RCVS 36.1

Chapter 36: ContactΒ 

Yan Mu Lin’s mood fell when he thought of being in contact with such patients. Madam White Snake is a fictional character, while the ginseng spirit is not a human. It was only the little crown prince that was a little okay. However, all of them were children in their teens. He really did not know who he should choose.

Right now, he just wanted to know whether these children really have delusional disorder or they were just like him.

The cameraman who was assigned to Yan Mu Lin recorded his worried expression. In addition to the cameraman, there were also a number of cameras installed around them.

He did not know which scenes would be cut later.

Although Dr. Fang is earnest and serious, he was still very zealous. While guiding Yan Mu Lin to wear work clothes, Dr. Fang also explained why he had to wear it.

First, it could reduce the patient’s wariness. Second, the work clothes were exposed to high temperature to safeguard against contagious diseases. The third was to prevent injury since some patients have the tendency to lash out. The work clothes can at least reduce the pain from the beating.

Yan Mu Lin thought that the three reasons were all very similar. It was a little awkward but he could not put the reason why it was awkward into words.

The cameraman also had to change into work clothes. He followed Yan Mu Lin and the doctor.

There were usually two assistants following Dr. Fang. However, today, only one assistant was present due to Yan Mu Lin’s arrival. Peng Xiao Ru is the name of the assistant working with Yan Mu Lin. She is a 23-year-old girl. Of course, by just looking at their faces, one could tell that Yan Mu Lin was the youngest here.

Peng Xiao Ru is a young woman who loved the Internet. Every day, except during work hours, she would scroll through articles, gossip posts, or Weibo. As long as she could browse, then she would browse. Today, she felt that it was her lucky day!

Isn’t this… Isn’t this Yan Mu Lin….

Netizens who occasionally go online would definitely not know that he is a newcomer who is on the rise at the voice acting world. That harpy eagle who only posts his side profile!

She is excited. Very excited. However, in front of the camera, Peng Xiao Ru could not look starstruck. She wanted to shout. Really stifled. Stifled. Stifled. This kind of suffering cannot be compared with a friend’s ridicule. It isn’t something that ordinary people can understand. It is really painful.

However, no matter what Peng Xiao Ru’s expression is right now, Yan Mu Lin did not notice. He was currently feeling shy. Yan Mu Lin has faced a lot of people, but he has never faced a patient. Especially not as a social worker facing a child with delusional disorder.

It was currently the patient’s activity time. Yan Mu Lin went to the activity room with Dr. Fang. Inside, if it was something for entertainment, then it was there. Top grade pianos, toys for young children, and even a shelf of books. The entire room was at least 200 square meters. There was a garden that had trees and flowers. It did not have a pond and a rock garden.

The “Crown Prince”, who was previously holding a sword, waved. This time, when they came in, he was quietly sitting on a swing, reading a book. Yan Mu Lin could not see what it was specifically about, but he could see the words “Modern History” written on the cover of the book. Right now, he was being led by Doctor Fang to “Madam White Snake” who was covered in paper towel to teach him how to communicate with the patients.

Dr. Fang asked Madam White Snake emotionlessly, “Ning Yu, I brought a new friend.”

“Madam White Snake” Ning Yu suddenly raised her head and looked at Dr. Fang sadly, “Mister, Why can’t you let me go to the official?” She looked at Yan Mu Lin and said, “He does not look like my official.”

Yan Mu Lin: “……” I’m definitely not your official, we don’t even look alike!

Dr. Fang responded calmly, “Why don’t you draw how he looks like? We can help you find him.”

Ning Yu took a colorful “painting” under her butt and handed it to Dr. Fang: “This is a portrait of my official. Please help me find him as soon as possible.”

Dr. Fang took the portrait and quickly handed it to Peng Xiao Ru. Yan Mu Lin just watched them. From Ning Yu’s movements, he was sure that she was not “Madam White Snake”. Her paintings were just random scribbles. There is no way to recognize what it was.

After she gave the portrait, Ning Yu no longer paid attention to the doctor. She continued to play with the paper towel that was hanging from her head…

After moving away from Ning Yu, Dr. Fang explained: “Her illness came about due to her childhood. Ning Yu’s parents are usually not around, so she watches TV most of the time. Over time, she imagined that she is Bai Suzhen who is locked under the Leifeng Pagoda. Later, her parents found out that she got caught up in an abyss of suffering and could not get her out of there. She was sent here for treatment and has been in here for more than a year.”

Yan Mu Lin sympathized with Ning Yu. However, he did not know what to do except sympathize with her. He stayed silent and continue to learn under the doctor. After meeting “Madam White Snake”, Dr. Fang took Yan Mu Lin to the “thousand-year ginseng” He Yan. He changed location but he was still crouching.

Dr. Fang walked over to him: “He Yan, do you want to eat today?”

The ginseng opened his eyes and glanced at the doctor. He said, “I am a ginseng spirit. I can only eat dew while absorbing the essence of the sun and the moon. If I really want to cultivate, then how could I eat human food? I have to fast to be a ginseng spirit.”

Dr. Fang recorded their conversation and said, “Then we’ll give you your favorite dew at noon.”

The little ginseng spirit smiled, “Okay. Remember to add sugar.”

Yan Mu Lin: “……” As a ginseng spirit, is it really necessary to add sugar to the dew?

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    • Thank you Lily

      I do understand with what Yan Mu Lin felt..
      When you talk to the patient you have to be careful with everything you do, like your mimic, what you said, and your tone

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  1. Lol what dew needs sugar? Silly ginseng spirit, silly Madam White Snake

    I’m curious about the Crown Prince. Reading a history book would be in character and a good idea if he really was a crown prince.

    Thanks for translating!

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  2. I wanted to stock up on chaoters to binge-read so I stayed away for a while… Didn’t work. Should have waited for a few more months…

    Anyway, thanks for the translations!


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