RCVS 24.1

Chapter 24: Beginning

After being filmed secretly, the 《Spy》 crew’s confidentiality work was increased to another level. Those who were not staff members were not allowed to go inside, and fans could not even think about rushing inside and listen stealthily. The scenes of Xue Bai Ping, who appeared in the video with Yan Mu Lin, have already ended. The two did not exchange contacts but instead followed each other on Weibo. The two had a tacit understanding even without communicating through PM. They looked forward to seeing each other next time.


After his previous matters passed, the much-awaited reality show, 《Where is that Good Voice?》, finally began filming. Yan Mu Lin was in a very good mood, but he was also slightly nervous. A CV who had been working backstage would finally face an audience.


Why did it felt like this was marrying off a daughter…


Yan Mu Lin came with Zhou Wen Jing to see the director to sign with the crew. The rest of the day, he studied. He had not participated in other activities. Yan Mu Lin had to take advantage of himself being in the limelight and pick up various jobs, but Zhou Wen Jing did not want him to act like a newcomer. The road he would take would have to be different from other newcomers.


During the show’s filming, Yan Mu Lin deliberately did not wear something eye-catching. His clothes were prepared by Zhou Wen Jing’s team. A low-key and simple image was currently the most suitable image for Yan Mu Lin. He was supposed to be a newcomer who was slightly shy in front of the camera.


Yan Mu Lin had just come into contact with this circle. He had not yet seen most of the voice acting industry’s big shots or came into contact with them. At most, he only knew a few from the Internet. Over the next few months, he would be with other voice actors. He was half hopeful and half worried. He was afraid that he could not adapt.


This negative mentality needed to be dispelled slowly. Yan Mu Lin was standing beside Zhou Wen Jing as he slowly adjusted his breathing. He was also a person who had once mixed in with the entertainment circle. He could do this. He believed in himself.


At this moment, they were sitting on a private car towards Tianzi TV. Yan Mu Lin was sitting next to Zhou Wen Jing. Sitting in front where the director and the driver. Zhou Wen Jing greeted the director and the driver, while Yan Mu Lin maintained a smile during the whole time.


With Zhou Wen Jing’s wide connections, Yan Mu Lin did not need a long time to make inquiries about the identities of the other voice actors who would be participating in the program. As soon as they got the information, Zhou Wen Jing gave Yan Mu Lin a lesson.


The week before Yan Mu Lin participated in the show, Zhou Wen Jing specifically gave Yan Mu Lin advice. Don’t say anything that shouldn’t be said on the show. Of all that she told him, Yan Mu Lin kept this closest to his heart.


A male director was holding a mini camera as he asked Yan Mu Lin a few questions: “Mu Lin, hello. We all know that you have recently joined the voice acting circle and that you don’t have a lot of works yet. What are your thoughts on being able to participate in this program?”


Yan Mu Lin thought about it and just said a standard answer, “I am very grateful to the TV Station for giving me this opportunity. Since I am a newcomer, I am very honored to learn skills that I couldn’t learn at school with my seniors.”


The director asked again: “Are you nervous? Have you thought about which among your seniors will you meet?”


Yan Mu Lin then casually stated some popular CVs, “I think these seniors are the most likely to come. They are all role models at my school.”


The director asked again, “Are you nervous now?”


Yan Mu Lin stretched his hand out: “My hands have been shaking the whole time. I’m very nervous.”


The director gave a smile and then remarked, “It seems that you are really nervous. Since you are participating in this show, it must have affected your studies.”


Yan Mu Lin replied: “The school encourages us. The subjects we missed could be studied online. I think we are treated very well.”


After getting a satisfactory answer, the director did not ask again and turned off the video. He reminded Yan Mu Lin that there would be a follow-up after getting off the car.


Since it was a reality show, it should show some interesting highlights, therefore Yan Mu Lin could not be too cautious, or it would not be fun.


