RCVS 22.2

Continuation of Chapter 22

Everything was happening so fast that it felt like it was premeditated, but luckily this was real.


If Yan Mu Lin and Yan Zi Qiong weren’t actually really related if he did not visit Yan Zi Qiong in the hospital due to filial piety; he would not have the opportunity to get in contact with the director nor would he get popular because of the video with Xue Bai Ping on Weibo.
Everything was probably fated, and in addition to that, there was an opportunity. Opportunities were always there for those who were prepared. He now understood that the previous owner’s elder’s efforts were for the next generation and that he should never give up and should always believe in himself.


Next, he had to go to the set of 《Spy》, prepare for the reality show, 《Who Has That Good Voice?》, and go to school. His life was full of substance ah. Last night, his secret love had turned into a heartbreak, but that was now forgotten.

After the contract signing, Yan Zi Qiong took her assistant and driver to the set. Zhou Wen Jing gave Yan Mu Lin a form which would be used for the publicity of the show and as precautions against possible issues he had to face in the future. There would always be an N number of plans behind every successful team.
Yan Mu Lin had to write each of his special abilities or strong points on the form. This was done before the show so that they knew which ones were allowed to be mentioned. It had to be written clearly so that there were no complaints if an incident arose.


Once, a TV station invited a first-rate actor on a live program. Before this, the director discussed this with the actor’s company and talked about other possible projects. Who could have imagined that the agency did not conduct a detailed investigation of the actor? He was asked to sing a song. As a result, when the actor was on the show, he sang incoherently and was not in tune. This matter had been talked about by the public for a long time. In the future, this became a lesson for agencies. An agency had to learn this the hard way for other companies to realize that they had to know their own stars.
Right now, Yan Mu Lin obviously did not know that this event happened before. He wrote his best skills and looked at the form with satisfaction. Ordinary newcomers were like this, right? He did not need to add anything else.


Zhou Wen Jing first took a glimpse at Yan Mu Lin’s form, and then her mouth twitched. She had known Yan Zi Qiong for years but had little contact with Yan Mu Lin. She naturally did not know what skills he had. Perhaps, even Yan Zi Qiong did not know. If Zhou Wen Jing did not know Yan Zi Qiong, and Yan Mu Lin was just a regular newcomer, she would definitely laugh and throw the paper into the trash. However, at this moment, Yan Mu Lin was telling her through the paper that people who mastered the 18 martial arts still existed.


people who mastered the 18 martial arts – a multi-talented person.


“Then, aunt will watch your performance later. You have to work hard for me and your mother. It has not been easy for her. Don’t blame her for not spending time with you.”


Yan Mu Lin smiled, then replied: “Aunt Zhou, I will work hard.”


No matter how much good things Zhou Wen Jing would say about Mother Yan, he could only say this. After all, he was not the original owner, but he could still do something to empathize with a mother. As to whether the original owner could understand her, he didn’t know. He couldn’t decide for the other party.


In the afternoon, Yan Mu Lin returned to school.


Yan Mu Lin had previously participated in the dubbing of 《Pan Jinlian》, but the majority of the students do not know about it.


Yesterday, just yesterday, no one knew that Yan Mu Lin was “side face”. Now, a lot of people suddenly made great efforts to get close. When he came inside the classroom, he was greeted with a lot of smiling faces. He just didn’t know how many of them were fake.
Towards Yan Mu Lin’s fellow classmates, it was really hard to count how many of them had a good relationship with him. If you really must count, then it was probably the class monitor. He was always nice to the class monitor.


What most of the people here thought was that Yan Mu Lin pretended to be the pig to eat the tiger. Last year, he would always be bullied by Sheng Xia Xiao. This semester, he had practically dazzled everyone. When Sheng Xia Xiao wanted to bully Yan Mu Lin, he couldn’t succeed. How did he succeed? He suddenly changed personalities. It was absolutely pretending to be a pig to eat the tiger!


pretended to be a pig to eat the tigerpretend to be weak in order for your opponents to lower their defense against you.


The last row was occupied by Sheng Xia Xiao and his peers, so Yan Mu Lin had no choice but to look for a seat in the front row. When he passed by Sheng Xia Xiao, he paused, then gave an almost invisible smile. He pretended to be looking for a seat and then stepped heavily on the foot that had extended outwards.


A loud shout of surprise suddenly echoed through the room, it was beautiful.


Little guy, is the feeling of having long legs amazing?


Sheng Xia Xiao held his legs, and shouted angrily: “Yan Mu Lin, are you blind or something!”
Yan Mu Lin only casually responded: “People were passing by, and your legs were stretched. Why are you blaming others for stepping on you? Even three-year-olds know how to get out of the way, and be afraid of being stepped on.”


Sheng Xia Xiao was angered and immediately stood up to grab his collar: “Don’t think that you can be arrogant just because you have a little fame. I could ask my dad to kill you at any moment.”


Yan Mu Lin kneaded his temple, “You still haven’t grown. Nobody can compare to you ah. Talking repeatedly about your father.” Sheng Xia Xiao was dealt a heavy blow. He then loosened his hold on Yan Mu Lin’s collar. Yan Mu Lin relaxed, fixed his collar, and said: “Don’t do this next time, or I won’t be polite. If you want to fight, then I can accompany you.”


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