RCVS 24.2

Continuation of Chapter 24

Facing his senior, Yan Mu Lin had to look astonished: “Senior Lu, hello, I did not expect it to be you.”


Lu Zhong Ting was already a first-rate star. Unlike Zhang Jing Jing, who was still in the middle of being a second-rate and a first-rate star, she would still be considered a second-rate star because her temperament was still not up to a certain standard. This Lu Zhong Ting had reached that standard. If Yan Mu Lin was his fan, then he would definitely scream, but he was not.


Lu Zhong Ting was not the king of awkward silences, he said: “I know you. Pan Jin Lian was great. At first, I really thought it was the voice of a girl.”


Yan Mu Lin smiled, “Thank you for your compliments.”


Lu Zhong Ting said as he looked around: “I didn’t expect that a piano would be here. I’ve been feeling a little itchy since I haven’t touched a piano for days.” In fact, he was actually a singer in addition to being a voice actor. He actually sang a theme song for an anime and had even released a single. However, the results were average, so he focused on voice acting.


Yan Mu Lin knew that he was probably thinking of showing off, but didn’t say anything. He stood on the side and watched as the other pressed a key.


While Lu Zhong Ting was playing the piano, the third guest has arrived. This guest was truly a very popular person. Yan Mu Lin respected him for he was a strength faction CV. He had already been in the industry for almost ten years. Compared with Lu Zhong Ting and Yan Mu Lin, he was pretty old. Now, he was nearly 40 years old. He frequently voiced for movie stars. He was famous for being the go-to CV of the movie star Lin Yu Xian. He was the senior named Tian Zhen Yang.


The fourth one was currently a very popular star. Tang Wen Hao, who had a reputation in the voice acting world for doing everything with all his might. He would do it even if it was just an advertisement or a small TV drama role. An anime, or an adult movie. In short, Tang Wen Hao had shown himself everywhere and was now well-known. He had his own fans and had successfully jumped to the status of a first-rate male voice actor.


Tang Wen Hao was not tall. He was only 1.65 meters. He looked delicate, but his personality was straightforward. When he laughed, it did not sound fake at all. His agency bore grudges against Lu Zhong Ting’s agency, so whenever one of them conversed, they would always try to be ahead of the other. Judging by the look in their eyes, Yan Mu Lin was sure that they would never cooperate. He felt fortunate that he had received Aunt Zhou as his manager, so he did not have to deal with disputes like that.


Although Yan Mu Lin was a newcomer, he was still being raised by Noah’s Ark’s Zhou Wen Jing. To save his face, no one embarrassed him. His start seemed to be okay.


The last one who arrived was a genuine self-important person. He had only appeared thirty minutes later.


Although they were all self-important people, he was the most conceited among them all. His name was Tao Bai Chen. His looks were exquisite, and his hair was dyed white. He was a little older than Yan Mu Lin. He was capable of joining because of a recommendation, and it was said that he had a close relationship with an investor.


Tao Bai Chen had several idol dramas in his portfolio. Because of his exquisite looks, he was “praised” by some host to have the perfect side profile. Of course, this was later rejected by the netizens. When he first entered, his posture was a little lowered. Later, when he saw Yan Mu Lin, a new face that he had never seen before, to greet him, he ignored him and directly chatted with Lu Zhong Ting.


Yan Mu Lin had roughly grasped the personalities of the four people. He knew who he could be close to, and who he had to stay away from. In short, he had completely studied their interpersonal relationships, and he was sure to pass this. He even knew where to get snacks.


When the staff arrived, the director told them what they were going to be challenged in.


《Who Has That Good Voice?》 was mainly concerned with these several voice actors in accomplishing the task given by the director. Based on their completion of the task, these professional voice actors would be then scored by judges.


There was a total of four judges. They were all recognized throughout the country as old professors who had won many meritorious contributions. This caused everyone to say that they were frightened to death. However, since they need not be judged yet, the identity of these masters was still not introduced.


After reading the opening remarks, the director began to say: “Next, may I request the five voice actors to draw lots. There are only two choices. One is 《The Imperial Feast List》, and the second one is 《The Geographical Map》. You need to read all the words completely and would be graded by our machine. The accuracy rate of the machine is 100%. After this, the actors who passed can follow our guide for the next mission.”


After the director finished speaking, the staff brought in five small machines.


They followed the “eldest to youngest” rule when drawing lots, as they all had some selfishness. Yan Mu Lin was the last to pick.


The result was: Tao Bai Chen got number one, 《The Imperial Feast List》; Lu Zhong Ting got number two, 《The Geographical Map》; Tang Wen Hao got number two, 《The Geographical Map》; Yan Mu Lin got number one, 《The Imperial Feast List》; and Tian Zhen Yang  got number two, 《The Geographical Map》.


Lu Zhong Ting patted the shoulder of Yan Mu Lin, “Come on.”


Yan Mu Lin stared blankly, and then smiled: “Thank you.”


The cameraman recorded the scene between two people, and of course, did not miss Tao Bai Chen’s self-confident smile towards the paper.


The five people went to the scoring machine, their mouths facing the condenser microphone.


The director commanded: “Ready, go!”


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