RCVS 38.2

Yan Mu Lin curbed his emotions and focused.

The lithe backup dancers started dancing lightly and gracefully as the music started.

Thirty seconds later, Yan Mu Lin—who was wearing a dress inlaid with gems, a red and gold headdress—nimbly stepped out. His colorful clothes were exceptionally eye-catching and radiant. Under the smoke and lights, everyone felt like the stage was an entrance to paradise—heavenly music and a beautiful woman who was moving in the clouds.

Among the beautiful women onstage, Yan Mu Lin was the most outstanding as he danced according to the rhythm. Moving about like he was heaven’s daughter scattering flowers, so magical…

The dancers moved around Yan Mu Lin as he sang: “Spring blossoms and autumn moons, it carries a country’s thousand sentiments…. He Shi and Luan Fu, those who know of the Raiment of Rainbows and Feathers…. Red sleeves add fragrance… I am missing my lord, only depending on this song…. Suddenly remembering this Raiment…”

The mysterious yet beautiful singing stopped, but the music did not. The graceful dancers danced towards Yan Mu Lin, gave him long colorful sleeves, and left. He spun it around quickly, forming a semi-circle.

This was the start of Yan Mu Lin’s solo dance.

The colorful sleeves glided in the air. Yan Mu Lin slightly lowered his waist, which made the sleeves sway. To be coupled with strength and gentleness, it was beautiful and moving. Everyone on the scene was attracted. It felt like they were being introduced to paradise.

The difficult part of the choreography was completed.

The dancers once again surrounded Yan Mu Lin as the music moved faster. He followed the music, his skirt fluttering elegantly. The colorful sleeves that he was holding looked like countless petals that were falling from the sky.

Turn… Turn… Turn…

At the song’s ending, the dancers stood in place. Colorful sleeves could be seen scattered around the stage. Only one word could be used to describe it. Outstanding.

The audience held their breath even as the beautiful sleeves fell. Every dancer froze in position, almost as if they were all going back to the Temple of Heaven. The people wanted to yell: Don’t go, don’t go, don’t go…

After the music stopped, there were ten seconds of silence at the scene.

Just as Yan Mu Lin was about to bow, a figure rushed to the stage and screamed: “Mother! This child will miss you!”

Yan Mu Lin, who was gasping for air, looked down at the crying crown prince and felt speechless.

The people who were attracted by the “beautiful paradise” slowly came around while the treatment center’s director stared nervously at the interaction between the actor on stage and the crown prince. Director Teng also reminded the staff to pay attention. The cameraman should not be in a daze, move the lens immediately!

This unexpected change caught everyone off guard.
Yan Mu Lin, who did not expect the crown prince to do this, was frozen stiff at first. He then raised his hand to pat his head. A thought flashed through his mind. He changed his voice to something loving and gentle and said, “Emperor, mother can’t be with you so be more careful in the future. In the future, even if mother is not around, you have to be good for the two of us.”

The tearful crown prince nodded fiercely. He could not speak as he was choked with emotion. Since he was only looking at Yan Mu Lin’s clothes, he did not realize that the words actually came from Yan Mu Lin’s mouth. Where could he possibly find out about the greatness of voice acting where one could change their voice to sound like something else?

The crown prince believed in him.

This was for the best.

Yan Mu Lin knew that this embarrassing scene could not continue. He stroked the crown prince’s head and said, “Mother has to leave now. The emperor should remember not to be irresponsible and take care.”

The crown prince listened to his mother’s words. Whether it was true or not, he knew that this would be the last time he could indulge himself so he released his emotions, “Queen Mother… Don’t go… Don’t abandon this child!”

Yan Mu Lin patted his shoulder, “Take care of yourself.”

The crown prince finally loosened his hand. He wiped the tears on his face and respectfully stepped two steps back. He placed his fist on his chest before kneeling down. His tears could not stop as he cried out, “This child hopes for Queen Mother to live for a thousand years, a thousand years, thousands and thousands of years!”

He then kowtowed three times.

Xiao Shun, who was stimulated by the crown prince’s tears, followed along: “Empress Dowager will live for a thousand years, a thousand years, thousands and thousands of years!”

The princelings watched the crown prince and felt that he was so pitiful. All of them could not resist and shouted loudly: “Empress Dowager will live for a thousand years, a thousand years, thousands and thousands of years!”

The staff stood in silence: “……”

What is happening? The way they got affected by the mood is too frightening, even we want to kowtow.

Yan Mu Lin did not move forward, but he also did not draw back. He had no choice but to clench his teeth and calm down to say, “It’s already late. Everyone go back and take care.”

After the speech, Yan Mu Lin turned back and walked away.

From the beginning until the end, the Crown Prince did not get up.

Yan Mu Lin knew that he was not acting, this was his true feelings.

In the future, there would be a boy named Qin Ming. He used to be a Crown Prince.

Crown Prince, goodbye.

After Yan Mu Lin left, the little ginseng spirit turned to Madam White Snake who was near him and said, “Madam, the human world’s mother-and-child are so different. Crown Prince is so pitiful, he would have no mother in the future.”

