Chapter 20: Followed


In his previous life, Yan Mu Lin’s looks were probably only worth 6 points. He was a little more handsome than a normal person, but worse than a handsome man. He could only be described as delicate and pretty. But in this life, he could surely reach 9 points. The genes of Mother Yan and Father Sheng weren’t bad at all. When Yan Mu Lin was born, he looked exceedingly good. He looked even better than the Sheng family’s two brothers. Just recently, he was immensely proud of his height, but today, he was so close to Shao Nuo Yu, and Yan Mu Lin found out that his entire person could actually be held in the other’s arms. He estimated that Shao Nuo Yu’s height was at least 1.9 meters, and by comparison, he looked extremely delicate. He could feel his balls hurt.


balls hurt – internet slang; to feel helpless towards someone or something.


With a hint of disappointment, Yan Mu Lin and Shao Nuo Yu distanced themselves from each other. Shao Nuo Yu once again saw a sense of loss flash through Yan Mu Lin’s eyes. It was exactly the same as that night, he was sure of it.


What was he disappointed about?


Last time, when he suddenly woke up, he felt a bit disappointed; This time, when they distanced themselves from each other, he was disappointed again.


If he thought about it carefully, was Yan Mu Lin trying to get close to him? Shao Nuo Yu really admired his imagination. No. In fact, what he deduced was the truth. He was quite shocked. In the end, what did Yan Mu Lin think about him. It probably wasn’t what he was thinking about.


Before this, they were both in a hurry, so he did not have the chance to actually look at him. He had a pair of peach blossom eyes that were always smiling, two eyebrows that made him look soft. He seemed to always have a smiling expression. His pale skin emphasized his pink lips. He had handsome features, a perfectly-shaped face, and a straight nose. His smile was like the sun that pushed away the gloomy clouds. Suddenly arriving, gentle and calming, which made his heart race.


His heart race…..


Shao Nuo Yu was frightened by these two words, so he feigned not to see the emotion in the other’s eyes, and accidentally moved away from Yan Mu Lin’s body.


At this time, the hiding people quietly returned to their room. They were talking about the Passerby A who Yan Mu Lin did the dare with. He had a handsome face, and a slender figure. His face was defined, and exceptionally handsome. The sharp eyebrows, tall nose, thin but tight lips, and the sharp look in his eyes.


Zhu Ying Chen said: “Why does that person look so familiar? It’s like I’ve seen him before, but not in person.


Xie Li Na approved of her words, “I think so too, but I can’t remember who he is. I don’t know if Mu Lin would bring him to sit with us. I really want to know who he is. Ai, Brother Zhang, do you know who he is?”


Brother Zhang and the others also shook their heads. They have also felt that he looked familiar, but they cannot remember who he was.


At this moment, the two people who were not so far from the toilet were having a short conversation. Yan Mu Lin said, “Last time, uhm, I forgot to ask you something.”


Shao Nuo Yu asked, “What is it?”


Yan Mu Lin said: “Since we are brought together by fate, then wouldn’t it be better to exchange phone numbers, so that we could get in touch with each other?”


Shao Nuo Yu held out his hand, which made Yan Mu Lin slightly confused: “?” He wanted to bring his hand to his forehead, but stopped at the last minute. “Phone.” Yan Mu Lin quickly reacted and passed his phone to Shao Nuo Yu. “If it’s convenient, then could you also leave your Weibo?”


Shao Nuo Yu: “….I don’t use Weibo frequently.” However, Shao Nuo Yu still gave it to Yan Mu Lin.


Yan Mu Lin scratched his nose. When he came to this world, the original owner does not seem to have a Weibo. Very stupid problem ah. When he returns later, then he would open one. He had to redeem his face.


After getting the Weibo and phone number of the man he wanted to pursue, Yan Mu Lin’s face brightened up, “Then I’ll go back first? See you again next time.” He showed a “broken-hearted at having to leave” face.


Shao Nuo Yu felt that this child’s emotions were written right on his face. He found it very interesting. Him being emotionally affected must be because of that. Really have the impulse to spoil him. En. Impulse.


It took quite a while for Shao Nuo Yu to discover that having impulses and being emotionally affected had never existed in his past life, but now, it came in full swing. On the outside, however, he calmly nodded his head, and patted Yan Mu Lin’s head: “Okay, go. Be careful.”


Thinking about the unexpected concern of Shao Nuo Yu, Yan Mu Lin’s shameless face surprisingly turned hot. He walked to steps away, and turned around: “You too. Then, I’m really going back.”


Shao Nuo Yu felt more and more that Yan Mu Lin was especially adorable, so he coudln’t help but promise him: “Once I have time, I’ll call you for a meal.”


Yan Mu Lin agreed, “Good!”


Shao Nuo Yu couldn’t restrain himself and laughed: “Goodbye.”


Yan Mu Lin scratched his nose and ran back to their room. He was like a teenager who just started puberty, he felt foolish.


After returning to the room, he restored his usual appearance. Just now, because of that incident, no one wanted to continue playing. Zhu Ying Chen and Xie Li Na was busy drinking and chatting. They wanted to guess the identity of the man just now, he was too familiar. The others also began to do something else. Yan Mu Lin also went back to the seat beside Min Tong Shu.


He drank some more beer with Min Tong Shu, but he was still sober. After remembering that he had to return home, he stopped drinking and then lay on the sofa. Yan Mu Lin placed his chin on his hand as he listened to Director Chen and his seniors chat. As he listened, his mind began to wander. He did not know who first said that they would return home, but Director Chen and several seniors began to leave. Yan Mu Lin shook the sleeping Min Tong Shu and told him that they could return home.


