Chapter 19: Don’t Joke Around


Although he was 《Pan Jinlian》’s female lead, Yan Mu Lin did not regard himself as the main character of the party. It was Director Chen, the anime’s director, planner, and organizer. He wasn’t so thick-skinned that he would consider himself the star of the party. Besides, as a newcomer, he had to have a low profile.


Wearing a backpack at his back, Yan Mu Lin got out.


He took a taxi to the venue, “Empress” KTV. Yan Mu Lin asked for the number of their private room and went upstairs. When he arrived, he noticed that there were already some people inside, and Min Tong Shu, who had good relationship with him, waved and patted the seat next to him.


After Yan Mu Lin greeted his other seniors, he sat down next to Min Tong Shu: “I hope I’m not late.”


Min Tong Shu put his hand on his shoulders: “You aren’t late. Didn’t you see that Director Chen hasn’t arrived yet? Do you drink beer?”


Yan Mu Lin nodded, “Yes.” He currently didn’t have any voice acting works at this time. It wouldn’t matter if he drank beer today. Besides, he already switched bodies, he believed that he had left the shortcomings of his past life.


“Empress” KTV was very popular, and it was hard to reserve in this high-cost location. If a common person came here to play once, then they would surely show off when they leave. This isn’t a place that people could come in casually. The “Empress” KTV was not called “Empress” KTV before. It used to be the “Empress” nightclub. The name changed because the boss wanted to advance with the times, and felt that changing it to KTV would make him keep more in touch with the modern people. No matter how the name changes, the prices inside would only increase and not decrease.


The reason why “Empress” KTV was so popular was because it rejected all the paparazzi. Their security guards had dog-like noses. As long as it was a reporter, they could pick it up at a glance. If they wanted to take photos, then the guards would take their life in exchange. With such a strong security team, people from all kinds of life that wanted to protect their personal privacy would rush towards this place. If they had money then they would come here.


When Director Chen arrived, Yan Mu Lin and Min Tong Shu already drank a bottle of beer. The way the assistant behind Director Chen looked at Yan Mu Lin was a little different. However, Yan MU Lin’s attention was on Director Chen. He did not care too much about everyone else’s change in attitude.


Min Tong Shu did not know. His Weibo had always been managed by his agent. Today, he rested and have not had the time to contact his agent. Naturally, he did not know the sensation caused by Yan Mu Lin on Weibo.


The group of seniors that came with Director Chen knew about it. Even if they did not browse Weibo during their working hours, they would probably look at it during their break. What’s worse was that Director Chen also forwarded the post.


Those people knew what Director Chen meant. The three characters “Pan Jinlian” with the video where Yan Mu Lin appeared. It was very clear that Yan Mu Lin was the voice actor of Pan Jinlian. But there had been no male CV who had voiced a female lead before, so no one would realize it for a while. Director Chen did it intentionally, he wanted to make Yan Mu Lin amaze the world with a single brilliant feat.


amaze the world with a single brilliant feat  – an overnight celebrity


Director Chen was devious.


At this time, 《Pan Jinlian》 hasn’t broadcasted yet, so netizens would not think much of it. Those who would link Pan Jinlian and Yan Mu Lin together would think that he was just a normal CV. However, they would think that it was impossible for him to be the heroine. A newcomer, especially a male, could only be a certain male character in 《Pan Jinlian》.


When Director Chen appeared, everyone in the room looked at him. Director Chen laughed and offered a toast to everyone: “For tomorrow’s ratings, cheers!”


Everyone joined in, “Cheers!”


Majority of the people were already aware that Yan Mu Lin went to another crew to audition due to the video, but it might be because they think that they were of a different level from Yan Mu Lin, so no one mentioned it to him. No, they thought that Yan Mu Lin knew about it, but he didn’t mention it. They thought that he was a really good newcomer.


“Empress” KTV had different services. If you wanted to sing while eating, then you could choose to have a buffet while in the box. If you wanted them separately, then you could go to the dining area and do karaoke in the room, but the price would surely be higher. In here where the land was extremely expensive, how could the quality of service improve if the price was not high? This could be seen in Empress KTV’s level of service.


