RCVS 33.1

Chapter 33: Script
Due to the request of various TV Stations, 《Dream of the Red Mansions》, which was one of the four masterpieces, was given to Director Ma Yu Huai three years ago. Miao Han Lin thought that the anime industry must not fall behind. He invited three influential directors last year: Chen Yu Chao, Tan Hai Yao, and Tang Xin. They had to film this year, and finish next year to play it on time during summer.
Based on the normal shooting time of television series, a year is enough to produce an elaborate series. Animation did not take much time. In Huaxia, dramas and anime were serialized. However, this was the regulation of a local television station. If it was to be played in various television stations, then no matter how influential of a director you are, you were required to follow the rules. After filming, the content had to be positive.
As one of the four masterpieces, 《Dream of the Red Mansions》had to be positive and educational. When the TV stations were recruiting directors, it was the first time that directors from all walks of life competed, not sparing any of their competitors. They played every kind of crafty plots and machinations. Even the assistant director position was enough to entice them. After all, who did not want their names to go down the annals of history? Who did not want to ride on the coattails of a National Television Alliance?
In the end, Ma Yu Huai and Miao Han Lin prevailed and became the main directors of 《Dream of the Red Mansions》. They were accompanied by a number of assistant directors, forming the crew of 《Dream of the Red Mansions》.
The audition of 《Dream of the Red Mansions》 took three hours. However, only the pre-selection was finished, and not the final selection.
Before filming, the actors had to train in Ancient Huaxia’s etiquette for a whole month. The directors monitored the actors and actresses’ way of speaking, their bearing, and how they act in certain situations. Even the way they eat and sleep was under supervision. Each week, actors who did not meet the requirements would be eliminated. In the fourth week, the list of the actors for 《Dream of the Red Mansions》 would be finalized. Something could go wrong during the filming, so there were a lot of spare tires.
They would select people who could adapt to this strict competition the most. Many people were eliminated earlier on, so what was left would be the best of the best. Some actors’ looks and acting skills were in line with the requirements of 《Dream of the Red Mansions》, however, it was a pity that their voices were quite unpleasant to hear.
The appearance of Wang Xifeng in the original work was beautiful, luxurious, charming, astute, and someone who had the gift of gab. The crew found a suitable actress, she was very good, but her voice was too delicate. Her acting warranted full marks, but her voice had no strength. The actress’ voice was sweet and wonderful, but the character she had to play was a girl with a pleasant and low-pitched voice. This was something that almost made everyone swear.
With these kinds of actors, they simply could not bring out the original work’s essence. A voice actor was needed, must not delay!
Ma Yu Huai was a stern man in his thirties. Other directors would have a huge belly and thin hair. They loved wearing vests on set. He was not like that. He had serious mysophobia, so he usually wore suits. During the meeting with all of the directors at the office, it was the hottest day of summer, others wore shirts and were sweating like dogs, while he was calmly using his handkerchief to wipe his sweat away.
Miao Han Lin, who was a gentle middle-aged man, was older than him. He smiled whenever he makes eye contact with anyone. However, you must not be fooled by his smile. When he scolded people, he did not treat people kindly at all. 
Having a crew with this much personality, the actors naturally lived in dire straits every day. When the directors were in a good mood, they were at ease, even being able to eat soup at dinner.  However, if they do not perform well, the directors would be in a foul mood. They had no choice but to endure the directors’ scolding.
Sitting at the temporary office of 《Dream of the Red Mansions》, the five directors enjoyed a rare tea break. However, Ma Yu Huai was in a bad mood. He was lacking voice actors, and the TV station was suddenly interfering with how he was selecting them. If he did not comply, then he would be removed.
“Yan Mu Lin is a newcomer, right? You are really daring.” Ma Yu Huai looked at the resume that his assistant submitted yesterday. When he saw that Yan Mu Lin was Pan Jinlian’s CV in 《Pan Jinlian》, he could not help but look at Director Chen Yu Chao, who was nibbling on a youtiao. “Old Chen, you invited him…. as the voice actor of the heroine?”
