RCVS 27.1

Chapter 27: Performance


The place that the program team had chosen for the voice actors to perform was a hall selected through voting last night. The five stars still did not know that they were facing an audience who have actually bought tickets. They thought that the program team invited some masters to vote just like last time. Of course, the audience was only a part of the program team’s antics. The highlight for today was the voice acting masters invited by the team. They were also sitting in the audience to watch the performance. Their scores were important in this episode. The rankings would be based on the combination of the audience’s votes and their scores.


The program team was very meticulous. Each of the voice acting masters they invited had different personalities. Some were poisonous, straightforward, strict, humorous, charming, or very interesting.


After the rehearsal, each actor had an hour of resting and preparation time. They had to check the props one by one. While Yan Mu Lin was following his other teammates, he saw Tian Zhen Yang, who had just finished checking their props. The other three did not do so. Only people who really learned how to do shadow play knew how to care for their shadows.


“Senior Tian.” Yan Mu Lin stood up to greet him.


Tian Zhen Yang patted his shoulder: “I’ll be cheering for you tonight, I’m optimistic about you.”


Yan Mu Lin, who felt encouraged, was thankful. He said, “Okay.”


Although Yan Mu Lin couldn’t see whether Tian Zhen Yang really wanted him to perform well or if he was just doing it for the audience. He was more inclined to the latter. They were two people who have never met before, and for no reason, he was suddenly being good to him. That was unlikely. The only reason he could think of was that Tian Zhen Yang was doing this to boost his good image in the program. Yan Mu Lin smiled bitterly. Sometimes, an image was also a double-edged sword.


In fact, during their free time after the rehearsal, the director took the opportunity to have a brief interview with them. He focused mainly on the question “Who do you think will win the hearts of the audience and masters tonight?”. Everyone, in conformance with their principles on the first episode, all chose their seniors. In short, they would not choose themselves. Even Tao Bai Chen, who previously overstepped his boundaries, chose Lu Zhong Ting. While Yan Mu Lin chose Tian Zhen Yang. Lu Zhong Ting and Tian Zhen Yang’s guess was not expected by the director. They both chose Yan Mu Lin. Lastly, Tang Wen Hao’s guess was Tian Zhen Yang.


Their guesses were just guesses and not the result of the final performance.


“Through a piece of white cloth on the stage, I, this lowly person, perform behind-the-scenes. A narration of thousand tales, as both hands dance like a million soldiers.”


These sentences were about shadow play. Shadow play was a unique art that integrated painting, carving, music, and performance. It was definitely worthy of being explored to the utmost by the Chinese. The glory of shadow play was not only in the past, but it was also still in its most brilliant moment. As part of Huaxia, I am really proud of it. Really happy, sigh.


Compared to a hundred years ago, the current theater’s environment was absolutely comfortable. The white cloth that was used in the past was then replaced with a curtain made up of special material. There was a huge screen placed in the hall so that the audience who had bought back seats could still see clearly.


The audience who bought tickets were now starting to come in and look for their corresponding seats.


The performance was set to start at 7:30 in the evening.


Before the start of the show, a promotional video of Liuli Pavilion was broadcast. Liuli Pavilion was one of the oldest theaters in shadow play. Its existence marked the history of shadow play. It retained its unique charm and culture in the long rivers of history. Thus, shadow play was like a thick ink painting that was preserved up to this day.


Liuli Theater had always insisted on using the most ancient production art. There were not many old theaters that have complete shadow puppets anymore.


After watching the introduction of the theater for almost ten minutes, the audience who did not know what the purpose of today’s performance was shocked by the appearance of the host who suddenly appeared!


No, they did not feel cheated. In fact, they actually felt honored. Really lucky ah! The host turned out to be a big brother of Tianzi Television—Hua Qian. Why was he here? No one told them anything.


At first, they thought that it was just a publicity campaign by the theater. They did not expect that the Hua Qian would appear here. He was a host that had an androgynous voice that simply made them feel both love and hate. What really was his sexual orientation? We were really curious, okay?!


Hua Qian’s appearance was the first climax tonight. The audience liked him very much. They really wanted to see those who would perform tonight. He said that there would be more surprises later. We want to know! Hua Qian kept the people on tenterhooks. Stop keeping us in suspense or we would not love you anymore, and would then switch to Xuanzi’s Shu Ying!


En. Shu Ying was another host from Xuanzi Television. Hua Qian’s impassable rival. He had an upright and plainspoken face, but his voice was filled with magnetizing charm.


After explaining tonight’s voting process and rules to the audience, Hua Qian shouted: “May I ask for everyone to watch the first group who is going to perform a selection from 《Romance of the Three Kingdoms》, 《Three Heroes Battle Lu Bu》!” He then walked down from the stage. His enchanting figure amused the audience. Hua Qian was really astounding, decisively turning everyone into his hardcore fan.


The first to perform on stage was Tao Bai Chen. After this morning’s twists and turns, he finally rehearsed during the afternoon. According to his ideas, the master, who was forced to retreat, was now sitting in the audience. A pair of sharp eyes was filled with coldness. Let’s see if this kind of arrogant and condescending guy who believed that he was infallible would be able to play well. Definitely not. I believe that this person, surnamed Tao, was just common goods.


(T/N: Imagine tsurime eyes on an old man… not cute… right)


If it weren’t for the program team’s apology and their arrangement for him to sit in the front row in advance, then this old master would not have watched the show.


Tao Bai Chen’s role was Lu Bu. The Lu Bu he played ended up becoming an arrogant, and egotistical man. His lines had already deviated from the original, giving the people the feeling that they were not watching 《The Three Heroes Battle Lu Bu》, but an elementary play instead.


Well, Lu Bu was the youngest of the three. Three heroes came on behalf of the oldest to vent their anger.


Zhang Fei scolded: “I will beat you to death, you cheap person! I will beat you to death! I will beat you to death!”


This script’s level: ……

another entrance exam on sunday sigh.
after that is my semestral break though, so more time to translate!

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