Director Chen chose the first option so that everyone could eat and play freely.


Yan Mu Lin took some food and returned to his seniors to chat and eat. While they were eating, Director Chen was asked to sing by everyone. Yan Mu Lin was laughing and playing along with everyone. It was quite interesting.


Min Tong Shu was the loudest in the party. Everyone naturally came to the party to relax, it wasn’t a work conference. They actually went here thinking that they wouldn’t be having fun, but after singing a song, everyone started to choose what to sing, drink wine, and play games. Yan Mu Lin did not want to drink too much, so he joined a game of truth or dare. Min Tong Shu went away to compete with other people at drinking, he was very playful. He was a pretty good drinker, he even vowed that he would make Director Chen drink to the point that he would fall over.


On the other hand, the sisters were all very caring towards Yan Mu Lin. Especially the two sisters from the screenwriting team. Whenever they see Yan Mu Lin, their eyes would shine. His original intention was to sit down with Min Tong Shu, but the two screenwriters directly pulled him to play some games.


When the bottle pointed at Yan Mu Lin, the screenwriters, Zhu Ying Chen and Xie Li Na smiled at each other: “Mu Lin, truth or dare?”


When he saw the two females, Yan Mu Lin’s scalp felt numb. He hesitated for a while, then innocently scratched his head: “Then I choose dare, I guess.”


Zhu Ying Chen had short hair, and refreshing looks. She had a “to say one and mean just that” character. She was also quite crazy when playing too. She knew the difference between having fun, and business. When it was time for work, she would take it seriously, and when it comes to games then she would play crazily. She and Xie Li Na both liked Yan Mu Lin, and treated him like a talented younger brother. Of course they wouldn’t give him various roles to play now, but all kinds of shame play, ai, Yan Mu Lin shouldn’t know what it means.


In fact, Yan Mu Lin actually knew, but he pretended not to know.


Zhu Ying Chen smiled and touched her chin, pretending that she had a beard: “In that case, go to the bathroom, then beat the chest of the first man and say: I hate you ah, this one’s pregnant with your child.”


Yan Mu Lin thought that he felt his face crack, “Sister Chen, it’s too hard. Can I change to truth?”


Zhu Ying Chen laughed, “Of course not!”


After the conversation, Xie Li Na and a post-production engineer hehe-d at him. They dragged Yan Mu Lin to his ‘lingering death’. Yan Mu Lin’s face was filled with sorrow, like he was more dead than alive.


Everyone who was playing with him all stood up to watch.


Yan Mu Lin convinced himself that it was nothing serious. He really wanted to have fun, so he had to do this. Otherwise, everyone wouldn’t play with him next time. Sometimes, social interaction was like that. You have to pretend to be very bashful until you would cause someone to be disgusted with you.


Alright, it’s just dying isn’t it. I just hope that it isn’t a fat man who will appear.


At this time, Shao Nuo Yu was sitting in a private booth. His friend, who was currently singing a song, brought him there. That person was named Lu Yu Han. Just looking at his appearance and listening to his clear voice, it was obvious that this boy could sing well. Shao Nuo Yu had a favorable impression towards him. However, he didn’t come here to talk about him today.


Before his rebirth, he met Lu Yu Han through a friend, and he said that he had a favorable impression of him. According to his previous life, he would find out tonight that Lu Yu Han was a researcher at his family’s research institute. Following his favorable impression, Lu Yu Han and him would have sexual intercourse. The two of them would take it one step further, and then have everyone’s “blessings” before getting engaged. It was truly beautiful. However, Shao Nuo Yu did not come to reminisce today.


He was invited Fu family’s eldest son, Fu Yan Qing. He and Shao Nuo Yu had been friends for many years now. In his previous life, he never asked how Fu Yan Qing knew Lu Yu Han, and they would be toyed with like a fool by this so-called “researcher”. He lost his life, while Fu Yan Qing lost the right to become the heir to his family. It was really stupid of them. He still didn’t know how many people was behind this Lu Yu Han. Right now, the more he watched Lu Yu Han pretend to be noble and virtuous, the more he felt bored.


