle, who throw crumbs from time to time, could pay attention to them. We are invincible fans who have strong fighting power.

Pan Jinlian was still floating in their minds. Not to mention, more than half of Yan Mu Lin’s Weibo fans were male. Compared to other male CVs who had 50% male and 50% female fans, this ratio was unprecedented and unique.

Another family’s actress was hated? then the male fans would come out collectively to fight; Another family’s actor was hated? then female fans would come out collectively to fight; Yan Mu Lin was hated? Male and female fans would come out to fight. Pei! We are also powerful. Wouldn’t we lose our face if we aren’t?

You don’t know male actors who play female roles? They are called fanchuan, okay?!

Are there any other performers who are willing to devote themselves to art and turn into a woman?

That is art. If you do not understand the culture, then don’t force yourself. Why don’t you get lost? Nobody wants you here!

Yan Mu Lin’s Weibo has once again become a hot topic just with this photo.

On the next day, after saying goodbye to Director Teng and other staff members, Yan Mu Lin hurriedly left the hotel. He would now go to the 《Dream of the Red Chamber》crew to see Director Ma Yu Huai and find out his four roles.
Zhou Wen Jing did not go with Yan Mu Lin, but Ah Ya was with him. Any situation that arises would be reported to her at any time.


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  1. All of his fans, regardless of gender, is coming forward and fighting for him. Kinda surprised SNY didn’t forward the photo, YML could get another additional defenders otherwise.

    Thank you for the translation..

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  2. Hehe, Yan Mu Lin has such a good fan base. Beat those trolls back! Beat them back where we readers can’t! Protecc the harpy eagle!

    Thanks for translating!

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  3. I just finished the first semister exam and missed some chapters. I’m glad I have something to read. Thank you for your hard work☺☺☺🌺🌺🌺


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