RCVS 38.1

Chapter 38: Farewell


What does it mean to sacrifice for art?


Currently, for Yan Mu Lin, it is to sacrifice one’s life for the skills.


He has always admired fanchuan performers. After the long training, Yan Mu Lin realized that it was really difficult to be a fanchuan performer who had to sing while dancing.

fanchuan –  Literally means “gender-role reversal”. It originally refers to the theatrical practice of female/male impersonation in Chinese opera.


At first, he just had to dance. However, because of his fundamentals in dance, the dance teacher told him that it would be better for him to sing while doing the turns.
It was not impossible for him to do Chinese opera. In the previous episode, he already did this type of performance. There should be no problems if he had to sing in the Chinese opera style.


Yan Mu Lin naturally wanted to challenge himself so he agreed with the teacher’s request. If it does not look good in practice, then they would return to the original arrangements.
Director Teng watched Yan Mu Lin do all kinds of movement. He felt happy inside. None of the other episodes compare to a single episode that Yan Mu Lin appears in. Therefore, he really wanted to know this episode’s rating as soon as it is broadcasted.


Nowadays, Director Teng looked at Yan Mu Lin as if he was looking at a gold ingot. He even privately ordered the scriptwriter to follow Yan Mu Lin’s requests. As long as it came from him, then it would be fulfilled.


At the backstage, Yan Mu Lin’s dress was the grandest. Nobody had to ask, everyone knew what he was going to perform. Aside from having to sing while twirling, they were all envious of him. Whose family’s voice actor was not having a hard time right now? Especially Tao Bai Chen who had to dance hip-hop. A machine dancing for him was out of the question. If he could then he would get rid of Yan Mu Lin immediately.


Unfortunately, his exquisite dancing skills were useless. He could not use it to perform as it did not match the patient’s requirements.


The program team set up a large stage on the huge lawn of the treatment center. It could accommodate a huge amount of people. The treatment center has always been quiet, then suddenly, a huge stage appeared out of thin air. Numerous patients were brimming with curiosity, their facial expressions excited.


Madam White Snake, who was perched on the back of a doctor, looked at the thick smoke and sighed: “That year, smoke also appears when I transform…”


The nurse followed along and said, “Su Zhen, you’re really awesome.”


Madam White Snake flipped her hair over her shoulders, “Naturally.”


The little ginseng spirit continued to crouch in a corner. However, he occasionally looks out curiously.


I’m really curious about the outside world. I want to go out and experience the human world that is said to be colorful and interesting.


The order of the performances was very amusing. Everyone competed to be the first, hoping to end their bitter suffering. This was not for their voice acting skills, nor was it for their acting. It was for their life.


As a newcomer, Yan Mu Lin was once again pushed to the back…


His opening act turned into the final performance. However, he had no choice. Who let him be a newcomer? One day, he would have the right to choose, hmph!


Actually, Tian Zhen Yang and the others’ performance was not as bad as it sounds like. This was because they are all professional actors. Their costumes are all exquisitely done and crafted. They were not people from a university’s drama club, naturally, the quality of the items they were using was not bad.


Yan Mu Lin, with his delicate and refined makeup, stood as the staff members put the performance clothes on him. He looked at the camera in front of him and made a sad expression.
The teacher, who placed the girdle on him, asked: “Are you still unsatisfied with this outstanding body? Do you know how many girls would envy you if they see it?”


Yan Mu Lin said with a grave expression: “Can we remove the two pads in front?”


The teacher pinched his belt, “Have you seen a fairy who is flat?!”


Yan Mu Lin was struck speechless by the teacher: “……” He really pondered over flat-chested fairies in legends. It seems that there really are no flat-chested fairies. Even if there were, they could change their breast sizes, okay? It was even more frightening than today’s breast enlargement procedures.


Yan Mu Lin has been in the dressing room for about two hours now. So tired…


Tao Bai Chen, who currently looked like Zhu Bajie, came near him and laughed jeeringly, “Really beautiful, ah.”


Yan Mu Lin chirped, “Of course, I would rather be beautiful and attract the Internet’s attention than be ugly and scare other people to death.”


Grief filled the pit of Tao Bai Chen’s stomach as he turned to look at the mirror. A fully clothed Zhu Bajie greeted him, “……” Wretched Yan Mu Lin, I’m going to destroy you in the future, just you wait!


