RCVS 26.2

For Yan Mu Lin, it did not matter which team he had. He had no problems with any of them. He already had a plan for his performance of 《Peacock Flying to the Southeast》.


The program team suggested teams that were the best at certain dramas but did not tell them that they did not understand other dramas. How could the masters who rely on shadow play to eat would not know how to play more than one drama? Just wait. The team’s master would definitely give Yan Mu Lin a nice surprise, he was convinced.


As Yan Mu Lin expected, after he talked about the 《Peacock Flying to the Southeast》, everyone understood, and no one told him that they couldn’t do it. He chose a popular drama, so as long as it could be performed in the theater, Tao Bai Chen would surely lose his life savings.

lose his life savings : nothing in return for his hard work.


If he was not mistaken, from the group of shadows yesterday, Tao Bai Chen chose 《Three Heroes Fighting with Lu Bu》. Was it really okay for him not to choose the best team? Is he stupid? What is “the gains do not make up for the losses”? What was harming others without benefiting oneself? What was a pig teammate called? This was it. He had actually met one in person today.

Yan Mu Lin accepted what he did frankly because it had no effect on him.


While studying, Tao Bai Chen had a dispute with the team that he chose. The director even had to come between them. It was because of Master Li, the head of the team that Tao Bai Chen chose. Master Li was a senior in the shadow play industry, and he had always kept his word, so his team members listened to him. This was also because Master Li was a senior performer. He was very protective of his team when something had gone against their interest. Usually, their team would be okay with stars, even those whose temper was a little bad; and this great expert usually just let it pass.


However, today, Master Li met Tao Baichen, who had been spoiled by his company and family. This person did not listen to his teachings at all, and so he wanted to change actors. After a lifetime of performing shadow plays, Master Li, who had a sincere view towards Chinese culture, had never felt so disrespected. He felt very stifled in his heart. At first, he considered talking to the director about his bottled up feelings, however, after Tao Bai Chen softly cursed the words “dead stupid” to Master Li’s apprentice, Master Li straightforwardly pushed the table and quit!

To be frank, his apprentice was even more professional than Tao Bai Chen. For what reason did he have to scold the person? He had never seen this type of person without morals!


The two men were almost burning in anger, and that fire was getting bigger and bigger. The director had to step in to mediate.


Master Li shouted at the director: “This kind of actor who did not know how to respect other people’s hard work, I don’t dare cooperate with them. Nothing you say can change my mind. Shadow play is a part of Huaxia’s traditional culture. If you want to add modern elements to it for creativity, then we the elderly have no problems with it. However, when they don’t agree to one brief remark, they would suddenly insult someone else’s disciple? Director Teng, in order not to delay you, I will make it clear that I cannot stand this insult, you have to give me an explanation!”


If things got too big, Director Teng would definitely come forward to solve the problem. If it was indeed Tao Bai Chen who was at fault, then the director and Tao Bai Chen’s agent should apologize to Master Li. However, Tao Bai Chen did not think that he was at fault; he just spoke without thinking. It was just hot air. Even saying these words were no good?! He did not even insult the other party, so he firmly refused to apologize.


The two people were at a deadlock, then the director came over and asked for Tao Bai Chen to apologize to Master Li. However, Tao Bai Chen, who was at the prime of his youth, insisted that he would not apologize since he was not wrong. Moreover, he even proposed to switch teams with Yan Mu Lin, so that the problem could be solved.


After listening to his words, Director Teng felt as if he have just lost some brain cells. What kind of logic was that? He was now regretting that he added Tao Bai Chen to the crew. His character was extremely problematic!


You didn’t respect the elderly, you refused to say that you cursed people, and now you wanted to take somebody else’s resources?


Director Teng said that he would think about it. He did not want to fulfill Tao Bai Chen’s request. Director Teng quickly moved to Yan Mu Lin’s practice grounds to look for Yan Mu Lin.


When Director Teng arrived at the grounds, Tao Bai Chen was already demanding Yan Mu Lin’s team. He was really stupid.


Yan Mu Lin was looking at Tao Bai Chen with a smile. If Sheng Xia Xiao was present, he would immediately know that Yan Mu Lin was mocking the other person, ridiculing their innocence and stupidity. Sheng Xia Xiao himself might even make him embarrass himself.


Tao Bai Chen’s dispute was too big that the other actors have already heard about it. Naturally, Yan Mu Lin knew too.


Right now, Yan Mu Lin was not angry; he just laughed. He showed his good temperament in front of the camera. The people were relieved.