Madam White Snake smiled, “This Empress Dowager is so beautiful. I have decided! In the future, I will be a Crown Prince’s consort!”

The little ginseng spirit thought out loud, “Since the Crown Prince has a mother, then who is my mother? Why don’t I have a mother?” His head hurts a bit.

Who is my mother?
Madam White Snake continued to say to herself, “Yi? Why should I be a Crown Prince’s consort?” To be like the consort in the TV series 《The Incident at Xuanwu gate》? What is a TV series?

The two talked to each other for a simple reason, but it ended up with them talking to themselves.

After Yan Mu Lin left, the dancers followed him to the back.

The crown prince was supported up, his eyes filled with a complicated emotion. He closed them and opened them again. His eyes were cold and distant, “Dr. Fang, can I meet my father… Mom and Dad?”
Dr. Fang was scared by him. This was due to Qin Ming’s arrogant prince persona. It was the first time that he gave a request normally. After calming down, he replied: “Of course, of course. I am willing to serve you.”

What serve ah?! The crown prince suddenly turned normal, I can’t adapt!

Eh? Does this mean that the crown prince is… cured?

Just like that?

Already fine?


Yan Mu Lin’s shocking performance caused confusion and fright to the audience and staff in front. He did not know and even if he did, he still would not know because he still has not recovered from his current state!

He quickly allowed Ah Ya to snap photos as a souvenir before carefully removing the makeup with the makeup artists.

The heavy and exquisite headdress had to be removed gently one by one. The clothes also had to be removed one by one. Everything should be pulled lightly or it will hurt. If it’s too weak, then it would not be removed. Not only was his body tortured, but even his mind was too.

They were now removing the dress. Yan Mu Lin was slowly collecting his emotions that got out of his control. He got too into the performance due to the Crown Prince. It was difficult to extract himself from the state of being the Empress Dowager.

After changing clothes, Yan Mu Lin realized that his body was very sore and sweaty.

While he was removing makeup, nobody was filming him. Director Teng personally came to the dressing room and waved at Yan Mu Lin. He patted his shoulder and said, “The scores would not be shown in this episode. The four masters’ reviews would be recorded separately.”

Yan Mu Lin looked blank, then smiled: “Ah, great.” This simplified matters.

Director Teng added: “Also, I have good news. Qin Ming’s parents just told us that Qin Ming suddenly turned normal. The doctors said that he would be observed for another week. If there are no problems then he would be discharged. This is all because of you. His parents wanted to thank you in person.”

Yan Mu Lin refused, “Director Teng, I can’t. Qin Ming and I had an agreement. Our next meeting had to be outside the treatment center. I can’t do anything, can you help me reject it? I don’t want them to have any psychological burdens.”

Director Teng made sure, “You really don’t want to see them? Their identity…”

Yan Mu Lin smiled: “I really wanted to help Qin Ming. I didn’t take this on just to ask favors from his parents. I already got what I want. Please help me thank them? Or do you want to do it, Sister Jing?” He looked at Zhou Wen Jing.

There’s a reason why he did not want to go. The Crown Prince just kowtowed to him. Right now, to go and take credit in front of his parents was just courting death.

Zhou Wen Jing nodded, “Yes. Director Teng, I’ll go see them instead.”

Director Teng nodded. Even Yan Mu Lin, who was a newcomer, had this kind of temperament. He returned to consciousness and was ashamed.

While Director Teng was ashamed, Yan Mu Lin asked him some questions then Director Teng immediately disappeared without a trace.

At 10 PM, [I’m not a harpy eagle] posted on Weibo.

“Raiment of Rainbows and Feathers”

It was a photo of him filled with exquisite makeup.

Content: En. A frontal photo. [image]

oof. i have bad news with me. my laptop is gone, so i might miss some updates, i apologize ; ;

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  1. Yan Mu Lin’s performance was so breathtakingly beautiful!

    We might see Qin Ming again in the future; I mean I hope we do!

    Also the ending, gasp our harpy eagle has posted a frontal photo of his face?!

    Thanks for the chapter! 💕

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  2. Oh no I hope your laptop situation sorts out soon – it freaks me out so much when I don’t have mine. Thank you so much for this chapter ❤️ the poor little emperor, at least he will learn to thrive in this society. Fight on little dude! And finally a frontal picture but covered in make up 😂 Yan Mu Lin is having fun with his weibo.

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  3. Oh no… I hope you can find your laptop or get the replacement soon.

    Does Qin Ming’s parents also related to SNY or the real royalty?

    Weibo must be exploded now, a man who could voice a woman so convincingly now also dressing up like a woman.

    Thanks for the translation..

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  4. RIP laptop

    As expected of Yan Mu Lin! He performed beautifully! And it’s so funny that even the staff was tempted to kowtow to him lol

    Thanks for translating!

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  5. I almost died crying. It was such a touching chapter. Poor kid. Taken out of time. Oh well.

    Love that YML broke gender norms and crossdressed while dancing. This is one of my favorite tropes in writing. When the Shou is so utterly beautiful and androgynous. 👍

    This chinese bl writer has officially become my favorite! 🙂

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