RCVS 30.2

Continuation of Chapter 30

Sheng Qing Dong, who lost his mood and appetite, also put down his chopsticks and left the private room. He chased after Yan Mu Lin.


However, after Yan Mu Lin went out of the door, he seemed to have disappeared.


The bodyguard who followed Sheng Qing Dong said, “Sir, should we return?”


Sheng Qing Dong shook his head, “No, we’ll go back to the company.”


The bodyguard asked, “What about Young Master Chen and Young Master Xiao?”


Sheng Qing Dong: “They can take care of themselves. They aren’t children that need their parents to wipe their butts.”

to wipe their butts – clean their messes.


After getting on the car, Sheng Qing Dong phoned his assistant to look up the recent activities of Yan Mu Lin, that child…..


Yan Mu Lin really had nothing to do with him, but why doesn’t he give up? This was all because of that cursed sentence Yan Zi Qiong left him with during that time: You will surely meet with retribution.


Now, retribution has arrived.


Then again, why did Yan Mu Lin disappear so quickly after leaving the room?


Naturally, it was not because he spoke several words then feel deeply hurt and hide in a corner like a little girl. When he went out, he bumped into Shao Nuo Yu who was about to go inside a room. Yan Mu Lin stood still for three seconds then grabbed the opportunity!


“I haven’t eaten yet. Can I invite you for a meal?”


Shao Nuo Yu almost got scared because of him. He stopped the bodyguard who was about to approach Yan Mu Lin.


After seeing Yan Mu Lin’s performance last night, Shao Nuo Yu voted for him.


I don’t know if it could help him, but I hope it did.


If he was invited to a meal, then it was only natural that he would accept. Besides, he came out to eat. He was just conveniently dealing with a “trivial matter”.


“No problem.”


This way, Yan Mu Lin disappeared in the blink of an eye, that even the bodyguards of Sheng Qing Dong did not know his whereabouts.


They moved to a more private room.


A while ago, Yan Mu Lin ordered a table of good dishes, but he was not even able to taste it. It was even gourmet food, he really let a great opportunity slip. This time, he can finally eat. However, in front of the man he was secretly in love with, he had to be reserved. Definitely must not wolf down his food! But, he’s also very hungry…..


Seeing Yan Mu Lin’s overcautious nature, Shao Nuo Yu used communal chopsticks to give Yan Mu Lin a prawn, “Have you eaten this? Drunken shrimp is one of the signature dishes of this restaurant. Try it.”


Yan Mu Lin thought that it would be worthwhile to die again He was being fed by the Crown Prince. Yan Mu Lin thought that it would even be fine to die again. As a result, he ate very cheerfully.


In fact, there is another reason why he could eat so cheerfully. Shao Nuo Yu seemed to be a little busy. He has been talking with his assistant. Of course, he was still giving Yan Mu Lin food, but Shao Nuo Yu himself ate less.


When he was eighty percent full, Yan Mu Lin still did not know why Shao Nuo Yu went to the restaurant to eat alone. He did not know if he should ask though. It probably wasn’t the same as the assassination from last time right?


Special Assistant Pei knew Yan Mu Lin. He was the same person from the variety show yesterday. He even had information about Yan Mu Lin in his hand, and that he and Sheng Qing Dong were father and son. However, he was curious why he did not change his surname to Sheng. If he entered the Sheng Family, then he did not need to be afraid of his future going awry.


Yan Mu Lin couldn’t control himself and asked, “Later… You will be safe in the city, right?”


Shao Nuo Yu said, “I will be safe.”


They actually interacted so naturally? Yan Mu Lin was amazed, “Definitely?”


Shao Nuo Yu nodded and said, “Definitely. Perhaps, you could even help make sure I am safe.”


Hearing that he could help Shao Nuo Yu, Yan Mu Lin felt happy. His eyes were shining as he said, “Okay, what can I help you with?”


Shao Nuo Yu put down the communal chopsticks that he has been using to give Yan Mu Lin food and said: “It’s not that difficult. You just have to say a few words using my father’s voice.”


Yan Mu Lin said, “But I haven’t heard your father’s voice.”


Shao Nuo Yu gestured to his special assistant, who played a recording of his father’s speech at their company.


After listening to the recording, Yan Mu Lin said that he would try.


Yan Mu Lin smiled, “Son, what do you think about this voice?”


Shao Nuo Yu raised his eyebrows and looked straight at Yan Mu Lin, “Son?”


His low voice that almost sounded like a cello was Yan Mu Lin’s fatal weakness.


Why does he have to make him feel excited ah?


Immediately, our hero was annoyed with his weakness, and immediately corrected himself: “No, dad!”


He forgot to use his own voice….


The corners of Shao Nuo Yu’s mouth curled slightly, “…..don’t make trouble.” But that was a little amusing.


Yan Mu Lin wanted to slam his head to a wall. Why is it that when he was in front of the person he liked, he gets really nervous, and would always speak wrongly!


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13 thoughts on “RCVS 30.2

  1. After speaking to the father in such an imposing way if one of his brothers saw him as a maiden in love, he would leave them open-mouthed (〃艸〃)❤

    Thanks for the chapter! 💕💕💕

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  2. Yay fluffiness combo~
    I’m curious to know more about the so called retribution pushing SQD to chase after a better “relationship” with LinLin. Oo
    It’s random and useless but I’m looking forward to which nickname/petname SNY will come up for YML XD LinLin? Lin’er?…WhateverLin? We shall see ><
    Thanks again for the enjoyable translation ~♡

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  3. Thanks for the chapter! YML is so cute here! It’s sweet seeing him act like a star struck teenager! I suspect the retribution that they mention his father might feel is having abandoned a worthwhile son and having said son pretend he doesn’t exist. I don’t think Daddy Sheng is used to being deleted from people’s lives…

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