RCVS 31.1

Chapter 31: Scandal / Gossip


After that, Yan Mu Lin concentrated on helping Shao Nuo Yu with his matter.  This would naturally be taken by Yan Mu Lin as a professional.


The reason why Shao Nuo Yu came to Fu Man Restaurant was not simply because he wanted to come and eat lunch.


Earlier, it was mentioned that the situation with Shao Nuo Yu’s family was not peaceful. It was not like this before, when his mother was still alive. Their family of three was very happy. His father was the one that was managing their family’s business, unlike today.


Years after his mother had passed away, his father had brought another woman into their life. That woman did not ask for his father’s name, nor did she ask for any benefits. She just wanted to be together with him. She did not marry him but had agreed to move in with the Shao family along with her son.


Perhaps it was because Shao Nuo Yu’s father had been working for too long and was exhausted, but he lost his heart to this gentle and virtuous woman. He gradually forgot about his deceased wife and the pain that was brought to him. Before Shao Nuo Yu was reincarnated, he supported his father’s remarriage. It had been seven years since he lost his mother. He was fine with it as he had already taken over the family business at this time, and was independent. He hoped that someone could take care of his father.


His father’s woman, Liu Si Hui, stayed in the Shao family with consent from both father and son. She brought her son, Liu Zi Yang, with her. In front of Father Shao, she acted like a successful woman who was once a foolish girl who got pregnant early. She told them that she worked hard to have her current career so that if she married Father Shao, it would be handed over to her son. Then, she would be together with Father Shao as she also wanted to rest. With such a dignified reason and touching story; as long as a man was a little sympathetic then he would appreciate such a strong yet soft woman. Father Shao was someone like that.


That time, Father Shao immediately believed her; while Shao Nuo Yu, who investigated her identity, had found nothing suspicious then finally believed.


After moving into the Shao family, Liu Si Hui got pregnant with Father Shao’s child. Father Shao was so elated when he found out that he was going to have a child. He was so happy with Liu Si Hui that he immediately got a marriage certificate and arranged the wedding ceremony for her. With the coming of his father’s second spring, Shao Nuo Yu naturally wouldn’t reject. Naturally, Liu Si Hui relied on the child in her belly to stay in Shao family. Her status rose.


second spring – falling in love for a second time


Afterwards, Liu Si Hui gave birth to Father Shao’s child. Perhaps he cared too much about this younger son that Father Shao did not even conduct a DNA test for this child. Less than three years after the birth of this child; Father Shao, who had always been healthy, suddenly had a heart attack and died at home. Their family doctor had also identified it as a heart attack. Their family did not investigate it deep enough and did not find out that this was actually fabricated, even Shao Nuo Yu did not consider it.


After Father Shao’s death, Shao Nuo Yu was targeted by Liu Si Hui and Liu Zi Yang. At first he did not notice it but one day, he was suddenly hit by a car. His leg was almost amputated due to that accident and he finally realized that there was something wrong. His father was obviously healthy, but he suddenly died; then he, who did not have any enemies, met with an unsuccessful assassination attempt. He had sent someone to investigate his father’s cause of death, and everything pointed towards Liu Si Hui and Liu Zi Yang…..


More importantly, he found out that his so-called “dear younger brother” was not his father’s child.


His investigation got discovered by Liu Si Hui and Liu Zi Yang. Fearing that he would report this to the king, they sent his fiance, who was actually on their side, to burn his home for him to die. That’s right, death by fire. There was nothing crueler than this.


Since he had reincarnated, he would never let Liu Si Hui and Liu Zi Yang, as well as his former fiance,  have an easy time. Naturally, he already had a general direction on finding out their purposes.


This time, Shao Nuo Yu was reborn right after Liu Si Hui moved into the Shao family home. Liu Si Hui was now pregnant with a child, and he guessed that the father of Liu Zi Yang and that child was the same, but haven’t told his father about it. Today, she had an appointment with a friend. Shao Nuo Yu wanted her to hear a conversation between “Father Shao” and himself.


He synthesized Father Shao’s voice with a computer, but it seemed that there was no need, because there was a ready-made fake right here. He naturally preferred Yan Mu Lin rather than the computer, and he also looked forward to his performance. After paying attention to him on Weibo, he found out that this child’s profession was actually so interesting. He especially used his free time to watch the anime he dubbed for. As the chairman of Sheng Ting Group, he naturally had the privilege to do so. Only the first ten episodes were broadcast, but he was already done watching everything.