After Yan Mu Lin was fully dressed, the show finally began. The host was still Hua Qian, who was loved by everyone. Just like before, he brought a lively atmosphere with him. However, the patients were very uncooperative.


Even when faced with awkward silence, Hua Qian still leisurely went down. He saw Yan Mu Lin sitting at the corner, watching the show. Taking advantage of this opportunity, he approached Yan Mu Lin.


Hua Qian quipped, “Mr. Harpy Eagle, you’re adorned like a true beauty, can I have a photo with you?”


“Of course.” Yan Mu Lin stood still, showing him a perfect smile.


Hua Qian brought out his phone and took a couple of selfies with him. He even asked the cameraman to take a few close-up shots. During this time, he even gasped at Yan Mu Lin’s bosom. Yan Mu Lin did not know why he sighed, was it in envy?


Yan Mu Lin: “……” So tired! Senior Hua, can you take it easy? My head feels really heavy, I want to sit down and rest.


This senior of his was really lively and adorable.


Tian Zhen Yang’s malicious stepmother looked very realistic, thus receiving a lot of cotton eggs from the patients.
That’s right, in order for the patients to be able to participate, the program team gave them various props. The audience can select from a variety of props and throw it inside a barrel. Eggs were thrown inside if they disliked the performance while flowers were thrown if they liked it.


Tian Zhen Yang was unlucky because he had to perform as a vicious stepmother. Naturally, this would be unpopular with the audience. As they threw the eggs, the most enthusiastic one was actually the patient Tian Zhen Yang was responsible for. If it weren’t for the nurses that were pulling him back, he would have rushed up the stage and fought Tian Zhen Yang.


The other people in the audience could not help but sigh. It was not easy for Senior Tian who was already over 40 years old. For him to act so realistically that people would throw eggs, it’s also quite pitiful.


The next performer, Tang Wenhao, was going to act as a disobedient child. Almost everyone called him Hao Hao because of this.


His performance was relatively better compared to the rehearsal. The patients who acted as a married couple almost did it excessively and made his disobedient little devil role appear obedient. Another actor who had a bitter fate.


Fortunately, this obedient “little devil” received a lot of flowers.


The third performer was Lu Zhong Ting, who was forced to play the villain. He had learned from Tian Zhen Yang’s mistakes and played more exaggeratedly. The result was that he received more eggs than Tian Zhen Yang. This was because the audience thought that his acting skills were really bad.

Do you think we are stupid? You dare go on stage with this kind of crappy acting?

Heng! We’re people with discerning eyes, you know?


Our overbearing prince made Xiao Shun Zi, who was beside him, throw rotten eggs in the barrel.


Xiao Shun Zi was another doctor’s child. He was particularly absorbed in acting as a eunuch and has not been able to free himself from it ever since the crown prince arrived. It was like he found his reason for living.


Rotten eggs, rotten eggs, rotten eggs!


Throw, throw, throw!


After the first three programs, the two remaining performers–Tao Bai Chen and Yan Mu Lin–observed the changes in the audience’s feelings and started to develop a psychological shadow.
They concluded after the observation that acting badly was of no help as most of the audience were princelings who followed after Qin Ming.

Crown Prince, say whatever and we will do it. We will never disobey.


In the fourth performance, Tao Bai Chen appeared at the back of Zhu Bajie’s wife. His play went by smoothly, without any accidents.


The Crown Prince clapped appreciatively, which made the people at the scene applaud. Of course, the props given were a mixture of eggs and flowers. Compared to the first three, this was already a godly result, he actually received a lot of flowers.


The three seniors backstage were all angry.

Children, where are your tastes? I feel like I’m performing in another world. I might even have better results acting on the streets. 


It was Yan Mu Lin’s turn to perform. The children saw that the crown prince looked nervous so they did not dare talk too loudly.

Qin Ming sat on a special chair, where everyone could see his expressions. This was all thanks to Eunuch Xiao Shunzi’s cooperation.

If the crown prince’s face looked slightly bad, they would notice it immediately.


It was finally Yan Mu Lin’s turn, the pressure on him was quite high. Everyone looked at him with the eyes of a mourner.
His backup dancers were already on stage, they were just waiting for the music to start.

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