RCVS 29.1

Chapter 29: Caught


Zhu Qi Hang was a voice acting fan. He was also a big fan of shadow play. He liked to go to different shadow play theaters to listen to performances. He liked to analyze the difference between the performances from each shadow theaters. He was still a student. Among the students in school, he was the teacher’s favorite, but he was not conceited or proud of this. He was modest when he had to, and even be pretentious when he had to. This was due to his good upbringing. Of course, he was still not a voice actor, nor a shadow play actor.



Whenever Zhu Qi Hang had encountered problems in his studies, he would go to the shadow theaters to watch a shadow play. He liked the atmosphere there, which gave him inspiration.



Today, Zhu Qi Hang also encountered a bottleneck and came to the Liuli Theater. It was not the same as last time, but he still chose to buy a ticket, came in, and sat down. In the beginning, he saw the most inferior shadow play performance. As a shadow play enthusiast, he wanted to throw melon seed shells on the stage. Obviously, due to his good upbringing, he resisted the urge and did not leave just because he watched an unpleasant play.




The first performance was common, while the second was satisfactory. The third and fourth were okay.  All the plays were ordinary, until the fifth one. When the heroine showed up and began to recount her grievances, Zhu Qi Hang’s eyes shined. He seemed to have opened a door of feelings, but he had just found it. He had not really stepped in yet and hoped to hear the voice of the woman again.



After the woman’s voice, the male protagonist appeared. This time, Zhu Qi Hang was not just standing in front of the door, but he had actually stepped inside the world he imagined in his mind and continued to listen.


Then Mother Jiao, Mother Liu, and Brother Liu appeared. All of them gave him inspiration. It flowed like a clear spring. He got it! He now knew what to write. It was that feeling. He found it!



Taking out the notebook he brought with him, Zhu Qi Hang wrote the outline he just thought of in his notebook. The flash of inspiration he had was then all recorded in his notebook.



As Zhu Qi Hang engrossed himself in writing, the audience lined up to vote. Only a few people were left sitting. When the staff saw that he was just sitting there, writing something, he was asked to vote. Going to the place where the ballot boxes were placed, he did not hesitate to place his ticket into a box.


Because he was too excited, he did not notice the presence of an unknown host and cameraman on the side.


The host saw that he was the last person from the audience, and had a face that looked harmless, so he stopped him, “This gentleman, is it possible to have a short interview with you? We just saw that you voted for the fifth performer. We would like to know what you think about his performance.”



Zhu Qi Hang, who had a harmless face, pushed his glasses up and said: “Yes, he was very good. His performance gave me inspiration.”



The host replied, “Thank you very much! I hope you have a good night.”


When he got home, Zhu Qi Hang swiftly dropped his bag and rushed towards his workroom. His parents were shocked by his actions.



Mother Zhu was worried, “Did my son encounter any problems? He has not told me anything.”


Father Zhu opened the newspaper and closed the door of the workroom, “What can we do? If he could not get inspired, then let us ask the housekeeper to give him some snacks so that he won’t be hungry.”


Mother Zhu agreed with Father Zhu’s suggestion and immediately called the housekeeper. Their son’s health was the most important.


Of course, they did not know that at this moment, a manhua that would be soon turned into an anime was born.


Zhu Qi Hang would be a part of this generation’s manhua artists, who were currently popular in the anime industry.


After receiving the scores of the masters, the program team did not let Yan Mu Lin and the others wait for long. The most important part of this episode had yet to come. The audience’s votes were not yet announced.


The program team had arranged for the five people to move into the place where the masters were recording. When he saw the masters, Yan Mu Lin found that the masters were using their discerning eyes to look for the lead actor of 《Peacock Flying to the Southeast》.


Director Teng came up with an idea and said, “Why don’t the five of you each say a word? Let the masters guess who is Liu Lanzhi and Jiao Zhongqing.”


The masters laughed and smiled to show that they would be cooperating. It’s just guessing. What’s there to be afraid of guessing ah?


In the presence of these masters, Tian Zhen Yang was no longer the eldest. He turned towards Lu Zhong Ting, “Would you like to speak first?”


Yan Mu Lin followed up, “You could start first too.”


Lu Zhong Ting could see what they were trying to do, “Then let me start first.”



When Tang Wen Hao understood what they were doing, he said: “You all must not.”



Tao Bai Chen only understood when they all finished speaking. He reacted and said, “Who would be the first one then?”


These five actually cooperated with each other. Director Teng smiled at the four masters, “This was not written by our program team.”


Li Jin applauded them for their cooperation, “You did well.”


The other three masters also agreed. Besides, they all had nothing to say. They were all thinking about the performer of 《Peacock Flying to the Southeast》. It was a bit difficult. They were now facing the true voice of the actor, it was hard to connect it with the adjusted voice.


Director Teng counted down. When he reached one, the four masters pointed to Yan Mu Lin.



Everyone was amazed, “…….” They were truly worthy to be called master. To be able to find out the person just by listening to their voice.



In fact, the masters were also amazed. When the five people came in, they all thought that the fifth performer was Tian Zhen Yang. However, after Tian Zhen Yang spoke,  they found out that it was not him. His voice was too low and easy to identify. When they heard Yan Mu Lin, they did not think that it was him at first, so the masters continued to listen. Lu Zhong Ting had a bass voice so it would be difficult for him to play as a female. Tang Wen Hao could play female characters, but it was only for the ones who had the personality of a vixen; to act as a young married woman was impossible. The only one left was Tao Bai Chen. Seeing him unresponsive made them think that he was not the actor who could freely switch among five voices. After that, they could only suspect Yan Mu Lin.


The youngest one present.



The truth was that it could only be him—Yan Mu Lin!



Teacher Tong Jian Hua looked at Yan Mu Lin and said: “Did we guess correctly?”



Yan Mu Lin looked at them innocently, and nodded with a hint of embarrassment, “Ah, yes it is me.”


Teacher Huang Xing Yun tapped his fan and said, “A moment ago, that wasn’t your real voice right? Your real voice is the one you used now. Boy, you are very talented. Do you want to be my disciple?”


Li Jin, who was silent, looked at Huang Xing Yun: “Don’t listen to him. In fact, I also want a disciple. I really like you.”  


I really like you……


To say it like that…..

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