Interesting, he was very interesting. After meeting Yan Mu Lin, he felt that the child was growing more and more interesting. He wanted to get closer with him. How could such an interesting person die in his previous life for no reason? In this life, he wanted to keep this child safe; since he liked voice acting, then he would help him step by step. He had the ability to do so, while Yan Mu Lin had the skill. As for why he was only a third-rate CV in his previous life, that was probably because of the Sheng brothers. This time, if the Shao family have intervened in his affairs, he would not spare them.


Special Assistant Pei already finished playing the synthesized recording for Yan Mu Lin. Yan Mu Lin made an OK gesture to them after listening, “I have no problems. When do we start?”


The way that Shao Nuo Yu gazed at Yan Mu Lin had somewhat got more gentle. He looked at the time and said, “We’re about to start. After a minute, we will go out. Xiao Pei, are the people outside ready?”


Special Assistant Pei said, “Chairman Shao, don’t worry. They will only hear you and Mr. Yan. They won’t see me at all.”


Shao Nuo Yu said, “Good. Mu Lin, we’re going to start now.”



Liu Si Hui and her friend’s private room was not on this floor. They would pretend to pass through the other’s private room. Of course, Shao Nuo Yu arranged other people who would “find out” that he and his “father” were in Fu Man Restaurant.


They stood up and left.



By just saying a few words, Yan Mu Lin was able to help Shao Nuo Yu so he was very happy. He could interact with him, and the time spent with him was long. Beside him, he could see Shao Nuo Yu’s perfect and handsome side profile which was really in line with his aesthetics. He did not have even a little defect, it truly made people want to touch it.


Shao Nuo Yu was waiting for Yan Mu Lin to start talking, but he discovered that the other party was blatantly staring at him. Since they were about to arrive at their destination, he could not speak to get his attention. He was forced to raise his hand, and pinch his waist. It felt pretty good, a little slender and soft. He must have had gym class in his course, and he has not failed it ah.


Yan Mu Lin: “???” Why on earth are you pinching me? It’s a little ticklish, I want to laugh ah.


Shao Nuo Yu whispered, “We’re almost there.”


Yan Mu Lin finally reacted and silently touched his mouth. He did not drool, right?


Fortunately, he didn’t.


Shao Nuo Yu saw his subtle movements and almost laughed.


However, Yan Mu Lin changed into Father Shao’s voice, “Nuo Yu, you must not tell your Aunt Liu about the doctor’s diagnosis just a while ago. She has been wanting a child so much, I am afraid that she would be sad.”


Father Shao liked to smoke, so his voice was quite hoarse. It was rough and as if he survived the vicissitudes of life. He seemed to have been a long-term smoker as it was grainy. Those who possessed this kind of voice usually had a life that was filled with stories and experiences. It was not easy to study. Yan Mu Lin had to lower his own voice, but since Shao Nuo Yu chose him, and not the synthesized recording, he was still happy; Shao Nuo Yu recognized his ability.


Shao Nuo Yu emphasized, “Okay. When will you tell Aunt Liu that you can’t have kids anymore?”


Yan Mu Lin continued to use Father Shao’s voice to reply as per the script, “I will find a proper time. You don’t have to worry about this. In the future, try to get closer to your Aunt Liu and Zi Yang.”


After passing through a private room called “Liu Xu Pavilion”, they quickly disappeared. Shao Nuo Yu brought Yan Mu Lin to leave Fu Man Restaurant.


When they arrived at the exit, Yan Mu Lin asked Shao Nuo Yu: “How did I do? Did I make a mistake?”


Shao Nuo Yu restrained himself from patting his fluffy head, “You did well. I’ll invite you to a meal next time.”


Yan Mu Lin nodded without hesitation. Invite me to a meal. That’s a must.


This was an opportunity for another date! Definitely must agree! Reject rejection!


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  1. Yayy~~ Thanks for the chapta~
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    I like the fun of a transmigrator meeting a reincarned.
    Looking forward to see how the bad woman LSH will handle this unexpected piece of news =D
    Awww YML and SNY interaction are so sweet~ This one is pleased each time she read them together (^♡^)g

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  2. Thank you for the chapter ❤ I love these guys interactions. I hope we get to hear the nasty woman and son panic after hearing their play. Also playing hard to get is weird so Reject Rejection is a great wee motto

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  3. There no answer only yes answer..
    I seem to read about the system that only has yes option…

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  4. Thank you for the update ♡
    Yan Mu Lin is so assertive in his ways of courting , I like it !
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    Shouldn’t it be Shao family ?
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    Shouldn’t it be Sheng brothers ?
    Sorry for beinga a bother *covers face*

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    • He remembers him from his previous life because they met in passing. No system. This was mentioned in a previous chapter ^^ forgot the specific number.


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