Sure enough, at the entrance of Tianzi TV Station, there was a crowd of people waiting. All of them were staff members. Yan Mu Lin had to walk a 10-meter-long red carpet. He did not dare to walk alone. He walked in with Zhou Wen Jing. Of course, since he was the star, he walked a step ahead of Zhou Wen Jing.


Since Yan Mu Lin was a newcomer, his arrival did not attract the attention of the staff. He followed the director towards the designated place. Zhou Wen Jing had no longer appeared in front of the camera, but she would follow along with the whole process. Although Yan Mu Lin was Yan Zi Qiong’s son, they did not have the same mutual understanding between her and his mother. They needed to work on that slowly. Yes, Zhou Wen Jing now wanted to raise Yan Mu Lin herself. This was Yan Zi Qiong’s request. She was also willing to do this, therefore she should push the boat with the current.


A lot of people did not understand why she suddenly wanted to pick up a newcomer. Only Zhou Wen Jing knew that Yan Zi Qiong reached her peak many years ago. Those that have gone to her weren’t just second-rate or first-rate stars. Everyone had their own styles. Yan Mu Lin had potential and was a capable person, while she just wanted to raise a newcomer who had not been brought up before. Someone like that, to a superstar. She really wanted to do that.


There was only Yan Mu Lin left in front of the camera. He really did not want to shoot a reality show. In the beginning, he felt really uncomfortable with the camera. He kept touching his ears, and then he felt more comfortable when he stopped being aware of the camera. Of course, he still had to pay attention to his words and actions.


Yan Mu Lin was brought into a very interestingly decorated room. The interior was a bit like a family’s lounge. There was a beige sofa in the middle and a white piano behind it. There was a set drums on the left, a variety of national instruments, and other musical instruments that Yan Mu Lin could not name. He had only seen photos of the other instruments before.


Yes, this country did not experience the Eight-Nation Alliance catastrophe, so its thousands of years of musical culture have naturally been preserved. There were mountains beyond mountains, and heavens beyond heavens, so, Huaxia, which almost completely preserved their thousands of years of cultural heritage, would obviously have people that Yan Mu Lin could admire. At this point, he made up his mind to be more humble in front of his seniors.


There were mountains beyond mountains, and heavens beyond heavens – There’s always someone better. There’s no limit in the universe. No matter how strong you are, there’s always someone stronger. (any of the three orz)


No one came except for the cameraman. Yan Mu Lin looked around the hall and saw two papers hanging on the wall. Yan Mu Lin moved closer and found that the first one was a piece that was frequently performed in crosstalk, 《The Imperial Feast List》, While the second one had 《The Geographical Map》. He thought that the crew would not place those in the wall for no reason. What they were going to do today must have something to do with those two papers. Now that he had officially started shooting, should he show off in front of the camera?


No, he absolutely must not.


Yan Mu Lin pretended not to know what it meant, and said to the cameraman: “It looks really difficult, ah.”


The cameraman nodded: “……” I don’t even need to be a cameraman if I could do that.


Just when he was about to say something, the door opened. A mixed-race man who was taller than Yan Mu Lin had entered. He had blue eyes and slightly swept up hair. His shirt was slightly open while his cuffs were rolled up to the forearm, which revealed his wheat-colored skin. He then smiled at Yan Mu Lin.


Yan Mu Lin quickly guessed who he was. This person was known to have a quarter of Russian blood. His voice was gorgeous and filled with emotion. He had a lot of fans due to his outstanding appearance and background. His fans called him the “voice acting prince”. His works included the second male lead in 《Basketball King》 and the protagonist of 《The Demon King’s Castle》. As soon as he debuted, he immediately received a fervent response from the public. His name was Lu Zhong Ting.
Lu Zhong Ting had been in the industry for five years and had a certain number of fans. His fans were the most obedient because his gorgeous voice had always played a comforting character, listen……

“Hey, hello.” His voice was really gorgeous, pure natural elegance. As for the soothing effect, Yan Mu Lin really did not feel it.


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