RCVS 35.2

Ah Ya, who fetched Yan Mu Lin, has been staring at his face since he got in the car, “Mu Lin, your complexion does not look well. Wait for a while, I will buy some medicine for you, okay?”
Yan Mu Lin shook his head and touched his forehead, “I had a slight fever last night, but I’m okay now.”
Ah Ya worriedly said, “Then you should call me when you need something. Ah, that’s no good. I’ll still buy you some backup medicine just in case. I will leave it in the car.”
Actually, he was very curious. Who was Yan Mu Lin’s friend? How was he able to live in a rich and expensive district.
Yan Mu Lin did not stop him. Midway, Zhou Wen Jing got into the car. She looked at Yan Mu Lin, “You were sick and stayed at a friend’s house last night?”
Yan Mu Lin, who got excited by Shao Nuo Yu earlier on, nodded. With his pale complexion, he was unable to lie:  “En, I was waiting for a vehicle last night when it suddenly rained. Luckily, I met my friend so I stayed in his house for the night.”
Zhou Wen Jing sighed and said, “It’s definitely useless to wait for a taxi when it is raining at night. Next time, you should ask Ah Ya to pick you up. Currently, your body isn’t yours alone. If you are sick then you won’t be able to take part in filming. The gains do not make up for the losses.”
Ah Ya agreed with her. Yan Mu Lin knew that they cared about him so he said: “Thank you, Aunt Zhou. I got it.”
They arrived at the set thirty minutes early. Yan Mu Lin was not the latest nor was he the earliest. Unexpectedly, the one who arrived before him was Tao Bai Chen. Last time, he tried to steal a chicken only to end up losing the rice he used to lure it. This time, was he actually determined to work hard?
to steal a chicken only to end up losing the rice he used to lure it – to try to gain an advantage only to end up worse off
Yan Mu Lin looked for Director Teng Jian Ren and the others and greeted them. He then sat on the side as he waited for the filming to start. He and his cameraman were on time. During the first episode, they did not exchange many words; but this time they could have small talk.
Yan Mu Lin noticed that not only were the staff surrounding them was different but also the location they were shooting in was different from the previous episode. They were a distance away from the entrance of a modern building, waiting outside.
Yan Mu Lin pretended that he was admiring the scenery as he walked around when he finally found what he was looking for.
Fushan’s Child Welfare Agency and Therapy Center.
Yan Mu Lin had no deep understanding of the agency’s main projects. He had never heard of it before. As far as he knew, welfare agencies were places where one could adopt abandoned children so that they could have a better life.
Since no one announced where they were, Yan Mu Lin did not speak up. He asked Zhou Wen Jing about the purpose of a welfare agency.
Zhou Wen Jing answered him patiently, “A Child Welfare Agency and Therapy Center is a place where successful business people raise funds to treat children with mental problems. To say that it is a hospital is not an exaggeration. The center takes in children who have mental trauma due to domestic violence, parental death, etc. They would have a specific treatment plan for certain cases. However, these are only for those under the age of 14.”
Yan Mu Lin nodded, “Oh, so it’s like that. Aunt Zhou, did you know that this is a welfare agency?”
Zhou Wen Jing: “I know.”
Yan Mu Lin paused, “……Why didn’t you tell me?”
“I thought you knew since this welfare agency has a long history. Surprisingly, you didn’t know about it. Where is your common sense?”
Yan Mu Lin rolled his eyes at her, “It got eaten by a dog.”
Zhou Wen Jing saw that a cameraman was walking towards them so she immediately changed the topic, “You have to film so pay attention to yourself.”
Yan Mu Lin turned around and gave Master Lu, who was not far away, a perfect smile: “Senior Lu, long time no see.”
Zhou Wen Jing praised Yan Mu Lin’s impromptu display hatefully. This child, hey!
Ever since she took over Yan Mu Lin, Zhou Wen Jing realized that she did not have to do a lot as an agent. She would give Yan Mu Lin new contracts, but every time she did, Yan Mu Lin would surprise her. For example, 《Dream of the Red Mansions》, It was entirely beyond her expectations.
Two months ago, there was a rumor that《Dream of the Red Mansions》was looking for voice actors. However, those who auditioned were all veteran voice actors while Yan Mu Lin was a newcomer who just debuted, so Zhou Wen Jing forgot about it. The crew was the one who contacted them. She did not expect that they would call her to ask Yan Mu Lin to see the directors.
Really, she wanted to look after Yan Mu Lin but it was impossible to treat him like a newcomer. His path would be different from other people. There was no rhythm at all.
Therefore, she always paid attention to every popular crew. It was possible for a director to suddenly look for Yan Mu Lin. The 《Dream of the Red Mansions》crew was a classic example.
The camera panned to Yan Mu Lin. Director Teng gave Yan Mu Lin and the others their mission for today.
“Asking all the actors to change into the given attire of the Welfare Agency.  Also, please follow the related precautions and instructions of your designated doctor on how to communicate with the children in the treatment center. First, everyone would have an hour’s worth of theoretical study. After you finish, you will follow your designated doctor to study on the spot. In the afternoon, each actor would be assigned to a child to treat, communicate and help them in their treatment with the help of a doctor. Please make sure to study hard and follow the doctor’s commands to contribute to the public. This time, you won’t be competing. Everything will depend on how you communicate with the children. Display your strongest points as much as you like.”
Yan Mu Lin carefully thought about this. Although they were not competing now, the other four voice actors would surely do something. They would showcase their strong points, which were to speak, sing, and act. The director’s mission was actually about this.
Under the program group’s arrangements, the five voice actors were directed to a training room. Their training is very simple. In fact, they only had to be patient. One hour of training passed quickly.
They were trained on how to communicate with the children, how to read the child’s body language, how to react when they harm themselves out of anger, how to protect them from harm, etc. After listening for an hour, Yan Mu Lin did not feel alright. He felt like he could not keep up. As a child, he was not a popular one. He never had memories of communicating harmoniously with his parents, let alone with children. Since he was a homosexual in his previous life, he was too embarrassed to talk to other people. In this life, he was secretly in love with another person.

