RCVS 30.1

Chapter 30: Tension


After tormenting Sheng Xia Chen, they arrived at their destination.


Yan Mu Lin followed Sheng Xia Chen. He wouldn’t run. Someone offered food and he did not have to pay, so why not? He could not run away either, they were being followed by two strong bodyguards.


He could not understand. Is the Sheng family that wealthy to have a bodyguard follow them at all times? Or they just do it for appearance.


Curiosity is just curiosity. Yan Mu Lin will not ask stupid questions. If he asked, then that would be equal to asking the wealth of the Sheng family. He would not be jealous or even have ambition for their assets.


Huaxia’s restaurants were filled with culture left by their ancestors. The current head of Sheng family, Sheng Qing Dong, was fond of remembering the past. He did not like going to Western restaurants unless he had to. His personal preferences were really obvious.


The first floor of the restaurant was very lively, which was in line with the atmosphere the people from Huaxia liked to live in. Yan Mu Lin also liked to eat and chat with friends in such an atmosphere. Unrestrained and natural.


When they got inside, the restaurant manager personally welcomed them.  This type of treatment was actually available in a restaurant. It was no wonder that Sheng Xia Xiao could walk sideways in the school. Even the teachers must give Sheng family face and close their eyes at his actions. It could be seen that the Sheng family’s status cannot be underestimated, but this had nothing to do with Yan Mu Lin.


The restaurant was not ordinary. The inside and outside had a different scenery and atmosphere. The outside was lively, while the inside was quiet. The design outside was common, while the inside was filled with carved pillars, pavilions, and even bridges above running water. The private rooms were divided according to the verses of a poem. It is filled with poetic grace. Ever since Yan Mu Lin came to this world, he has not entered this kind of stylish restaurant. He has given up on the hedonism of this world.


They were led by the restaurant manager to the third floor, where they could see the scenery downstairs from the private room. The scenery was like a dream. There was even a lake in the east of the restaurant. He had to admit that it was really enjoyable, and the scenery was really good.


Inside the room, Yan Mu Lin saw Sheng Qing Dong sitting in a chair with his eyes closed listening to the piano. Sheng Xia Xiao was also seated, drinking tea. His face was still so gloomy that no one could love it, but it was still way better compared to before.


Last time, Yan Mu Lin stood Sheng Qing Dong up. So this time, he sent Sheng Xia Chen to catch Yan Mu Lin. When Sheng Qing Dong saw Yan Mu Lin, he did not lose his temper. Sheng Xia Chen felt strange. In their home, if anyone violated their father’s orders, the two of them would suffer. However, Yan Mu Lin did insufferable things, but his father tolerated him again and again.


“Take a seat first. What do you want to eat?” Sheng Qing Dong’s face was still stiff, but he sounded more amiable than before.


Yan Mu Lin sat directly opposite Sheng Qing Dong. Sheng Xia Chen chose to sit the farthest from him, sitting opposite from Sheng Xia Xiao.


Sheng Xia Xiao’s face turned pale as soon as Yan Mu Lin entered. He believed the words Yan Mu Lin told him that day. In the past, Yan Mu Lin was also excellent, but he feared his father. He did not dare speak loudly, violate his orders, or be against him. It was even more impossible for his elder brother to appear personally and look for him.


With those skills, he definitely was not the real Yan Mu Lin. Did someone else reincarnate in his body? Where did the original Yan Mu Lin go? Various questions once again drifted through Sheng Xia Xiao’s mind.



Yan Mu Lin, who just sat down, opened the menu. Without any trace of politeness, he ordered as much as he wanted.  He closed the menu and said, “Just this much for the time being. I’ll be ordering again.”


The waiter gave a professional smile and said that Yan Mu Lin could order food any time. They would absolutely not hold up their customer’s time.


Sheng Xia Xiao, who was lost in thought, saw Yan Mu Lin looking at him with a smile. He panicked in his heart and fiercely said, “What? Ordering that many, aren’t you afraid of dying?”


Yan Mu Lin deliberately misinterpreted his words and said, “Were you thinking about me dying?”


Sheng Xia Xiao’s heart jumped. Then, a cold feeling came over him. It was from Sheng Qing Dong.


Sheng Qing Dong gave him a glance and said, “Xia Xiao, is that how you talk to your younger brother?”