Today, there were five to six friends present in the room. They were all from major families, frequently having fun together. Everyone brought their own companions. Fu Yan Qing brought Lu Yu Han and his little lover. Obviously, Lu Yu Han was brought for him.


At this time, Lu Yu Han was probably racking his brains about how he would bring Shao Nuo Yu to his bed, and this really deceived him in his past life. However, in this life, he would surely find the person behind-the-scenes. Of course, he wouldn’t use feelings to look for that person. That was just stupid, a lot of people already did that.


Lu Yu Han’s singing voice won the applause of the people with them. Fu Yan Qing’s little lover pushed Fu Yan Qing away and gave Lu Yu Han the seat next to Shao Nuo Yu. Shao Nuo Yu was quietly moving his glass of wine around, coldly looking at Fu Yan Qing’s little lover. Apparently discovering Shao Nuo Yu’s glance, the little lover shrunk back and began shifting around.


Lu Yu Han pretended to sit bashfully beside Shao Nuo Yu, but Shao Nuo Yu only put down his glass and told everyone that he was going to the bathroom. He went outside. The only bathroom in the private room was occupied by a pair of guys. He had to go outside to go to the bathroom. This was also the perfect excuse to get away from Lu Yu Han. Now wasn’t the time to move against him.


After Shao Nuo Yu left, Lu Yu Han stopped pretending. Not long after, he left. He did not believe that Shao Nuo Yu, that had a good impression of him, would suddenly lose interest. It was just a coincidence. Tonight, he must take Shao Nuo Yu to his bed. He covertly placed his hand to his pocket, feeling if the pill he brought with him was still there.


It was there. He felt relieved.


After relieving himself, Shao Nuo Yu washed his hands, and elegantly came out of the bathroom.


A face which he has seen twice welcomed him. If it was before, then he wouldn’t remember him. However, they experienced a life or death situation the other day, so he remembered him clearly and was pretty impressed.


It was difficult for him to know the other person’s thoughts, so he chose to pretend that he didn’t know him.


Yan Mu Lin just finished saying his prayers in front of the bathroom door when a handsome man with slender figure appeared in front of him.


Wasn’t this Shao Nuo Yu who had six-pack abs which he loved so much that he couldn’t part with it….


What a coincidence ah.


A really good coincidence ah.


Yan Mu Lin’s eyes widened. His astonished expression almost made Shao Nuo Yu want to go back to the bathroom. He calmed down quickly, and instead of waiting for him to say something, Yan Mu Lin rushed to say, “This… Me and my friends are playing truth or dare. Can you help me?”


Shao Nuo Yu asked, “How can I help?”


Yan Mu Lin’s words were vague, “I’m just going to say some words to you.”


Their relationship could be considered acquaintances, so Shao Nuo Yu had no reason not to agree. Last time, if it weren’t for him, then he would’ve been killed en route. Therefore, Director Shao could satisfy this small request of Yan Mu Lin’s. Anyway, it was merely some words.


However, what Director Shao did not expect that the sentence would turn out to be like this…


He watched as Yan Mu Lin suddenly approach him and started hitting his chest. His voice suddenly became unusually effeminate, “I hate you ah, this one’s pregnant with your child~”


Director Shao’s mouth opened in shock. He really wanted to push this damned child away. Not only did he just sweep a glance at Lu Yu Han who was standing not far off, he had also thought that Yan Mu Lin simply resembled an adorable angel. He immediately turned into a gentleman, and patted Yan Mu Lin’s back, “Hey, don’t joke around.”


Shao Nuo Yu didn’t know that his gentle and magnetic voice could kill people. Yan Mu Lin almost couldn’t control himself, and wanted to pounce on him, but fortunately, his performance remained the same. He tried to continue doing what he was doing, while Shao Nuo Yu was burdened and felt like he was shocked by an electric current. His whole body was sweating. Not fun at all.


He really wanted to ask him to say it again.


Players who were hiding at the side: “…..” What was happening?


Lu Yu Han, who now had dog eyes not so far away, pinched the pills in his pocket, turning it into powder. Damn it!


dog eyes – some photos, videos, or scenes are too shocking for a single dog (term for singles) which would make them feel some sort of blindness and have “dog eyes”. Similar to “being fed dog food”.


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