RCVS 23.1

Chapter 23: Intimidation


He did not know whether it was Yan Mu Lin’s intense aura or something else, but Sheng Xia Xiao was once again defeated under his stare.


Yes, in the past, Sheng Xia Xiao would always bullied Yan Mu Lin. That was because the other person would always look really embarrassed; people just couldn’t help but bully him again just to see him cry.


However, after he woke up in the recording studio last time, Yan Mu Lin was no longer afraid of Sheng Xia Xiao. He now dared to look at him directly or disagree with what he was doing. He now dared to yell at him, and even threaten him.


Sheng Xia Xiao thought that his eyes were playing tricks on him due to Yan Mu Lin’s previous actions. His heart felt cold due to those eyes; those ice-cold eyes that he had never seen on the past Yan Mu Lin.


Sheng Xia Xiao have always been overbearing. He usually occupied two or three seats on his own. Their classmates had long been used to the fights between the two of them, so seeing the two about to fight, no one was willing to approach them.


Sheng Xia Xiao was pressured by those ice-cold eyes, but still did not want to admit defeat. He said, “You’re just a small Internet celebrity.”


Yan Mu Lin’s small smile had seemed to turn colder. His tone gave the impression to have come from hell. His voice was low as he said to Sheng Xia Xiao: “Sheng Xia Xiao, you still don’t know? The real Yan Mu Lin has been killed by you that day on the recording studio.”


Yan Mu Lin, a strength actor of the voice acting industry, made everything sound as real as possible. He did not want to face more trouble later, so he wanted to deal with Sheng Xia Xiao quickly. Based on his observations, Sheng Xia Xiao had gotten used to bullying the previous Yan Mu Lin that it had turned into a habit, so he told the other person the truth. If he didn’t, then he would never know that what he was doing was wrong. But as soon as this idea was planted, then he would subconsciously remember this and be afraid.


Sheng Xia Xiao was a person that bullied the weak, and feared the strong. Yan Mu Lin watched as his face moved from being enraged to rigid, while his complexion turned from blue to purple. He knew that it was because of what he said, and that Sheng Xia Xiao had heard it.


He stopped paying attention to him, and then took a seat.


Presumably, it would not be difficult to deal with Sheng Xia Xiao anymore.


He wasn’t afraid of Sheng Xia Xiao spreading his words everywhere. Nowadays, who would believe in supernatural beings? In this materialistic society, he was sure that most people would just laugh at those theories.


Sheng Xia Xiao did not dare mention this to Sheng Qing Dong; it was surely for him to save face. Therefore, the words said by Yan Mu Lin today would only stay with Sheng Xia Xiao. Not even one person would know about it.


They did not fight, so some of their classmates were disappointed. They were all ready to record. They even wanted to add fuel to the fire. The way these harpy eagles fight, they still haven’t seen it. It must be amusing.


Unfortunately, there was no fight.


After being threatened, Sheng Xia Xiao curbed his arrogance. Every time he saw Yan Mu Lin, he seemed to have resembled a ghost. His whole person was dispirited and the dark circles under his eyes were obvious. Like a vengeful ghost, Yan Mu Lin would give him a sullen smile whenever they meet; and in mischief, he would blow on Sheng Xia Xiao’s neck. This had scared the boy to death. On the following days, Sheng Xia Xiao was absent from school. Yan Mu Lin said to himself that this had nothing to do with him.


He knew that Sheng Xia Xiao’s heart must be crying out: Demon! Demon! Devil! Devil! I am going to look for a Zen master, a Daoist priest, and a Buddhist monk to drive you away!


In the process of controlling Sheng Xia Xiao, Yan Mu Lin still did not forget his own business.


Thanks to the recommendation of Fang Yi Yuan, Yan Mu Lin had signed a shooting contract with the crew of 《Where is that Good Voice?》. He also signed a dubbing contract with the crew of 《Spy》.


While waiting for the shooting of the reality show, Yan Mu Lin was moving from his school, to the set, and to the company. Yan Zi Qiong had been studying the script with the director every day, so she had no time to care for him. A distance between the two of them was also what Yan Mu Lin needed.


Yan Mu Lin went to the company to shoot his portfolio. The company confirmed that on the day 《Where is that Good Voice?》 runs, they would upload his portfolio on their official website. With a professional team, Yan Mu Lin only needed to contribute his skills.


On the day of the filming, Zhou Wen Jing was with him. The cameraman continuously tried to exaggerate Yan Mu Lin’s extremely great feel of the camera. His every action was good, he seemed to know what the cameraman needed. In Yan Mu Lin’s previous life, he had also won the Best Supporting Actor Award.


After filming, Zhou Wen Jing noticed that the emotions in Yan Mu Lin’s eyes were more fervent. She had already made plans for him. Perhaps, Yan Mu Lin’s development plan had to be changed again, only, this time, she had to plan more in detail.


The filming for 《Spy》 had not been quick due to the requests of Director Guo Li Peng, while 《Where is that Good Voice?》 had not yet started filming. Yan Mu Lin had another job, so he could no longer stay in the 《Spy》 set, and exchange ideas with Wei Zi Jun.


After interacting with Wei Zi Jun, Yan Mu Lin found out that he (WZJ) was actually chatty. As long as you were familiar with him, he could talk for five minutes straight without stopping. Yan Mu Lin had been experiencing this for a month, and his ears seemed to have grown ear wax.


In addition to that, there was one more thing that made Yan Mu Lin’s popularity soar. This influx of fans were really his fans.


Yes, after the broadcast of 《Pan Jinlian》, everyone, not just the fans of the voice acting industry were all curious about Pan Jinlian’s CV. Pan Jinlian was unyielding when she had to be unyielding, soft when she had to be soft, and unrestrained when she had to be unrestrained. This was very much in line with the tastes of otakus, especially the moaning, which caused them to feel one new high point after the other. Pan Jinlian had practically lost her wise and virtuous manner.


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