RCVS 28.2

Continuation of Chapter 28

Sitting in the theater were four voice acting masters who were worrying about how to evaluate the performance of the five voice actors. Since the five actors were male, the invited ones were also male. The purpose of this was for fairness. Among the four masters, Fu Chun Rong, who was nearly sixty years old, was the eldest. The other three teachers had to call him eldest brother. The youngest was Li Jin, who was nearly forty years old.



As the theater was starting to close, the four masters moved to a comfortable lounge where a camera was already set up. Since that the director was not there yet, the four masters conversed after sitting down.

When Teacher Tong Jian Hua was young, he was in a school with Fu Chun Rong. They had a junior-senior relationship, so he called Fu Chun Rong as senior brother, and said: “Senior brother, how do you feel?”

(He was calling FCR as shixiong, while TJH was called shidi.)


Although Teacher Fu Chun Rong was nearly sixty years old, his mind was still clear and his body was still very tough. He was dressed in a Tang suit today and looked especially spirited. He answered Tong Jian Hua’s question with another question: “Talk about your ideas. I think there is a young man who is particularly interesting.”


Tong Jian Hua followed what Fu Chun Rong had said. “I personally think that the fourth performer conveyed deep affection better.”


Li Jin, this strict man who wore a suit, sat perfectly straight. He was so meticulous, even his hair was smooth and shiny. He said, “Although I am not sure if it is the same with Big Brother, I also have a candidate in mind.”


Holding an unopened fan, Huang Xing Yun said, “Anyways, I would not choose Lu Bu. I really want to know who came up with Zhang Fei’s terrible lines.”



The conversation of the four people were naturally all recorded by the camera. The four masters had their own ideas, but their words made the cameraman feel confused. I don’t know what kind of puzzle were you playing, but can you at least tell us who performed each play ah?!


In fact, the four masters were not actually very familiar with the five actors. They can only distinguish who was strong and who was weak through their voices. If they had to match those voices with a specific person, then it would be difficult for them. Fortunately, the program team did not ask for them to guess. Of course, if someone was familiar with them, then they could try.



As the four masters sat on the sofa, Director Teng Jian Ren stood by the other side. “I am very honored to invite four highly skilled masters of the voice acting industry to this program. I believe that the four masters have watched the five shadow play performances today. From a voice actor’s perspective, surely, the teachers now have an answer in mind. So in order not to waste everyone’s time, let us enter the scoring stage. I am asking for the teachers to write the score of the first performer on the board given by the staff.”


Each teacher got a board from the staff, and they all wrote the score for the first performer. Of course, what they did not know was that the five actors who just finished performing were sitting on another lounge watching as they were graded in a television screen.


The older the age, the higher the popularity. The more prideful the person was, the more they got nervous.  The participants, except for Yan Mu Lin, whose mouth seemed to have an absent-minded smile, were all stiff. Tao Bai Chen, who was recently mentioned, was pale and about to hyperventilate. He thought that his innovation would be well-received by the judges. These old guys did not understand him at all, damned old antiques!


Without any more nonsense, the four teachers began to give their scores.


Teacher Fu Chun Rong gave five points, Teacher Tong Jian Hua gave seven points, Teacher Li Jin gave six points, and Teacher Huang Xing Yun gave five points.


Fu Chun Rong could not help but smile and say, “Jian Hua, you’re so soft-hearted.”


The other two teachers nodded in agreement.


The director looked at a machine and asked, “Okay, the first performer received 24 points. Can any of the teachers explain why he got this score?”


Li Jin, who was stern, spoke for them: “No matter how the play was arranged, it still had to show Lu Bu’s character. The actor did not seem to know that. In history, Lu Bu is a fierce and unrivaled general.  He is a smart individual with a prideful disposition. Although the Romance of the Three Kingdoms was written by three slave servants, the real Lu Bu was not so servile. If the performer tried to figure this out before, then the performance would have been better.”


Director Teng also asked, “Do the other teachers have anything to add?”


The teachers just waved their hands. It was unnecessary to add any more, the performance was just too bad.


Director Teng then asked: “The next performance to be rated would be 《Wu Song Beats the Tiger》. Teachers, please rate…”


Lu Zhong Ting lacked in the fight scenes so his final score was 28 points. Tang Wen Hao’s got 29 points, one point higher than Lu Zhong Ting. The two men in the lounge began to fight with each other. They just couldn’t help it.