At the scene, only Tian Zhen Yang, who was a father, was able to relax. The other four unmarried people have been living a life without love. If they were placed in front of bear children, then they could still bear it. However, they were given children with mental problems who could have a breakdown at any time. They had could not think of a method to calm them down. The four truly had their hands tied.


bear children – naughty children; brats.
Even Tao Bai Chen let go of his vigilance against Yan Mu Lin. He placed his chin on Yan Mu Lin’s shoulder and said with a pitiful face: “Yan Mu Lin, you must help me. I am really afraid of children.”
Yan Mu Lin patted his head soothingly, “I don’t know how to handle children too. We are not in a different situation.”
Tao Bai Chen felt more and more awful. All along, he wanted to tell the director that he wanted to withdraw from this project.
Since they’ve come to this, will Director Teng let him quit so easily? He should not even think about it!
Lu Zhong Ting did not have a smile on his face, as if he was not in the mood. Tang Wen Hao looked like he was carrying a burden on his shoulders. Even Tian Zhen Yang was not in a good mood. They only knew where they were and was not aware that their task would be so difficult.
Five doctors–three men and two women–entered the training room after the one hour course. They then drew lots.
Unsurprisingly, everyone wanted to be paired with the female doctors. The image they had of a female doctor was someone who was always gentle and amiable in front of everyone. They would feel better with a female doctor who could guide them at any time. In addition to that, the female doctors did not look too bad.
Of course, her figure is not bad. Cough. That is not the point.
Instead of the actors drawing the lots, it was the doctors who picked from the box that was prepared by the program group.
Following the “Ladies first” principle, the female doctors picked first.
The actors silently prayed: Please let the beautiful doctor choose me!
The first female doctor got Lu Zhong Ting, while the other got Tang Wen Hao.
The remaining three: “……”
Are you all okay?
The male doctor who got Yan Mu Lin’s name was wearing a pair of black rimmed eyeglasses. He looked slightly taciturn and serious.
Just like a headmaster’s clone……
While walking to the treatment room, Yan Mu Lin asked the doctor politely, “Doctor Fang, what child are we going to be responsible for?”
Doctor Fang said with a serious face: “A child suffering from delusional disorder.”
Yan Mu Lin was stunned, “I’m not quite clear with what it means.”

Dr. Fang stood in front of the treatment room’s window. He pointed at a child that had two sticks sticking out of her head. The beautiful child was covering her mouth with her sleeve. He said, “This child has the symptoms of the illness that I was talking about. She said that she is the Madam White Snake who has been imprisoned by Fahai in the Leifeng Pagoda for many years. Every day, she thinks about Xu Xian saving her. Do you believe her?”


Madam White Snake  – The “white snake spirit who has been practicing Taoist magical arts in the hope of becoming an immortal after centuries of training and cultivation” in Legend of the White Snake. She ate the immortality pills (they looked like tangyuan) Xu Xian vomited into the lake.
Yan Mu Lin shook his head with a guilty conscience: “…I don’t believe, hehe.” Even if he did not transmigrate, he would still believe in her!
Dr. Fang pointed to a boy holding a sword and a balloon stick while standing in a chair, “Everyday, this child says that he is Tang Dynasty’s Crown Prince. Do you believe him?”
Yan Mu Lin continued to say with a guilty conscience: “…I don’t believe.” Even if he did not transmigrate, he would still believe in him!
Dr. Fang sighed: “Do you see that little bun crouching in the corner? He said that he is a big white radish. Oh no, he said that he is a thousand-year ginseng who is about to have a human form.” Even if he did not transmigrate, he would still believe in him!
about to have a human form – Plants, animals, and even nonliving things that are affected by sun or moon essence would be able to have a human appearance or gain intelligence. This is similar to when humans turn into immortals owo. The process is called 成精.
Hey, little kid, you aren’t allowed to turn into a human after the founding of the country……
Yan Mu Lin said with a guilty conscience: “…Hehe.” In the case that I say that I am a transmigrator, then wouldn’t I be diagnosed with delusional disorder too?
However, I really am a transmigrator!

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    • 🤭 don’t worry if they think you are delusional the readers know the truth at least Yan Mu Lin. I wonder how he will interact with them, trust and respect get you pretty much anywhere. Thanks for the chapter ❤️

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  1. Thanks for the chapter! I’m really curious though, is it just a fictional law about turning human or does a strange thing like that actually exist? I’ve seen it mentioned in few novels before, is it like an Internet gag or something?


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