“Hey, hey. We can go now.”


“I’ll take a taxi back to school. Your house is nearer, so I’ll first send you back, Brother Min.”




They then said good-bye to the other people. Zhu Ying Chen and the others said for him to take care. Xie Li Na even said: “Right now, you’re still young. You must learn how to be calm and collected. Don’t take things to heart, and if you can, then go to your older sisters and we can talk about it. Don’t worry too much about those who curse you in the Internet. They all have nothing better to do, okay?”


Although he did not know what she wanted to convey, Yan Mu Lin still nodded: “If I need to, then I would definitely look for you brothers and sisters. Thank you all. Then, I’ll send Brother Min back. See you next time!”


He waved goodbye.


When they got on the car, Min Tong Shu quickly changed from intoxicated to sober. He asked Yan Mu Lin: “What did they mean about you running into trouble?”


Yan Mu Lin shook his head: “I don’t know. I haven’t done anything these days, there shouldn’t have been any problems.”


Min Tong Shu watched as Yan Mu Lin looked at him innocently, and decided to stop asking. In turn, Yan Mu Lin did not ask why he pretended to be drunk. The two talked about what ratings would 《Pan Jinlian》 might get on the first day. An action series depended on the first day’s ratings.


In his previous world, anime did not have development potential unlike in this world. Yan Mu Lin sighed. He sincerely hoped that 《Pan Jinlian》 would do well. Perhaps he could get better roles by relying on having 《Pan Jinlian》 in his resume.


As a newcomer, it had not been easy for Director Chen to select him. He did not even have a powerful backer.


After dropping off Min Tong Shu, the taxi driver brought Yan Mu Lin back to school. He still had to walk for a while to reach the dormitory.


Yan Mu Lin returned to his dorm room and took out his phone. He received a text message from Zhou Wen Jing. She was asking him to check out Weibo’s first hot topic.


He did not expect that Zhou Wen Jing would get into the role of being an agent so quickly. Yan Mu Lin also dealt with it as an actor. He immediately turned on the computer.


Weibo’s rule was that you can’t enter Weibo without an account, so he first created an account.


After creating a Weibo, you could only have one ID. Yan Mu Lin did not rush to change his ID, but clicked on the first hot topic. The amount of forwards actually reached 50,000. He did not assume that this post had something to do with him.


A Weibo post was reflected in his eyes: Absolutely 《Spy》’s live CV audition. Absolutely live kouji performance. All original, without any additives!


He didn’t click on the audio. He first opened the video. His side face popped up, and this made him feel alarmed.


Yan Mu Lin couldn’t believe who were in the video. What he was seeing was Xue Bai Ping’s handsome face, and his own side profile!


Yes, his side profile!


Who in the crew would film a video of his chat with Xue Bai Ping? He remembered that their conversation lasted no less than ten minutes. Who did it!


You did a great job!


In his previous life, he never thought about it. He did not dare at all.


In his previous life, strength school actors usually didn’t have Weibo. What were the chances that they would actually become a hot topic, not to mention a behind-the-scene voice actor? It was already good enough for them to get invited to some entertainment program to record. It was usually famous domestic artists and young voice actors who were invited.


However, that had nothing to do with him, he had this to deal with right now!


His heart was about to jump out of his chest.


Thinking about the expressions of everyone this evening, he finally knew why the big brothers and sisters from the studio showed him sympathetic looks. If it would bring trouble to 《Spy》 then they should find the traitor who uploaded the audio and video. He really didn’t know who it was, though what he knew was that it was 【This brother is especially handsome】, a Wei Zi Jun fan!


Overnight, he became quite famous? But he did not even have Weibo. Others did not know who he was.


This matter did not concern his college classmates. Even if they knew who the person in the video was, they wouldn’t expose and help him. It was a thankless task.


He did not know much about the rules of this world’s entertainment industry. He should first ask a professional’s opinion. Yes. Aunt Zhou!


At the same time, Yan Mu Lin’s phone rang. He had just been thinking of it, but the caller took the initiative to call him. Yan Zi Qiong.




[Have you seen Weibo?]


“Just saw it. I just created a Weibo account. I don’t know how to deal with it, asking for Aunt Zhou and your opinion.”


[We helped you regarding this matter in the afternoon. The crew knew that a fan entered inside and has been recording. Wei Zi Jun saw the account, and knew that it was his fan. No one’s blaming you. Don’t read the comments online, it’s not good for you.]


“Okay. Thank you, aunt. Don’t work too hard.”


[The results of the audition hasn’t come out yet. Wait for it.]


Yan Mu Lin felt slightly sad. He thought that there was an 80% chance the the role wouldn’t be given to him. “It’s fine.”


[I’ll talk to you later.] Then the call ended.


Zhou Wen Jing then called Yan Mu Lin and roughly told him to first create a Weibo. She thought of the best plan for him. Since Yan Mu Lin didn’t want to be backstage, he could take this opportunity to gain fame. He might face some sunspots, but her team wasn’t something to be trifled with. Yan Mu Lin was now free of problems. This was a pretty good opportunity.


After talking to Zhou Wenjing, he now knew that he could create a Weibo post. The content just had to prove that he was the person in the video.


Yan Mu Lin read the comments, and changed his nickname in Weibo: I’m not a harpy eagle. Using his phone to take a few side shots, with the help of a timer and an editing application to fix the angle and background, Yan Mu Lin made his first Weibo post in this world.


I have a Weibo. [side profile image]


After posting on his Weibo, Yan Mu Lin followed an account that had more than 10 million fans: Shao Nuo Yu-Rae. Yan Mu Lin’s hands shook: “…”


Did I follow wrong, or is it just the same name and surname???


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