RCVS 23.2

Continuation of Chapter 23

In order to find the voice actor named Yan Mu Lin, the fans had run into Guo Li Peng’s Weibo. What did they see?


His latest forward was a Weibo post. Pan Jinlian’s CV was just a voice acting newcomer? Was he really Pan Jinlian’s CV? Absolutely impossible! However, after listening to the kouji in the audio, and hearing the different voices of men, women, and children; it was possible.


No, they had to investigate first.


They heard that the person in the video was called “I am not a harpy eagle”, so they looked at that profile.


Ah? He was a voice actor under Noah’s Ark.


Well, the details in his Weibo was not complete. Harpy eagle’s full name wasn’t there, nor was his introduction.


Come, let’s go to the official website of Noah’s Ark. We would find useful information there.


Indeed, the Heavens would not turn their back on people who used their heads. They really found information about Harpy eagle. After that, they had arrived at a conclusion. Noah’s Ark was an extreme bully. Did you really have to do things half-heartedly? This was obviously a side photo taken from the video! You didn’t dare to post a photo of Harpy eagle. This didn’t mean that we were looking forward to it, k?!


However, they were a bit satisfied since they finally knew the name of Harpy eagle: Yan Mu Lin.


It sounded pretty good and was a pretty feminine name. No wonder she was capable of doing such enchanting and lovely moans. Simply a big love! (Completely wrong.)

big love – Internet slang w/c means favorite (usually used among idols)


Fans who did logical reasoning came up with a lengthy and neat analysis in a Weibo post. They confirmed that Yan Mu Lin was the CV of Pan Jinlian.


Really wasn’t deceiving you. Also, Yan Mu Lin was a man. A man with Pan Jinlian’s moaning voice!


A fan even posted: @Guo Li Peng Director Guo, do you dare to vow that you really did not look for an actress to voice Pan Jinlian’s moans? Do you dare vow half of your lifetime with dignity?


Guo Li Peng, who acted like a high and mighty director, naturally did not respond to this fan’s question. However, there was a marketing Weibo that made a post.


The blogger [Really so cool]’s Weibo post was written like this: Remember the “Guess which one is Zhang Jing Jing’s moaning sound?” post from before? Do you want to know the answer? Hahaha, I know the answer! Exclusive news: That fascinating and soothing sound, tonight, the answer would be revealed at 7 PM. Which one is Zhang Jing Jing’s? Who is the other person?


[Really so cool] had a lot of fans. It still wasn’t 7 PM but there were already two group of fans that were quarreling under the Weibo post. Zhang Jing Jing’s fans were all embarrassed.


In fact, Noah’s Ark was behind this. Yan Mu Lin told Zhou Wen Jing about Zhang Jing Jing clearly. He did not do anything to hide it. Because of the dog nose of the PR team, they quickly smelled [Really so cool]’s post was related to Yan Mu Lin. They were in the dark, and ready to attack. If things started to be problematic, then they would surely attack.


Sure enough, at 7 PM, the answer was announced.


[Really so cool] sent a Weibo post, this time it was straightforward: Huge insider scoop: Zhang Jing Jing = wheezing sound; Harpy eagle = Pan Jinlian = Yan Mu Lin = faint breathing, oh~


That damned person who made them feel waves of ecstasy!


They then concluded that the owner of the faint breathing sound was Yan Mu Lin, or Harpy eagle; while the more “ecstastic” moans were Zhang Jing Jing’s. That’s right! Zhang Jing Jing!


After that, according to the direction of how this matter was developed, everything was torn open.


Zhang Jing Jing’s fans began to blacken Yan Mu Lin. They cursed Yan Mu Lin, who was so shameless. He became the protagonist with the help of their goddess, Zhang Jing Jing! [Really so cool] was paid by Noah’s Ark!


Weibo was once again filled with various comments for a single person:


Zhang Jing Jing’s fan 1: I can’t believe that there would be someone so shameless. Actually daring to scheme against our Jing Jing!


Passerby fan 1: Just a passerby who turned into Harpy eagle’s fan. I’ve never liked Zhang Jing Jing that white lotus.


Zhang Jing Jing’s fan 2: The person upstairs, come out in person, let’s have a duel!


Passerby fan 2: Foolish person upstairs, hehe, I don’t even need to explain.


Passerby fan 3: To be fair, Zhang Jing Jing never moaned in a show, so I can’t imagine it not because of her image, but because she hasn’t done it before.


Passerby fan 4: The person upstairs made sense, I looked at 《Pan Jinlian》, and the voice was absolutely perfect. The crying was filled with sorrow, and I even cried when I saw it. Of course, I did not miss a single second of the faint breathing. PS: The adult version was really good. Leaving a like.


Passerby fan 5: I don’t need to see you out, person upstairs. I still have a month before I become an adult! The broadcast was edited for teenagers, looking for someone who can share!


Then, the replies has deviated from the original post…


After [Really so cool]’s propaganda, Pan Jinlian’s ratings went up. Yan Mu Lin received a lot of congratulatory messages and calls from familiar and unfamiliar CVs and directors. He replied politely one by one, as he was a newcomer.


The feeling of becoming famous overnight was not bad. He enjoyed it very much. Now, when he would get up in the morning, he would look at Weibo for a while. As a matter of fact, at 6 o’clock, he sent out a Weibo post.


[I am not a harpy eagle]: Gu de mao ning. [A side profile photo with a sports field background.]


Gu de mao ning – Chinglish for Good morning. The literal translation for this is ancient cat tranquility.


Fan 1: Ah ah ah! Male god, you surprisingly get up so early! Actually jogging!


Fan 2: Mao ning! Ah ah ah!!!!


Fan 3: Male god, your second Weibo post, why is it a side photo again!!! What about your face?!!!


Fan 4: Mao ning.


Fan 5: Mao ning.



Yan Mu Lin, who had a few works, was now a small Internet celebrity with fans.


Well, there were also people who weren’t Internet celebrities but had fans.


He really wanted for Shao Nuo Yu to tell him his thoughts about him right now. Could he give him a hug as an encouragement?


It was important for him to tell if he should give up or not.


Ai! The sadness of a secret love.


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