RCVS 21.2

Continuation of Chapter 21

The number of comments and forwards started accumulating. His Weibo’s one fan was also increased. In less than half an hour, the number of fans reached 200,000. This was even more exaggerated than buying fans. The data was still increasing.


During the day, the public were already paying close attention to Yan Mu Lin. Then at night, he caused great waves in Weibo. An account that did not even have an avatar was followed by a certain heir apparent. Who was he in the end. Who was he really, hey, ah!


As the third party, they must naturally pay close attention to it. Gossip must be followed at all times! Even His Highness appeared. That was His Highness, the chairman of Sheng Ting Group ah.


Wei Zi Jun’s fans must pay attention to “I’m not a harpy eagle”.


Xue Zi Ping’s fans must pay attention to “I’m not a harpy eagle”.


Kouji fans must also pay attention to “I’m not a harpy eagle”.


For a while, the first post of “I’m not a harpy eagle” was forwarded in all kind of ways. It might be that a passerby saw it from a friend, and since their friend was concerned about this person, then there should be something. They looked at it too. Anyway, they wouldn’t suffer losses by paying attention to it, plus the side profile looked really good. He was a handsome guy. They should give a like.


After bathing, Yan Mu Lin dried his hair and went to bed. In the morning, he followed Yan Zi Qiong to audition, then headed out for dinner. It was too tiring. He even had to settle the matter that Aunt Zhou told him about. It was already late when he got to bed.


Yan Mu Lin, who was an arm-flinging shopkeeper, did not know what kind of effect that he and Shao Nuo Yu following each other caused. Zhou Wen Jing’s SEO team, who just put Yan Mu Lin under their wings, wasn’t doing very well. They thought that the task given by Sister Zhou would be very easy. Who knew that the newcomer, whose face had not yet even been exposed, would become so popular in one day.


arm-flinging shopkeeper – somebody who asks others to work but does nothing himself


Wang Cheng was the second SEO team’s manager. He was the pitiful man who received the task of taking care of the newcomer, Yan Mu Lin. He sleepily opened a folding chair and took a rest for a while. He would have never thought that a certain charismatic man would suddenly follow the newcomer. Aiyo. What the hell! You have a crown prince who could come out and give publicity for you, but you’re still asking us to do it?!


Sister Zhou, where did you find this newcomer? Was he really a newcomer? One Weibo post was full of surprises. It could cause a wave, then another, and another. I really wanted to cry and cry. It seems that I would not be sleeping tonight.


“Everybody, be alert. If there are sunspots then immediately go down on them!”


“Yes…” Everyone was so sleepy. They never had to work overtime just to stare at a Weibo post for a long time now.


Finally, a lively night passed by.


The next day, Yan Mu Lin wore a sports hoodie and jogged in the nearby sports field. On the way back, he received a lot of strange glances. Remembering yesterday’s video, Yan Mu Lin wore a cap on his head.


The canteen was always full of choices, but Yan Mu Lin’s favorite was still soy milk and Chinese churros. Occasionally, he would change to a Western breakfast and eat bread, drink milk, or something. Today he changed his habit of not looking at his phone. He was going to browse through Weibo. He did not know whether Shao Nuo Yu followed him back. If he did, then that’s great. If he didn’t, then it doesn’t matter.


With a hopeful look, he opened Weibo. When Yan Mu Lin saw his account, he almost dropped his phone on his soy milk!


Oh my god!


How could his yesterday’s 0 Weibo fans turn out like this? Was there a problem with Weibo?


After a closer look, he saw “I’m not a harpy eagle”. It wasn’t the wrong Weibo.


Before he can continue observing, Zhou Wen Jing called him.


[Mu Lin, have you gotten out of bed?]


“I did. I’m currently having breakfast in the cafeteria.”


[Do you have anything important to do this morning?]


Yan Mu Lin thought about it: “This morning, I have a major subject, then a specialized field class in the afternoon.”


[Oh, then it’s fine. I asked the driver to bring you to the company at 8:30 AM. Zi Qiong and I would go there too. The company drafted your contract last night. It’s already ready. Zi Qiong looked at the contract, and it had no problems. You can rest easy and just sign it.]


Yan Mu Lin, who was abruptly asked to sign a contract, scratched his face: “Okay then, I’ll listen to Aunt and Aunt Zhou.”


At 9:00, Yan Mu Lin arrived at the company. There were banners everywhere. The building was filled with celebrity promotional videos. He met Zhou Wen Jing and Yan Zi Qiong in the lobby. Yan Zi Qiong’s face showed indifference, however, from what he knew, she would be helping Yan Mu Lin, so she was probably not indifferent towards him. She just didn’t know how to express her feelings.


What a pity.


There’s no time to lament.


Yan Mu Lin was currently the agency’s boss—Noah’s Ark Film Distribution Co., Ltd’s Fang Yi Yuan.


He was over 50 years old, but Fang Yi Yuan looked like a 40 year old man. He was smiling as he held his chin in his hand. He then said: “As it turns out, you really aren’t a harpy eagle, ah.”


Yan Mu Lin: “….”


The grief and indignation in his heart: Why are you looking at me with pity. Did I really let you down ah!



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