RCVS 31.2

After the “pleasant” date, Yan Mu Lin was sent back to school by Shao Nuo Yu. While they were on their way back, it was almost just Yan Mu Lin talking the whole time. Shao Nuo Yu was there listening to him talking about the reality show. He did not expect that the performance he watched for a few minutes cost a lot of hard work. Even the shadow puppets were made by Yan Mu Lin.


“You performed very well. I watched very attentively,” Shao Nuo Yu said sincerely. He also took the opportunity to pat his head.


Just a little touch or I might not be able to part with it anymore.


Yan Mu Lin sighed with regret and said, “It’s a pity that you were not there at the theater. It was much better to see it there than watching it on TV.”


Shao Nuo Yu: “…..” He wanted to say that he was there, but he did not feel that it was right to say it. He could only hide it in his heart and say, “There would be more opportunities next time.”


Seeing that the school was getting closer, Yan Mu Lin’s mood had started plummeting down. He was going to be separated from Shao Nuo Yu.


In the end, he had to get off.


Shao Nuo Yu did not get off the car. Sending Yan Mu Lin back was already the limit. In order for him to do this, he already postponed two meetings, but he knew that it was worth it.


On the way back, Shao Nuo Yu put away the gentle facade that he would only show in front of Yan Mu Lin. He said to Special Assistant Pei, “Have people continue to monitor Liu Si Hui and Liu Zi Yang. Investigate who is the father of the child in her belly. She would surely contact the person supporting her. Keep an eye on her, but don’t let her find out.”


Now that she knew that his father could not have children, she would have to think about what to do. Shao Nuo Yu set this situation after her pregnancy on purpose. What was about to happen next would be interesting.


Special Assistant Pei said, “Yes. One of our informers found out that Liu Zi Yang did have contact with Lu Yu Han. If it weren’t for our people’s attentiveness, then they would not have discovered anything. They would meet outside after disguising themselves. They surely had ulterior motives.”


Shao Nuo Yu said, “Don’t focus on them for the time being. We might beat the grass to scare the snake. There is certainly someone behind them, but we still don’t know who it is.”


We might beat the grass to scare the snake – We might inadvertently alert the enemy.


After Shao Nuo Yu and Yan Mu Lin left, Liu Si Hui was not in the mood to enjoy gourmet food with her friends. As soon as she finished eating, she immediately left Fu Man Restaurant. She pretended to be calm, but her messy steps have betrayed her thoughts.


Liu Si Hui contacted Liu Zi Yang and asked him to meet her in a beauty salon that was under her name. She needed to inform him of the news she just found out. She also wanted to get in touch with that person through Liu Zi Yang. Ever since they planned this, the number of times that they have to meet got fewer and fewer. They would always spend it in bed, and it had been a month since they last saw each other. She missed him very much.


When Liu Zi Yang arrived at the beauty salon, his face was not very good. Obviously, he was not able to reign in his temper. He sounded angry in the phone call before he came.


Liu Si Hui, who loved to act like a virtuous woman, asked him: “Zi Yang, what’s wrong? You don’t look well.”


Liu Zi Yang said, “Does that Liu Yu Han have any use at all? Did he think it was easy for us to arrange for him to be a researcher at Sheng Ting Group? He has not succeeded until now. If he doesn’t do well, then Shao Nuo Yu might change his mind. Mom, can’t we replace him?”


Liu Si Hui patted his arm, “Don’t worry. Liu Yu Han did not do anything to make Shao Nuo Yu feel uncomfortable. Shao Nuo Yu never had a relationship with anybody, and that young master is a little strange. He wouldn’t want someone who put on airs. Just let Liu Yu Han tone down his attitude a little bit.”


Liu Zi Yang then said with a vexed face, “I got it. I’ll ask him to make desserts, and then we’ll alter the seduction plan. So that boy would have an idea of what to do at the banquet.”


Liu Si Hui nodded, “En. Just be careful. Don’t let people find out. I always feel like some people has been paying attention to us recently.”


Liu Zi Yang said, “Mom, you’re pregnant. It’s only natural to be paranoid. How could our carefully thought of plan be discovered? Besides, they won’t have any evidence.”



Liu Si Hui shook her head and said, “I’m going to tell you some bad news. Today, I was at Fu Man Restaurant. Shao Wu and Shao Nuo Yu passed by our room and I heard some of the things they were talking about. Shao Wu’s sterile.”



Liu Zi Yang stared at her belly, “What are we going to do? The one inside your belly, whether it is a boy or a girl, was going to be your bargaining chip against the Shao family!”



Liu Si Hui looked weary. She had thought of several plans a while ago, but they were impossible. She would not be able to have children, and Shao Wu had no plans to tell her. She was truly infuriated.


Seeing Liu Si Hui hesitate, Liu Zi Yang said: “I will tell my dad.”


Liu Si Hui thought about it, “I can’t think of a plan. Ask him if he has any other ways. I cannot abort this child. See if you could find someone who can pretend to be a TCM doctor to cure Shao Wu.”


The filming of 《Spy》 was basically finished. Right now, he just had to finish dubbing his part.


Because he stayed with the crew for a while during the early stages and also followed them during the filming, he had a deep understanding of the plot and the characters’ personality. The time he spent dubbing was only half of the time he had spent during 《Pan Jinlian》. It did not take too long to finish.



Yan Mu Lin received an invitation from Wei Zi Jun and signed a five-year contract with him. In the next five years, as long as Wei Zi Jun appeared in the television, his voice actor would always be Yan Mu Lin.


After this news was released by the media, Yan Mu Lin’s popularity rose to another level.


When he came out of the recording studio with a weary face, Zhou Wen Jing had brought with her some good news and bad news. Yan Mu Lin felt that what he only wanted now was not to hear some good news but to have a bed where he could lie down. He has already been in the recording studio for 24 hours. He was dog tired!


Zhou Wen Jing gave him a bowl of soup, “Your mother gave this to you. Drink it.”


Yan Mu Lin looked at the dark and sinister soup, and said with dislike: “This isn’t poisoned, right?”


Zhou Wen Jing kicked his leg, “She used to pay less attention to you. Why would she harm you? Dumb idiot, I have good and bad news for you. Which one do you want to hear first?”


Yan Mu Lin tried to drink the soup. It tasted good. He said, “Good news.”


Zhou Wen Jing said, “The good news is that you have been cast as Lin Daiyu’s voice actor by the 《Dream of the Red Chamber》 crew. You don’t have to audition.”


Yan Mu Lin smiled and said, “Thank you, Aunt Zhou. You’ve worked hard!”


Zhou Wen Jing said, “Your mother and I didn’t help you on this. You must have entered someone’s good graces that they assigned you.”


Yan Mu Lin giddily said, “I have good luck!”


Zhou Wen Jing said: “Don’t be too happy. You still have bad news.”


Yan Mu Lin asked, “What is it?”


Zhou Wen Jing said helplessly, “The media released the news that you are being kept by a famous actress surnamed Yan.”


Yan Mu Lin: Pffft!


…..it turned out that he was being kept.


……that seems to be true.


He was probably the first newcomer in the entertainment industry to have gossip news with his mother.


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