Chen Yu Chao raised an eyebrow, “Yeah. He was a newcomer that I discovered, but he was not recommended by me. I actually wanted to recommend him to you, but I have not found the time to talk to you yet. I don’t have the power to send him directly to you. But, to be honest, that child is really good. You will know when you see him.”
Ma Yu Huai had a cold face, “To praise him so much, how many boxes of wild honey did he send you?”
Chen Yu Chao glanced at him, “Those are my own words. However, I did not expect that someone is backing him. Yan Zi Qiong is not that powerful, it seems that the rumors are not true.”
Tan Hai Yao of the animation team asked Chen Yu Chen, “Yan Zi Qiong… what is her relationship with Yan Mu Lin?”
Chen Yu Chao, who instantly became a personification of a gossip superman, said: “As a person in the entertainment circle, you don’t actually look at the latest gossip?”
Everyone simultaneously rolled their eyes at him. The director of the drama team, Miao Han Lin, smiled, “Are any of you free? Let’s talk about the situation.”
Chen Yu Chao had a “ask me and I will tell you” expression, but Ma Yu Huai already searched for it on the Internet. After entering Yan Mu Lin’s name, a lot of content appeared. “Yan Mu Lin is allegedly being kept by a female actress” “The first person followed by Crown Prince Shao Nuo Yu is Yan Mu Lin” “Skilled in Kouji” and other articles. 
Ma Yu Huai spoke, “That scandal is fake. I already cooperated with Yan Zi Qiong. She would never keep a man, that’s really ridiculous.”
Miao Han Lin leaned towards Ma Yu Huai’s phone, “Let me see.”
Ma Yu Huai handed him the phone. The others crowded over it, leaving Chen Yu Chao to the side. The pitiful Chen Yu Chao comforted himself. He usually did not care about this stuff, he just had a lot of information about Yan Mu Lin.
If you don’t want to listen to me, then I won’t tell you. Heng.
None of them believed the article and guessed that Yan Mu Lin and Yan Zi Qiong were relatives. They were both even surnamed Yan, the chances were too great. Not to mention, Yan Zi Qiong never brings newcomers to her company. She was a cold woman in front of the media and was still a goddess in a lot of men’s eyes. Even if she was old, she after all still played a lot of classic characters. Ma Yu Huai could be considered one of them. He also watched a lot of Yan Zi Qiong’s TV series and films growing up. 
Everyone knew that although Ma Yu Huai was the youngest, his achievements were still higher than theirs. 
Miao Han Lin returned to the topic, “This Yan Mu Lin would be coming later. Let’s go and see.”
Tang Xin rubbed his bald head and said, “Okay! Old Chen got convinced by him, so he shouldn’t be bad. Pan Jinlian’s voice was impressive.”
Tan Hai Yao could relate, “It’s really good! When I was watching, I could not imagine that she was voiced by a male CV at all.”
Miao Han Lin said, “Because of your words, I can’t wait to see him now.”
In fact, in the voice acting circle, there were female CVs for male characters. In the acting circle, there were actors and actresses who play different genders. In their mind, even if Yan Mu Lin was a man, it was not weird. It was just that he entered the voice acting circle by being a heroine’s CV. Yan Mu Lin was unique, causing them to be really curious. 
When his phone was returned to him, Ma Yu Huai spoke, “Up until now, why is there no front photo of him on the Internet?”
Everyone looked expectantly at the gossip king, Chen Yu Chao. Unfortunately, he shook his head: “I don’t know. Don’t ask me.” 
He also felt it was strange. Even in articles about the scandal, only the side profile of Yan Mu Lin was shown.
Of course, what they did not know, was that after they read the article, the news about Yan Mu Lin and Yan Zi Qiong disappeared from the Internet. Whether it was on a search engine or Weibo. Even the search keywords were gone.

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