RCVS 22.1

Chapter 22: Major Step


According to his work schedule, Fang Yi Yuan, Noah’s Ark Film Distribution Co., Ltd’s big boss, had to deal with noisy screaming stars in his office every day. He also had to deal with annoying reporters outside the company. He should not have the time to sign a contract with a newcomer. He was a very busy person.


However, today was an exception.


Before leaving work yesterday, he saw Yan Mu Lin while browsing Weibo. At that time, he thought that a competitor wanted to debut a newcomer and they were creating hype through Weibo. He discovered that the more he paid close attention to him, the more that he got interested. After he finished eating dinner, he unexpectedly received a call from Zhou Wen Jing, a very capable agent. He was most assured of Zhou Wen Jing’s star; she was the most well-behaved and had the least scandals.

The information that Zhou Wen Jing told him was unexpected. She talked about Weibo’s current hot topic. The newcomer was one of hers and had not yet signed a contract. In addition to this, Zhou Wen Jing had told him major information.

“He is Zi Qiong’s son, and he is very gifted in voice acting. I’m very optimistic about him. I want to sign him an E-grade contract, but that needs your approval.”

Yan Zi Qiong’s son?

When the company was getting poached and raided by rivals, Yan Zi Qiong generated huge profits for the company. At that time, she had only slept for three to four hours a day and lived like that for two to three years. As the boss, Fang Yi Yuan knew about that. He was still young that time, but he could see Yan Zi Qiong’s efforts. He also knew about her relationship and her son but had never seen them. Yan Zi Qiong was too low-key, and in addition to that, the company was also helping her. So naturally, no one knew whether Yan Zi Qiong had children or not. Unexpectedly, it has already been so many years.

In Noah’s Ark, their contracts were divided into six grades. From A to F. Within each level were one, two, or three levels of classification. Grade A applied to newcomers and had the lowest demands. Through the newcomer’s efforts, and the company’s promotion of their best characteristic, the company would evaluate their value according to their popularity. After some procedures, they could then advance to better contracts.

The E-grade contract that Zhou Wen Jing mentioned was basically a contract for stars who have already been among the top stars in Huaxia’s entertainment industry. Zhou Wen Jing had always been Yan Zi Qiong’s representative. Whatever Zhou Wen Jing said, would also be what Yan Zi Qiong said. They have been friends for many years, so Fang Yi Yuan did not care about who he was talking to. Besides, Yan Mu Lin would definitely be handled well under Zhou Wen Jing.

E-grade contract approved.

After he hung up, Yan Zi Qiong, who rarely called him, had called. The content of the phone call was her expressing her thanks to him. When she was young, she had a fake scandal with Fang Yi Yuan. For the sake of the company, the two did not choose to deny the rumor. Every time they had a meeting, it would always be done secretly at Yan Zi Qiong’s house. It was only after Noah’s Ark succeeded in occupying a place in the entertainment industry, did they publicly announced that the relationship between them was only that of a boss and a subordinate. He was the boss, and she was the employee.

For many years, Yan Zi Qiong never requested anything to Fang Yi Yuan. This time, her request would definitely be fulfilled. Even if he hesitates, his wife would surely decide it for him.

Yan Zi Qiong’s son?


This was a really pleasant surprise. Shao Nuo Yu was even familiar with him ah…


He had to meet him.


Thus, when Yan Mu Lin was going to sign his contract with Noah’s Ark, he met Fang Yi Yuan, who was extremely curious about him.

Having manners was a must. “Hello.” (T/N: He said this politely. 您好/ nín hǎo)


Fang Yi Yuan waved his hand, “Don’t be so reserved. I’ve been your mom’s friend for years, call me Uncle Yuan.”


Yan Mu Lin looked at Yan Zi Qiong. The latter nodded and said, “It’s fine.”

Yan Mu Lin followed like a clever child, “Uncle Yuan.”

Due to a lifetime of tempering, Yan Mu Lin’s temperament was indefinable. In front of Fang Yi Yuan, he did not show an obsequious behavior. He was outgoing and was good at grasping details. The number of people who Fang Yi Yuan had come across was numerous. With just a single meeting, he could distinguish which newcomer was real or fake. It was only Yan Mu Lin that he could not see clearly. He did not know whether the boy had really deep thoughts or he was really reserved. He did not know how Yan Zi Qiong taught him. She clearly had a simple temperament, but why was her son so unpredictable? But it was in line with his taste. Such a person could adapt to the challenging parts of the entertainment industry quicker.

“Good, good. Do a great job, okay? If there is anything your Sister Jing can’t handle, then look for me. Also, I have information here. After one month, Hou Tian TV Station would be releasing a voice acting reality show called 《Where is that Good Voice?》. Other companies would probably send their voice acting stars, but I am going to recommend you for our company. Don’t let me down.”

This wasn’t decided suddenly. Noah’s Ark produced a lot of famous singers and actors that became superstars but never had they produced a CV superstar. The company would finally have a voice actor that could try to reach the apex. He hoped that with Yan Mu Lin’s participation in the show, he would see first signs of development. After meeting Yan Mu Lin, he discovered that the child was smart, humble, observant, and enduring. It wouldn’t be a wrong move to let him try. As for the voice actors recommended by other agents, he would ask his secretary to give to them his announcement.

After they finished speaking, Zhou Wen Jing received a phone call from Director Guo Li Peng. He told her that they decided to choose Yan Mu Lin as Wei Zi Jun’s voice actor. Director Guo wanted him to carefully analyze the script, or perhaps go to the set to observe. Anything to speed up the latter’s voice acting speed.

Yan Mu Lin, who successfully got the voice acting role, smiled at them and showed an unperturbed attitude. But in fact, he was in a really cheerful mood. If he was in a rebirth novel, then he would be the protagonist that had a golden finger, and his golden finger would probably be Yan Zi Qiong. Without her, he would have never been able to receive an E-grade contract from Noah’s Ark, nor would he be the voice actor of 《Spy》’s protagonist.

Yan Mu Lin finished signing the contract with Noah’s Ark. Therefore, the company’s PR Department started to take his measurements, which would then be added to his portfolio. The IT Department added his name to the official website, and posted on Weibo: Yan Mu Lin has joined Noah’s Ark.

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