However, Tao Bai Chen did not know that Yan Mu Lin, this newcomer, was actually someone who hid a dagger behind his smiles. He was actually digging holes for him. Yan Mu Lin said gently, “Bai Chen, if Master Feng does not mind and is willing to team up with you, then I don’t have any choice.” Master Feng was the leader of Yan Mu Lin’s current team. Their current relationship was extremely good. They have already started preparing for their performance, and at this moment, for him to suddenly be asked to change partners… Surely, Master Feng’s mind would be filled with various ideas, as he have never seen such recklessness.


Tao Bai Chen could only brace himself to ask Master Feng. Yes. He did not think that Yan Mu Lin would suddenly throw the question for the master to answer. He wanted to use Yan Mu Lin’s answer to start the topic. Now, he had dug a hole for himself, and he had to jump into it!


Tao Bai Chen got rejected. Master Feng was not stupid. The people in the shadow play industry were all impatient with this kind of person who did not have morals.


Yan Mu Lin patted his shoulders innocently: “Don’t worry. Maybe you could ask the other seniors?”


Tao Bai Chen coldly hummed in his heart as he left the practice grounds.


He could not even say thank you or apologize for disturbing their practice. He really did not know which parent taught that kind of child. Yan Mu Lin did not like Tao Bai Chen at all and wanted to take advantage of him. He wanted to treat Yan Mu Lin like a fool? He definitely should have not.


Tao Bai Chen also knew that the other senior’s team would not switch with him. He would not apologize to Master Li, but the show still had to continue. Its atmosphere cannot continue to be this rigid, so the director had to contact another team for him. As for whether it would be harmonious… Yan Mu Lin did not care either way.


After the small storm, everyone continued practicing intensely. In the afternoon, there would be an hour for dress rehearsals. Today, time was just too precious. While working with masters, Yan Mu Lin benefited a lot. When there was a disagreement with them, he would try to explain to the other party why he was doing it. If it was unreasonable, then he would respect their pieces of advice or opinions. Their team was harmonious.


After the end of the tense and exhausting rehearsal in the afternoon, Yan Mu Lin sat down to rest. He thought of being on stage to perform later at night, but Yan Mu Lin knew that he did not have any reasons to be nervous.


During dinner, Yan Mu Lin was eating with relish. Suddenly, he thought of doing something. He ran after the cameraman. In front of the camera, he said in Pan Jinlian’s voice: “Come on, gongzi, let us eat?”


The hardworking cameraman who seriously documented the course of events: “……” I can’t do this, somebody cover my ears!


The other staff members on the side laughed out loud: “Hahaha….”


Look at this brave strong guy blush, he looked just like pork liver. We’re going to die laughing!


At the same time, Shao Nuo Yu was accompanying his father, who had good mental health and showed no signs of illness, around Pi Ying City.


My father was no longer as pale as before and was not as skinny as he was in his previous life.


Shao Nuo Yu’s father, Shao Yan Hu, have already celebrated his 60th birthday. He liked Huaxia’s traditional culture very much. Shadow play was naturally one of them.


Today he went out on a whim with his son. He knew that his son would surely fulfill all his demands.


Special Assistant Pei ran towards them, sweating, and said: “Venerable Shao, Director Shao, the theaters today do not have private rooms. Even the ordinary seats are sold out. However, the Liuli Theater seems to have a different performance from the other theaters today. They have camera set-ups.”


Seeing the special assistant feel awkward, Venerable Shao laughed and said: “Then let’s go see their show, and say hello to their boss in advance. Tell them not to film us, since we only came to watch the show.”


Special Assistant Pei looked towards Shao Nuo Yu. Director Shao, with a fair and just expression, said: “Just follow what Dad said.”


The special assistant nodded, and immediately sent out someone to buy tickets, buy snacks, and buy pastries!


When they are at a dinner party, then it was natural for them to eat luxury food; sleep in a presidential suite; play golf, and talk about economics, politics, and culture. When they relax, they also liked to eat small snacks, and crack open melon seeds.


Cracking open melon seeds have always been one of Venerable Shao’s favorite activity. Later, after Director Shao succeeded the throne, the pressure on him was huge, and he fell back to cracking open seeds. He could not stop doing it, so when he was idle, he would also crack melon seeds.


Yes, our Director Shao loves melon seeds.


Really. His favorite flavor was even peppermint.


The author has something to say:

Director Shao’s Daily Small Theater:

Special Assistant: Director Shao, do you want the melon seeds to smell like butter, five-fragrance, or in a peppermint scent?

Director Shao did not hesitate to say: Peppermint.

Later, The tears of Yan Mu Lin, who now knew the truth, fell: I like spicy flavors. With our different tastes, could we still be together?

Director Shao: Change your taste.

Yan Mu Lin: …..Divorce!

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