Tian Zhen Yang was once a professional shadow play actor so he scored significantly higher than the other three. He happily obtained 34 points, so the other four applauded him. His score was really high!



Tian Zhen Yang felt relieved. At least his score was not too shameful. He gestured towards Yan Mu Lin, “Let’s see the score of Mu Lin.”


They naturally did not forget about Yan Mu Lin’s play which they saw from the TV screen. It made them slightly moved. Lu Zhong Ting and Tang Wen Hao especially liked it. However, Tian Zhen Yang was there so they could not praise it right now. They did not notice Tao Bai Chen, the youngest of them, had moved to the backstage due to nervousness.


At this point, the four teachers’ calm state disappeared. They seemed to have been looking forward to giving the score of the fifth performer. The juniors could not believe their eyes. Yan Mu Lin was dazzled, they seemed to be a little excited. What was happening? Don’t tell me that they found out who was backstage? Truly awesome masters, to be able to find out just from a voice…


At the moment when Yan Mu Lin looked straight at the screen, four whiteboards faced the camera. Three nine points and one ten points were given.  Tong Jian Hua was the one who gave the ten points.


Others: “……” Hey great masters, what the heck is this situation?


Why were their scores so low!!!


“Which teacher would like to give the evaluation? Could you tell me why you gave such a high score?”


Originally, they wanted to fight for the right, but when Fu Chun Rong coughed, the three teachers looked at Fu Chun Rong before saying in their minds: Only now did I know that old people would spare no efforts taking advantage of their age and that they have no sense of shame!


Fu Chun Rong gave them a “You are all sensible” look, and said to the director: “Why are plays of the same genre given different scores? The reason is very simple. From the beginning of《Peacock Flying to the Southeast》until the end, only one voice was heard. I believe that the performer did this to give us old men a pleasant surprise.”


Li Jin said dumbly, “I am not an old man, but we all agree with eldest brother. What you have heard is really true. The performer constantly changed his voice’s tone and vividly depicted the voice of every character. For us, this is what we call a real performance. A true art. I personally think that in the voice acting world, there are only a few talents. The audience might not see them, but they can’t hide from our ears.”


Huang Xing Yun waved his fan and said to the camera: “This friend, if you are willing and under the age of 30, then I sincerely hope that I could accept you as an apprentice.”


Tong Jian Hua was speechless: “…..Old Huang, you aren’t fair ah. You already have a disciple, yet you’re still trying to get another one.”


Huang Xing Yun said, “Talented people are rare.”



Director and the others: “……” They did not expect that Yan Mu Lin would become the object of discussion among the masters in the first episode.


That’s right. In the performance of 《Peacock Flying to the Southeast》, there were five people performing, but there was only one person talking and singing. All the voices in the play came from Yan Mu Lin. One person with five characters.


The touching dialogue of the couple, the pigheaded Mother Jiao, the rude and unreasonable Brother Liu, and the incompetent Mother Liu. Each of these vivid characters’ voices came from Yan Mu Lin’s mouth.


Therefore, in 《Peacock Flying to the Southeast》, all of the lines and vocals were performed by Yan Mu Lin. There was no doubt that he deserved the first place today!



The masters’ lounge was filled with heated discussion, unlike the other lounge, which was filled with silence. Even Tao Bai Chen did not know what to say. Lu Zhong Ting looked at Yan Mu Lin’s expression with an infatuated face. Tang Wen Hao gave him a slap on the back.


To be recruited as a disciple of a great master. So envious…..


To be a voice actor praised by a great master. So envious…..


To be able to play five characters at the same time. So envious…..


Tian Zhen Yang just shook his head towards Yan Mu Lin. No one could tell what he was thinking, but it was probably about how Yan Mu Lin was a person that should not be underestimated. He was not a person like Tao Bai Chen whose emotions were written on his face. He was someone impossible to guard against, always winning through a surprise.


As for Yan Mu Lin, well, he just wanted to show off his skills.


Here, nobody knew Yan Mu Lin. He could freely show his strengths and did not have the burden of being an idol. He could perform happily and do what he wants. He was setting himself free from now on!


He just did not expect to get invited to be an influential master’s disciple.


He should hold on to it, and not promise anything for the time being……

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