RCVS 29.2

Yan Mu Lin swallowed silently. Although Li Jin was nearly forty years old, he still looked quite young.


Stop, stop! I must not let my prince down.


Obviously, he did not know that his prince, Nuo Yu, voted for him. 


If Yan Mu Lin was in a fiction novel where the reader was bestowed a system, then he was sure that “Shao Nuo Yu” would be there for 1,000,000 points.


Yan Mu Lin, who had just been fought for by two masters, looked at the director. He did not know how to deal with this situation. Although he dreamed of having a master that could help him, he still had not thought of who he would choose as a master.



Director Teng and the program team did not expect for Yan Mu Lin to be so popular among the masters. This was the first time that they have met. Where did Noah’s Ark dig out such a genius?


After the interaction between the masters and the actors, the voting rankings would be announced.


Unexpectedly, the result of the voting was completely different from the masters’. Tian Zhen Yang was the first, followed by Yan Mu Lin. Tang Wen Hao came in third, with Lu Zong Thing as the fourth. The fifth, well it is Tao Bai Chen.


Even with this result, Yan Mu Lin was very satisfied. He did not put any significance in this. After all, the audience were not voice acting masters. They did not have a professional’s hearing ability to judge what was happening. This was planned by the program team for tonight. It was going to be a surprise and a big gift for the audience.



It was quite a pity. However, when the program started broadcasting, it would definitely create topics. If he also got first in the audience voting, then it would be boring. As the director, Teng Jian Ren was very satisfied with the votes of the audience. The show would surely be something to talk about.


No one comforted Yan Mu Lin. He did not need comfort anyway. In the eyes of other people, a newcomer being able to get this kind of result was great. Really great.


After the announcement, the recording was done. During those two days and one night, Yan Mu Lin managed to exchange Weibo and phone numbers with his seniors. The masters just said it without thinking it through in the program. After the show, no one contacted Yan Mu Lin privately.


When he left, Yan Mu Lin felt a sense of loss in his heart. The masters were probably dissatisfied with him too.


Zhou Wen Jing drove Yan Mu Lin back to school. She asked if he wanted to go to Yan Zi Qiong’s house. Yan Mu Lin shook his head. In the eyes of the media, Yan Zi Qiong was an unmarried woman and he received a voice acting role in 《Spy》 due to his relationship with her. If he went over in the middle of the night, their reputation would definitely blacken.  Yan Mu Lin wanted to be famous, but he did not want it to happen this way.


No matter how they treat each other, this was still a kind of respect.


When he returned to school, it was already late at night. After Yan Mu Lin showered, he looked at tomorrow’s subjects and went to sleep.


Recording a show for two days was exhausting, but Yan Mu Lin was still young and usually exercised. The next day, following his regular schedule, he jogged and then ate breakfast. He scrolled through Weibo and returned to the dormitory to take a book and go to class.


His classmates were already used to his frequent leaves from class.


However, when Yan Mu Lin returned to school, he received strange looks. Ordinarily, it was only those who followed Sheng Xia Xiao like a lackey who glared at him. Yan Mu Lin was stunned. What happened during the days he went away to record a show?


After class, some people could not help but go to him. With an expression clearly saying “Yan Mu Lin this is your fault”, he said: “Did you know that Sheng Xia Xiao transferred to the finance department?”

Yan Mu Lin, who was drinking water, almost sprayed water on the face of lackey A: “What does that have to do with me.”


Lackey A blamed him, “We guessed that the reason he moved to the finance department because of you.”


Yan Mu Lin said, “You said that you guessed, so please don’t use this to condemn others. I only have an ordinary relationship with Sheng Xia Xiao. If he wanted to change departments, then what does that have to do with me? Why don’t you ask him personally?”


Lackey A was incensed and said, “He does not want to talk to us at all.”


Yan Mu Lin shrugged, “Sorry. I don’t have his contact information. Don’t look for me.”


He turned around and walked to the cafeteria.


However, just as Yan Mu Lin got out of the building, two bodyguards personally “invited” him to a very familiar car.


Sitting in the car was Sheng Xia Chen, who was stifled by Yan Mu Lin. Yan Mu Lin glanced at him, “Eldest Young Master Sheng, the way you invite people is too special.”


Sheng Xia Chen signaled the driver to drive and then turned to Yan Mu Lin: “This is father’s idea. I will tell you later.” His face looked really unwilling. The past few days, he had been at school. He finally caught Yan Mu Lin, why should he let him go?


He asked Sheng Xia Xiao about Yan Mu Lin but learned nothing.  I just played with him for a while, but he suddenly transferred departments.


Their mother suddenly commanded him to transfer departments, while he gladly complied. His reason was that he finally wanted to help his father, etc.



Yan Mu Lin knew that he was avoiding him. Suddenly transferring. He cherished his life. Does not have guts.



Yan Mu Lin looked out of the window and said, “Whatever will be, will be…”


[1] It’s not a blessing, it’s a curse that can’t be avoided.
I think it’s the chinese equivalent of que sera, sera. (thx birby!) (no prob)



Eldest Young Master Sheng” “…We’re just having a meal, can you not make an inauspicious remark!”



Yan Mu Lin ignored him. His heart was unsettled, so he was singing an especially tragic song the whole time. It made Eldest Young Master Sheng incensed…..



He sang unpopular songs such as, “Little cabbage ah~ Inside the yellow ground ah~ Three years, two years~ No mother ah~”



Another example, “The snowflake that floats~The north wind that blows~The snowflake that floats~ Over the past years~”



After singing, Yan Mu Lin also used his voice to copy an erhu. His erhu was really good, it was sorrowful to the extreme. He hummed 《Little Cabbage》 and 《The White Haired Girl》.



That grief yo, that misery yo, that ache yo, that…



What is this demon singing ah!



His two brothers are both voice acting professionals, but how come they are so different from each other?


Wait a minute! Yan Mu Lin was not his brother.



Eldest Young Master Sheng, who was so happy earlier as he finally caught the person, and now Yan Mu Lin’s singing and erhu imitation made him upset. He really wanted to kill this bastard!



Sheng Xia Chen could not help but shout at Yan Mu Lin, “Yan Mu Lin, I am so fed up with you. Could you shut up!”



Yan Mu Lin stopped singing, so Sheng Xia Chen turned his head with satisfaction. However, he has not fully turned when he heard a voice he was so familiar with, “Shut up, Sheng Xia Chen? Why don’t you try to shut me up.”



Sheng Xia Chen violently turned around and reach out to hold Yan Mu Lin’s neck, “You are a madman.”



Actually, actually, actually using his father’s voice to speak! He even imitated it perfectly……



Yan Mu Lin said with a mysterious face, “Yes ah, if I am a madman, then you are also mad.”



Sheng Xia Chen could not find the words to say, so he coldly snorted and went back to his original position.



Yan Mu Lin no longer sang strange songs. He did not even speak strange words, and just stared at the sparrows on the electrical poles.



So Sheng Xia Chen’s man-period had arrived.


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17 thoughts on “RCVS 29.2

  1. ‘So Sheng Xia Chen’s man-period had arrived.’

    … I did not have the affinity with my spicy noodles today. My throat and nose still sore after I choked on them when I read that sentence…

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  2. Good Lord, my MuLin is actually a TROLL! 😎😎😎😎😎
    I hope he sows discord between Sheng husband and wife. He should sing songs about concubines, mistresses, and evil stepmothers. 😂😂😂😂😂😂
    Thank you Lily.

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