RCVS 33.2

At the same time, Yan Mu Lin was on his way to the temporary office of 《Dream of the Red Mansions》. He was completely unaware of the fact that a team of directors was waiting for him, and that his online scandal suddenly disappeared without a trace.


He slept too late last night, had a few dreams. Although no one could tell, his mood was not good.


Ah Ya noticed that he talked less than last night. Although they have only met for a day, he could not understand Yan Mu Lin.


When Zhou Wen Jing arrived, he was another star’s assistant. Later, he became Zhou Wen Jing’s person. The star had certain ability and they wanted a relative to be their permanent assistant. Ah Ya did not complain. After all, he was already labeled as one of “Zhou Wen Jing’s people”.


He had already come into contact with several stars and knew their temperament. With just a single move, he would be able to know whether they were tired, or in a good or bad mood. However, he could not read Yan Mu Lin. After yesterday’s scandal came out, he did not see even a hint of anxiousness in Yan Mu Lin’s face. He looked really calm.



Zhou Wen Jing reminded Yan Mu Lin, “Today, I saw the animation team’s director Tan Hai Yao, and TV drama’s director, Miao Han Lin. Ma Yu Huai does not like actors who went through the back door so he may not appear because of the rumors. When it is your turn, be clever, okay?”


Yan Mu Lin nodded, “I understand, Aunt Zhou.”



Zhou Wen Jing smiled in satisfaction, “Clever child.”


At her age, it was not easy to remain indifferent. Yan Mu Lin continuously made her worried. Sometimes, she wanted to blame Yan Zi Qiong or herself. It was really their mistake. Although Yan Mu Lin and Yan Zi Qiong were not her relatives, a part of her still felt responsible.


They did not speak much in the car. Zhou Wen Jing just told the key points of 《Dream of the Red Mansions》 to Yan Mu Lin. He nodded and said that he understood. Last night, he read 《Dream of the Red Mansions》 forty times before going to bed. It was quite different from his previous life. A lot of the people’s endings changed a lot, but it was still sorrowful. It reflected the politics of that era.


After arriving at their destination, a huge garden could be seen. It was a copy of the Rong Mansion in 《Dream of the Red Mansions》.


Yan Mu Lin, who was brought to the temporary office, admired the wonderful scenery. He sighed. The crew was very special, to be able to rent this land. Just like a local tyrant. If he was an actor, he would be very willing to stay here for a few years. Although tiring, it could cultivate his temperament.


Yan Mu Lin was nervous when he walked into the room, but it did not show in his appearance.


It was winter, so there were curtains in the room. When Yan Mu Lin and Zhou Wen Jing saw Chen Yu Chao coming out from the curtain, they smiled. A grown man acting like a woman, it was quite funny. Yan Mu Lin said seriously, “Director Chen.”


Director Chen punched his shoulder lightly, “Damned child. Are you looking for a fight? I just said a lot of praises for you a while ago.”


“Thanking Director Chen for his teachings. Thanking Director Chen for his care. Thanking Director Chen for being magnanimous!”


Director Chen was amused, “Okay. I will bring you in. Sister Jing, are you okay with waiting outside?” He naturally recognized Zhou Wen Jing.


“No problem. Sorry for troubling you with Mu Lin.”


“There’s no need to be polite. This kid and I seemed to be brought together by fate.”


After an exchange of pleasantries, Yan Mu Lin was brought into another room by Director Chen. Yan Mu Lin saw four other directors who smiled at him or had a poker face. He assumed that the poker-faced man was the legendary director, Ma Yu Huai.


The directors were seated on an enormous kang. Four to five people could sleep on it, so it had no problems seating several individuals.


Northerners liked sitting on a kang. Yan Mu Lin was a Southerner and had not experienced sleeping on a kang. It looked extremely interesting.


Chen Yu Chao returned to his original spot, and moved Tang Xin so that Yan Mu Lin could sit.


Is this really a good idea?


