RCVS 35.1

Chapter 35: Symptoms


As soon as Yan Mu Lin had a fever, he also cooled down quickly. The next day, he could jump and frisk about. He was not dizzy, his head was not hurt and he could even walk five floors in one breath.


Early in the morning, Yan Mu Lin opened his eyes. He found himself in a strange room. A bad feeling came over him in an instant. What did I do last night? How did I sleep on this bed?

He could not remember a lot.


But what he could remember, he did not know whether it was true or not!


He seemed to have asked a very stupid question, and Shao Nuo Yu answered him? But he did not remember what he said.


He’ll just forget about it temporarily! That would turn out to be a wise, but also a stupid choice.


When Yan Mu Lin got up, he saw his clothes folded on the bed. It had already been washed clean. Also, the other side of the bed was not wrinkled, which made Yan Mu Lin feel relieved. If he hugged the prince while sleeping then that would be too sinful.


Yan Mu Lin quickly got up and headed to the bathroom to solve his physiological needs. When he turned around, he saw a toothbrush with toothpaste and a cup filled with water at the edge of the sink. He felt moved.

How would he get out of this room now ah?

No matter if it was Shao Nuo Yu or his servant who did this, Yan Mu Lin still felt moved. Even after washing his face several times, he still felt excited.


When he looked at the time, it was 7 AM. It would take him two hours to get to the set. Yan Mu Lin felt that he would be late, so he changed his clothes faster. There was no time for him to feel moved.


Nervously, he walked into the lounge. Yan Mu Lin saw Shao Nuo Yu, who was sitting on a chair beside a floor-to-ceiling window, drinking tea while he was using a laptop to handle business affairs. He was wearing a V-neck sweater.

As lively as ever, he did not notice that Shao Nuo Yu did not sleep last night. Yan Mu Lin just thought that he woke up early.


Yan Mu Lin thanked Shao Nuo Yu, “Last night, I troubled you.”


Shao Nuo Yu smiled, “It was nothing. In the morning, do you drink milk or tea?” He lifted the cup in his hand.


Yan Mu Lin liked to drink tea, but he did not understand the tea ceremony. If you talked to him about that, then it would be like playing the lute to a cow. Therefore, he chose to drink milk. Milk is nutritious and healthy and he would not be called elegant or vulgar.

playing the lute to a cow  – offering a treat to an unappreciative audience.


Shao Nuo Yu moved to the kitchen and poured him a cup of warm milk. He said to Yan Mu Lin, who was still admiring the scenery beside the window,  “Let’s have breakfast.”


Their breakfast was Xiao Long Bao, Har Gow, and Congee with Pork and Century Egg. It looked simple but it was very sumptuous. Yan Mu Lin ate until he was full and thanked him again. He said that he had to leave now for he had to leave at 8 AM to arrive at 9 AM to meet the program team.
Shao Nuo Yu looked at the time and said, “Your agent called earlier. I picked it up and asked her to wait for you at the gate of the subdivision. She would ask your assistant to pack your luggage for you. You can rest assured.”


Yan Mu Lin speechlessly looked at him, “Just now… you didn’t say….”


Shao Nuo Yu blinked, “Then are you blaming me?”


Yan Mu Lin: “No, not at all.” Shao Nuo Yu was sitting in front of him. He was not near-sighted so he could see everything Shao Nuo Yu was doing. Even just this simple blink was a little demon that kept striking at his heart. He really wanted to take the other person down.


Of course, he would not blame the prince!


His arrangement was simply too good. Aside from licking the other’s handsome face, Yan Mu Lin wanted to touch it too.


After the two ate breakfast, Shao Nuo Yu changed clothes and prepared to go to the company.

Yan Mu Lin was also going to change when he realized that the other entered the room he woke up in this morning. When Shao Nuo Yu came out of the room; Yan Mu Lin wanted to speak but stopped.


“What’s wrong? Is there anything wrong with my clothes?”


Yan Mu Lin shook his head and stuttered slightly, “I.. Did I sleep in your room last night?”


Shao Nuo Yu nodded, “Yes. The maid was not there last night. No one was there to clean the guest room, so I decided to let you sleep in my bedroom.”


Yan Mu Lin asked bluntly, “Where did you sleep last night?”


Shao Nuo Yu fixed his tie and smiled. He did not answer him. If he told Yan Mu Lin that he wiped his sweat and saliva last night then the other would surely be so ashamed that he could die. Therefore, he decided not to tell the truth.


Yan Mu Lin continued to ask, “…How about the toothpaste, was it squeezed by you?”


Shao Nuo Yu maintained his soft smile, “En. Are there any problems?”


Yan Mu Lin whispered, “Are you this good to everyone who stays in your home?” He asked this to have a clear picture of the situation.


Shao Nuo Yu stood in front of Yan Mu Lin, two steps away from him. He was taller than Yan Mu Lin, so when the other looked up, he was caught unprepared when Shao Nuo Yu took advantage of this and kissed him on the lips.


“Still not awake?”


The prince kissed me. Don’t know what to do.
Yan Mu Lin: “……”


He kissed me!


He kissed me!


He kissed me!


What do I do?


What do I do?


What do I do?


Shao Nuo Yu laughed lightly, “Inhale.”


Yan Mu Lin: Inhale.


Shao Nuo Yu said, “Exhale.”


Yan Mu Lin: Exhale.


Finally, he was able to breathe smoothly.


Woosh! Yan Mu Lin’s face instantly turned red. He lost face, so shameful.


“It’s two minutes before 8 AM. You should be going.” Shao Nuo Yu’s voice was like magic. Yan Mu Lin felt happy listening to it, then was immediately distressed.


Shao Nuo Yu added, “You’re the only one who has stayed in my house.”


He drove Yan Mu Lin to the neighborhood’s gate. Before closing the door, Shao Nuo Yu said to the other: “Goodbye, Sleeping Beauty.”


Yan Mu Lin listened to his words without missing anything. His left hand shook as he closed the door causing it to create a loud noise. That is so embarrassing!


What Yan Mu Lin did not know was that his actions made Shao Nuo Yu really pleased. He watched him enter the car before going to the company. Shao Nuo Yu still had to visit his maternal uncle this afternoon. He hoped that they would have an agreeable conversation.

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17 thoughts on “RCVS 35.1

  1. I love me my milk, but it was a bad idea to choose it. Milk (all dairy) is actually bad for your throat, whereas tea is usually good for it. Since he’s about to start work, he’s a disadvantage by drinking milk.

    *goes to read rest of the chapter*

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    • I mean, it’s not like it harms your throat, but it definitely clogs it up. I had voice lessons (singing) for several years, and my teachers always said that I should never drink milk or eat yogurt before singing. And I can understand why.

      Liked by 6 people

    • I had that problem. XD Drank half a carton of milk last night and woke up the next day with my throat so sore I can’t swallow without hurting myself.


  2. He kissed me!
    He kissed me!
    He kissed me!
    What do I do?
    What do I do?
    What do I do?
    Congratulations for bagging your man, Lin’er! 👍👍👍👍
    Now, when will you both enjoy some tofu? 😋😋😋😋
    Thank you, Lily.

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