RCVS 37.2

The Crown Prince knew what to say, which made him really look pitiful. Compared to Yan Mu Lin, he came to a really foreign place where he had to adapt and start from scratch.

Yan Mu Lin stood up and turned around, “For your farewell ceremony, I’m going to do it. You better watch tomorrow night!” Why is he such a soft-hearted person?

The Crown Prince smiled, “Of course.”

He now had tomorrow’s task. Yan Mu Lin left the Crown Prince alone so that he could have time alone to recall his past. After bidding goodbye to the prince, Yan Mu Lin moved to another room to discuss tomorrow’s performance.

The Crown Prince’s “parents” who were hiding inside a separate room were already in tears. Since their son came here, they never saw him seriously talking to anyone. It seems that their choice to allow the program team to film with their child was correct.

This morning, the doctor asked if they wanted to see Qin Ming tomorrow. Actually, Qin Ming’s parents were already here even before the program team started to film. For the sake of their son, they would go anywhere even if they were busy. They wanted to know if this treatment would be effective.

Why would they allow their son to join the show and let others find out that he is mentally ill? That did not matter as long as he gets cured. Their son was not that bad, he was normal, but he acted like an entirely different person. As long as their son was alive, no matter who he becomes, he was still their son.

Surprisingly, that young man was actually capable of this. His treatment’s results were so good that it was unbelievable. If their child turned back to normal then they definitely had to thank him!

How about the other four who were also communicating with patients? Yan Mu Lin did not know because the program team ended his training sessions right after his conversation with the Crown Prince. He would be practicing his dancing until tomorrow

afternoon’s dress rehearsal. He had no time to gossip. So, how were the other voice actors faring… Let’s just forget it.

Raiment of Rainbows and Feathers is a Tang Dynasty court dance. The “Rainbow Feathered Dress” portrayed Tang Xuanzong’s wish to go to the Palance in the Moon and see the fairies. The dance, music, and costume were all based on those of the fairies, putting on a marvelous show.

When Yan Mu Lin arrived at the practice room, he was still in a state of sorrow. He seemed to have agreed to a troublesome thing an hour ago? Why did it have to be dancing!

Yan Mu Lin had dance lessons at school but he was taught the male movements. He could improvise if it was a classical dance, but this was the feathered dress dance that was famous throughout China. Even just several sleeve movements could turn Yan Mu Lin into a cocoon. He wasn’t gifted in dancing, what does he do…

Why does he have to court death and ask the Crown Prince what he wanted? Why didn’t he arrange it himself?

How could he have been fooled by the other party? So stupid! From this experience, he deeply understood the meaning of “the evils we bring on ourselves are the hardest to bear”.

《 Raiment of Rainbows and Feathers 》has a fixed choreography so the teachers did not have to create one for Yan Mu Lin. They left the center at 5:00 PM and arrived at Tianzi TV after an hour. Within this time frame, the dance teachers formed a plan. When they saw Yan Mu Lin, their mouths twitched upwards.

In the end, what is Director Teng’s reality show about?

Yan Mu Lin told the dance teachers about the situation. They found out that he promised a patient and had to do a performance. The teachers will do what they had to do and teach.

First of all, they figured out how flexible Yan Mu Lin was. He was quite flexible, not bad.

Second, they had to teach the 《Rainbow Skirt and Feathered Dress Dance》’s steps. Yan Mu Lin followed along.

Lastly, the flowing sleeves. Yan Mu Lin did not study the Chinese opera. Therefore, he could not learn the exquisite technique done by Chinese opera actors. He can only try to learn the simplest one. There is only so much one can learn in a day.

As the time draws near, the teacher asked the tired Yan Mu Lin: “Can you do the turn?”

Yan Mu Lin fixed his expression and looked at the ground. His hand, which was holding a long cloth, drooped dispiritedly and replied, “I can do it without a problem.”

The female teacher said: “Then in the performance tomorrow, the choreography at the end wouldn’t be changed. You have to do the twirl. In addition to that, you should be standing at the tip of your toes while your other leg is raised in the opposite direction. The total number of turns you have to do is ten.”

Yan Mu Lin fell on the training room’s floor exaggeratedly, “Teacher, I don’t want to live anymore…”

The teacher squatted and gave Yan Mu Lin, who was drenched in sweat, a pat: “You’re doing great, add oil!”

The filming team who accompanied Yan Mu Lin already left during the wee hours of the morning. Meanwhile, Assistant Ah Ya fell asleep at the corner of the training room. Yan Mu Lin woke him up to tell him that his training was over.