Sitting on a kang for an audition, is this not considered unique?


Yan Mu Lin discovered that the director who lowered the temperature by a few degrees was in front of him. That stern man, it had to be Ma Yu Huai. He sat straight and smiled.


In here, Yan Mu Lin only knew Chen Yu Chao. Everyone else was looking at him curiously.

Chen Yu Chao introduced him to the directors. Yan Mu Lin greeted them one by one. Everyone was just chatting, unlike the difficult interview in 《Spy》. However, this was actually more difficult than that. He was not given a topic but was facing a group of directors.


Everyone chatted and asked about Yan Mu Lin’s current situation. He answered them one by one, without any lies.


They asked questions and drank. Tang Xin decided to go to the bathroom, Chen Yu Chao followed after him. Miao Han Lin also went. Who told them to eat porridge in the morning? As long as you had no kidney problems, then you surely had to take a trip.


The directors left, leaving Ma Yu Huai and Yan Mu Lin. He obviously wouldn’t chat with someone so stern, ah!


Yan Mu Lin did not have to take the initiative. Ma Yu Huai spoke. He pulled out a script from God-knows-where and handed it to Yan Mu Lin: “They had good impressions of you, but I am a traditional person. I still hope to be able to see your abilities.” In fact, he did not care much about the affairs of the animation group. However, seeing other people think highly of Yan Mu Lin made Ma Yu Huai want to test him.



Of course, this was necessary.


Yan Mu Lin was relieved. He was actually feeling unsure in his mind and felt that it was possible that Shao Nuo Yu was helping him, which made him felt moved.



Opening the script, Yan Mu Lin found that the lines were strikingly similar to the TV dramas in his previous world. He knew it was almost the same because he read the original work, and watched the drama several times. He remembered all of the lines.


Even if history was changed, some things were still as amazing.


Ma Yu Huai saw that Yan Mu Lin was staring at the script, “Is there anything wrong?”


Yan Mu Lin shook his head and said, “No, Director Ma.”


“You can call me Brother Huai just like they did.”


Yan Mu Lin ridiculed in his heart: I heard them a while ago, the other directors called you Little Ma!


Since he was allowed to call the other party Brother Huai, does that mean he did not dislike him?


Ma Yu Huai continued, “Turn to the paragraph where Granny Liu was drinking tea, while Miaoyu led Daiyu and Xue Baochai to drink tea, with Jia Baoyu following them. Read it to me using your comprehension of Miaoyu’s voice.”


Yan Mu Lin’s understanding of Miaoyu… Got it.


Ma Yu Huai thought that Yan Mu Lin would need some time to think. However, just after picking up his tea, he heard:


Miaoyu handed a cup to Jia Baoyu and said, “Are you able to drink in this cup?”


Jia Baoyu immediately replied with glee, “I can!”


Miaoyu moved back and did not give him the cup, “I don’t think you would be able to stomach it as you haven’t eaten. Have you not heard how the first cup is the “taste cup”, the second “the stupid thing to quench your thirst”, and the third “the drink mule cup”. Now you want to drink in this huge cup?” Her words made Daiyu and Baochao laugh.


Ma Yu Huai, who just picked up his teacup, did not know whether he should put it down or drink. The third cup was for mules. Isn’t this bringing misfortune to himself!


Ma Yu Huai did not comment on the words that Yan Mu Lin just read and instead made him read the part where Wang Xifeng appeared.


“Try this one.”


Yan Mu Lin looked at the script and knew that it was basically the same as his previous world’s.


When the four directors who went to the bathroom together went back, they heard the unique laughter of Sister Feng: “Hahahaha~ Hahaha~”


“Hurry up~ Aiya~ Hahaha~”


The directors looked at each other. What happened during the five minutes that they were gone?


“Aiya! I am late, I never met the guest from afar!”



After listening to those words, they suddenly remembered that it was one of Sister Feng’s lines.


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  2. I finally reached the latest chapter. ♡

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