RCVS 34.2

Yan Mu Lin was taken into a warm embrace. He almost cried before hugging back.


He only heard the other person’s husky voice say, “Let’s go, okay? My house is nearby. Come with me and change your clothes.”


Yan Mu Lin nodded, “Okay.” Naturally, only brainless idol drama female leads would reject that offer.


He could not say anything.


It was like he was frozen. He was also feeling a little dizzy.


Shao Nuo Yu just attended a dinner party, surrounded by a group of young ladies. They always go to him, which made him feel uncomfortable. This was why he found some excuse to tell the organizer and left.


He did not expect to catch sight of a foolish boy waiting for a taxi helplessly while waiting for the red light. With an expression that was about to cry, he looked weak and lonely. This caused great waves to his still heart.


It hurt a little.


After getting into the car, Shao Nuo Yu covered Yan Mu Lin in his coat. He noticed that his face was red; his forehead slightly hot. “It seems that you have a fever.”


Yan Mu Lin touched his forehead, “No wonder I felt dizzy.”


Special Assistant Pei, who was driving, asked: “Should we bring you to the hospital?”


“No need. I can just take some antipyretics.”


Shao Nuo Yu frowned, “Let’s head back first so you can drink medicine. If it is really bad, then I’ll send you to the hospital.”


Yan Mu Lin said sincerely, “This is just a trivial matter. I’m alright. Thank you.”


Shao Nuo Yu looked like he wanted to say something but chose not to. However, his hold on Yan Mu Lin got tighter. Yan Mu Lin’s face got hotter.


In the middle of the night, he suddenly ran into his male god. Really happy, hahahaha…


It does not matter if he was sick, hahahaha….




“Cough cough cough….”


Shao Nuo Yu: “…Are you really okay?”


Yan Mu Lin: “I’m alright.” Just overexcited.

Wait a minute. Just now, he said that we were going to his house… his house…. his house….


Please let me pass out happily!


However, Yan Mu Lin has not succeeded in fainting as they already arrived.


They were in the most expensive residential district in the city. The property management here had the most considerate service. A neighborhood where even the rich might not be able to live in.


Yan Mu Lin was not weak enough to need assistance, so he walked in and looked around.


Special Assistant Pei was asked to buy Yan Mu Lin’s medicine, so he did not follow.


Shao Nuo Yu’s home was warmly decorated with earthy tones. It made his whole body feel relaxed, but he was still feeling cautious when he sat down.


After taking off the coat, Shao Nuo Yu gave him some pajamas, “Take a warm bath first, then change your clothes. They might be a little big.”


“It’s fine.”


After changing his clothes in the large bathroom, Yan Mu Lin took a look at the mirror. Shao Nuo Yu’s pajamas were very fragrant, and it still smelled like him.


He smelled it again.


“Ah! Annoying.” It was a little itchy. He rubbed his nose.


But he will still wear it.


When he came out, Special Assistant Pei already delivered the medicine and left.


Hot water and medicine were already prepared. Shao Nuo Yu said, “Stay here for the night. I already told Special Assistant Pei to return. He is going to go abroad tomorrow, so he had to leave and pack.”


Yan Mu Lin nodded, “En.”


Shao Nuo Yu gave him the medicine, then headed to the bathroom to take a bath.


Yan Mu Lin watched the beautiful man turn around as he obediently took his medicine. He felt a little drowsy, sitting on the sofa.


Shao Nuo Yu’s place was warm and welcoming. The room was heated, a soft blanket and even a plushie on the sofa. Even the lights at the bar counter felt warm. A feeling of happiness surrounded his body.


Yan Mu Lin fell asleep on the sofa.


After taking a bath, Shao Nuo Yu wore a bathrobe. He saw Yan Mu Lin sleeping on the sofa, so he carried him to his room. This slightly startled Yan Mu Lin.


Yan Mu Lin, who was placed on the bed, opened his eyes slightly and said drowsily, “Prince, won’t you kiss this Sleeping Beauty?”


The corners of Shao Nuo Yu’s mouth faintly curled upwards. He said as he stroked Yan Mu Lin’s hair, “Sure.”


A soft kiss was pressed onto Yan Mu Lin’s pale lips, “Good night.”


Yan Mu Lin had a dream. It had nothing to do with Jia Baoyu and Lin Daiyu.


He saw Shao Nuo Yu rushing out of the woods in a white horse. He saw him bend down, suddenly lifting him up to the horse!


Prince… You’re a little cool…


However, in reality, that prince was holding a towel to wipe his sweat and saliva.


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  1. Screaming in my heart like there’s no tomorrow while trying to sleep but failing to~~~ XD first kiss of the story (I think?) With many more to come~~~ thank you for the chapter and idk what else to say~~~


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