Sheng Xia Xiao’s lips lost color and said, “Dad, I just care about him.” He did not want to admit that they were brothers, but Sheng Xia Xiao did not dare confront Sheng Qing Dong.


Sheng Qing Dong saw that his face turned bad, but did not reprimand him again. He instead directed a light smile at Yan Mu Lin.


Yan Mu Lin wore a smile and said, “Mr. Sheng, Sheng Xia Xiao is not my brother. I already told you that my surname is Yan, and your surname is Sheng. I came over today to make it clear with you.”


Sheng Qing Dong’s expression sank. He placed the teacup on the table and said: “I can let you recognize the ancestors and give you the surname Sheng.”


Yan Mu Lin laughed, “I don’t think you understand what I mean. Mr. Sheng, I would like to ask you. I’ve lived for 20 years and you did not pay attention to me, nor raised me. You did not know about my existence at all, oh, should I say ignored? Suddenly, I found out I have a blood relationship with you, and now you force me to be in your family. Don’t you think that’s ridiculous? Why do you think I would want to be in your family? Is it for a bank card or a check? There is no point in acknowledging your ancestors.” Yan Mu Lin pointed to Sheng Xia Chen and Sheng Xia Xiao, “They are your sons. Not me.”


In front of these three, Yan Mu Lin finally said what he has been keeping in his heart. Sheng Xia Chen kept his head down and did not look at anyone, while Sheng Xia Xiao’s face was still pale, with his hands clenched. He was still thinking whether the person in front of his was a ghost or not. He already fell for Yan Mu Lin’s trap. It was unlikely that he would come out of it.


As for Sheng Qing Dong, it was not a stretch to say that he directly poured a basin of cold water in it. His face was really rigid. Although Yan Mu Lin spoke really fast, the three people heard it clearly. He even told it directly to Sheng Qing Dong.


Sheng Qing Dong was speechless.


Yan Mu Lin took some tea to drink, saying he was a little thirsty. He continued, “Look, you eat food and drink wine in these elegant places every day. When I was a child, I was only looking forward to when my mother could come and see me. I was also only hoping that I have a father. Later, I found out that I could only call her Auntie, and that I have no father. Now, what is the reason for you to run over and give me money? Am I short of money? No. I can make money myself. Do I need a father’s love? No. I am way past that age.”



Sheng Qing Dong took a while before saying, “You really don’t want to go back to Sheng family?”


Yan Mu Lin maintained his smile and said: “I’ve already said it clearly, and I know you are a smart person. You want me to change to your surname, leave my mother who raised me for 20 years and go to a place where Sheng Xia Chen and Sheng Xia Xiao’s mother is. No. This shouldn’t be what I am saying. If I were my mother, I would have already slapped you.”


The dishes have not yet arrived, but their topic has already gone to a heavy direction. Yan Mu Lin was not afraid of causing trouble in front of Sheng Qing Dong. He was more worried about Sheng Qing Dong lifting the table rather than Sheng Xia Chen and Sheng Xia Xiao.


After talking, Yan Mu Lin propped himself up and said, “Although I really liked the elegant scenery here, I am afraid I have to leave.”


None of the three from Sheng family stopped Yan Mu Lin from going. His words seem to have fallen on deaf ears.


Sheng Qing Dong was concerned. At this time, his mood was obviously bad, but he was also reflecting. Was he really wrong?


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9 thoughts on “RCVS 30.1

  1. You were thousand times wrong SQD! Your sons are wrong (With there higher than thou attitude with YML)… Your whole family is wrong (in handling YML)! XD
    What YML said is 200% right. It’s unfair, once is an adult, to ask him to treat “his biological father that ignored him his whole life” with the respect due to a “father that raised him” d’uh… Even more as SDQ is asking for it after noticing YML’s disdain (Do not care attitide) for him Oo Maybe SDQ was clumsy and didn’t know how to treat him all these years? Who knows? Anyway the result is that his “real son” died because of his arrogant half brother. =_=’

    Thank you for the lovely translation Lily. =)
    *RCVS30 attacked Irasia. It hits her right in the nerve.*

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  2. It also really begs the question: where was this “father” when his son was tormenting YML? Does YML only matter now that he’s successful? Thanks for the chapter!


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