Yan Mu Lin was practicing so hard yet he fell asleep at the side. Assistant Ah Ya felt embarrassed and quickly gave Yan Mu Lin a towel to wipe his sweat.

Ah Ya whispered to Yan Mu Lin: “Are we going back now?”

Yan Mu Lin nodded. He already gained some of his strength, unlike earlier. “Let’s go back to the hotel. I’m going to take a shower. Could you give me a leg massage? Although I usually exercise, I had to go overboard today. I’m afraid of having sore muscles tomorrow.”

Ah Ya nodded, “You’ll sleep well tonight. I’m a professional at massages!”

Yan Mu Lin was really tired, he did not want to speak anymore.

Who would have thought that in the middle of filming, he suddenly had to practice dancing? So tired.

Yan Mu Lin fell asleep once he got into the car. Zhou Wen Jing wanted to tell him some details she heard during dinner but when she saw him sleeping so soundly, she and Ah Ya stopped talking.

When they were back at the hotel, Yan Mu Lin took a bath and then Ah Ya massaged his legs until he was drowsy. He did not even realize that his phone had no battery. Therefore, he did not reply to the text message of a certain prince.

On the next day, Yan Mu Lin woke up on time due to his biological clock.

At the thought of having to practice, Yan Mu Lin felt as if he was on the verge of life and death. This continued on until Zhou Wen Jing told him about the others’ state while they were eating breakfast.

As it turns out, he wasn’t the most miserable. He could definitely say that he was not the most miserable!

Hahahaha~~ Hahahaha~~ Hahahaha~~ This is definitely schadenfreude!

Tian Zhen Yang had to act out the fairy tale 《Cinderella》. The patient asked him to play the vicious step-mother.

Lu Zhong Ting had it better. He had to do a “rob the rich, give to the poor” play with a police officer who righteously sacrificed his life. The performance was not the problem, but the patient requested that Lu Zhong Ting had to be the villain.

Tang Wen Hao accompanied the patients to play house. The two patients were husband and wife while Tang Wen Hao was the disobedient child.

As for Tao Bai Chen’s performance, it was a fragment of《Journey to the West》— Zhu Bajie carrying his wife. He was Zhu Bajie and the patient was the wife.

[Zhu Bajie, also named Zhu Wuneng, is one of the three helpers of Tang Sanzang and a major character of the novel Journey to the West. Zhu means “swine”, and Bajie means “eight precepts”. Buddhist scholars consider that both expressions are related to “Śīla pāramitā”. In many English versions of the story, Zhu Bajie is called “Pigsy” or “Pig”.]

Compared to them, Yan Mu Lin felt that doing this hard work was worthwhile. Although he had to dress like a girl, it was in such a high-end atmosphere. It wasn’t childish at all!

Hahaha~~ Hahahaha~~ Hahahaha~~

While the other four groups were rehearsing, it could be said that they were in disorder. A chaotic scene with chaotic actors. Everyone struggled with the patients. They all felt like they were not going to see the sun tomorrow and were better off dead.

This way, the program team could also be giving society a lesson. They should not look at the treatment center’s high income. Their hospital fees were extremely expensive and the staff had to take care of the patients. Look at these actors who are about to be tortured, you all have no right to complain about unfairness in the future. You should try their jobs so that you know why their salary was high.

It is not just a place where foolish people stay.

Look at Tao Bai Chen, his most precious face was actually scratched. He can’t even complain to his fans. He was not allowed to complain.

As long as one word of complaint was heard, he was sure that he would be drowned in saliva. (due to scolding)

After learning about the others’ suffering, Yan Mu Lin got more motivated. Isn’t it only a 《Rainbow Skirt and Feathered Dress Dance》? He can do it. He really can do it.

At 7 PM, everything was finally ready. The show officially began.


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  1. Ah… Now I really can’t wait for next chapter. I wanna know the result of the one day dancing course. And also what the prince message him. Another date invitation hopefully.

    Thank you for the translation..

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  2. Looooool Yan Mu Lin’s gonna have fun dancing for the Crown Prince, what with all those sore leg muscles and dance moves learned in less than a day…

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    • IKR… That’s like the first thing I do after waking up. Well, I have to turn off my alarm or if I wake up before it rings, I gotta check the time. Low battery? Quick charge it! I guess my brain is wired differently from successful people like YML.

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  3. So…adding oil is just an expression. I, in fact, really love this book! Adding oil meaning FIGHTING!! In which it means, keep up the good work. Just wanted to clarify. I was laughing when I read that part though.

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  4. So adding oil means FIGHTING!! Which also means, keep up the good work. It’s just an expression just to clarify the stuff you were talking about but other than that…I love this book. Thanks for the chapter and can’t wait to see the next one.

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