RCVS 21.1

Chapter 21: Signing


Yan Mu Lin stared at Shao Nuo Yu’s Weibo account that had millions of fans. Why was a person who wasn’t in the entertainment industry have such a large number of fans? This could only mean that he was a public figure with great influence. Apart from this, Yan Mu Lin could not think of any more reasons.


With his shaking right hand, Yan Mu Lin held the mouse. He clicked on the search bar. He entered “Shao Nuo Yu” in it, and pressed the enter key. He anxiously waited for the result. Naturally, it was only a second of waiting time, but Yan Mu Lin felt like it had been a century. Who was Shao Nuo Yu? He was feeling curious and nervous at the same time. His hands were cold and sweaty. To think that the man he wanted to pursue could influence countless of people. May the Great Merciful and Great Compassionate Guan Yin Bodhisattva protect and bless me. May the Great Merciful and Great Compassionate Guan Yin Bodhisattva protect and bless me.


His search finally loaded. The first article showed the words Shao Nuo Yu. There was a photo and a description right below it. He clicked it for more details.


Shao Nuo Yu (Year XXXX, Month XX, Day XX) Chairman of Sheng Ting Group. He was a member of the royal family. Born of royal blood, he was the son of the sister of Huaxia’s King. His parents, the princess, and the previous chairman of Sheng Ting group have already passed away. Currently, he was ninth in line for Huaxia’s throne. He had once served the Primary Dragon Cavalry as a captain, and had the rank of Major General. After his mother, the royal princess, died of illness, he pursued advanced studies. With exceptional achievements, he graduated first among the students in all of Huaxia’s universities. He successfully inherited the Sheng Ting Group, and became one of its largest shareholders.


The concise introduction nearly gave Yan Mu Lin a heart attack. A royal family member, a chairman, his mother’s a royal princess, is this a living crown prince? An heir apparent? Although, he doesn’t understand how the son of Huaxia’s princess could become an heir apparent.


One was a member of the royal family, while the other was an ordinary citizen;


One was a prince who had hundreds of millions of assets, while one was just a poor student who can only earn pocket money; heaven, and earth.


How could a person like him who hated the rich be able to tolerate this invisible nouveau riche? Blacklist, never contact again!


En. He still has to follow his Weibo….


Yan Mu Lin, who was happy due to becoming famous, dumbly closed the page, and put his computer to sleep. He took a bath to clear his mind. It was too unreal. Although he knew that there were people in the royal family, but in person, ah, in person. He actually met one in person!


It scared the crap out of him, k?


As he bathed, Yan Mu Lin sighed with regret.


On the Internet, Yan Mu Lin following Shao Nuo Yu’s account caused a greater storm. Weibo was popular with netizens due to its fair implementation of rules. Also because they could follow an account and see who was following it.


Yan Mu Lin only created a post, and followed Shao Nuo Yu. Naturally, he wasn’t discovered by his fans nor did they found out that he was the person in Weibo’s first hot topic. The reason for the great waves was that the following of Shao Nuo Yu-Rae’s account that people looked at closely turned from [0] to [1]!


Shao Nuo Yu’s fans didn’t misread!


They really didn’t misread!


Their male god. His Highness the Prince. Their idol’s Weibo’s follow count suddenly changed!


Attentive fans realized that the next step was to find out who was the person that caused them to feel jealous. The person they wanted to burn to death, dig up their roots, but couldn’t. Who was so lucky to be the first following of their idol!!


Did you not know that His Highness Nuo Yu was really cold, and never followed others? Did you not know that His Highness Nuo Yu always treated netizens impartially, and not in the least caused great waves? Did you not know that our family His Highness Nuo Yu was unattainable?


Who is that disgusting scoundrel that got followed, we also want to be followed!


Following their idol, a wave of fans rushed into the Weibo account of “I’m not a harpy eagle”.


What the hell! The number of following was [1], the number of his fans was also [1], even the number of posts was still [1]. Do you think with this many [1]s you can be a gong? Our His Highness Nuo Yu is the gong, you see!


1 – commonly known as gong / top / seme, while 0 means shou / bottom / uke.


Who was this “I’m not a harpy eagle”?


He only had a Weibo post with five characters, and side photo!


Attentive fans discovered that his side profile was quite familiar. Think carefully. Think about it. Think about it again. Ah! Ah! Ah!


It’s him! It’s him! It’s him!


That side profile ah!!!!


The excited fans started to click on the post of Yan Mu Lin that had 0 Forwards 0 Comments 0 Likes.


[Oh my god, why is His Highness following side profile!]


[What is your relationship with His Higness? Come out. We won’t beat you to death!]


[Silently asking for His Highness’ photos….]


[Silently asking for His Highness’ photos +1]


[Silently asking for His Highness’ photos +2]


[I seemed to have found something incredible 2333333]




[Side profile actually just created a Weibo. Is he a Taoist priest, or a Buddhist monk? Or maybe a side account?]


[Ah ah ah. The harpy eagle’s Weibo. It wasn’t easy to find!!!!!]


[This photo looks really stupid.]


[Why did you not have a Weibo? Are you a country bumpkin who just came down from the mountain?]


[You city people must really know how to have fun.]



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