Chapter 18: Video


The earliest traces of kouji could be traced back to ancient times. In order to hunt, people often imitated the cries of birds and beasts to deceive them, or use intimidating roars to hunt the beasts to facilitate their capture. As for “animal calls”, they used it to find and distinguish their companions in the forests with different howls. It was also the earliest human language, but at that time the “animal calls” was only the predecessor of kouji. It wasn’t really kouji itself.


According to the historical records in the Warring States period in 298 BC, there was a story about kouji in 《Meng Changjun’s Night Battles in Hangu Pass》. The art of kouji started developing during the Song dynasty. The Song Dynasty’s 《Miscellaneous Notes》 stated that there are people who studied the “local dialects” and “hundred birdsongs”, which was assumed to be kouji. In the Song and Yuan dynasties, theatrics such as yips and clucks were mostly performed in the background by people who performed. Later, after simulations of simple sounds, it developed into stringing a variety of sounds to form a narrative. It was classified as one of the “baixi”. In other words, this vocal performance was commonly known as “gebi xi”. It would let you listen to the sound of the army hunting or a passel of hogs competing for food. Everything there would be imitated to perfection.


In Yan Mu Lin’s previous world, he learned the art of kouji, and he spent enormous effort on it. Professional voice actors who could learn the art of kouji were all seniors who have been given a national certificate. It was not easy for Yan Mu Lin to find a teacher for him to learn. When he started, he had to go to the library to find various materials helpful for self-study. Later on, he visited a master of kouji. In fact, there were not many masters at that time, and those who wanted a master could only go to Jiang Zhi Ji.


Yan Mu Lin did not succeed in studying under that certain master before he died. His proficiency in this skill came from his own efforts, while the other was based on one of his friends. His friend was very fortunate and had become a disciple of that master. Yan Mu Lin copied a lot of information from him, and learned very well. He wanted to be introduced to his teacher, but unfortunately, Yan Mu Lin did not have time to meet with that teacher and came to this world.


Whether this world’s kouji was great, Yan Mu Lin was not aware as he hadn’t been here for a long time. Before today, he did not have the time to search. He chose kouji because he was inspired by Xue Bai Ping. Due to that feeling, he had a hard time selecting what to perform. He thought that it was better to use the skills he learned in the past. It was just giving medicine to a dying horse. Anyway, he was a newcomer. As the saying goes, a newborn calf was not afraid of a tiger. He did not need to have misgivings.


giving medicine to a dying horse – to keep trying everything in a desperate situation.


In fact, today’s kouji was controlled by two major factions. They were divided into the Southern School and the Northern School. As the name implies, one was in the south, while the other was in the north. The south was headed by the Feng family, while the north was headed by the Tong family. Each had their own style. Since the art of kouji was a special technique from the ancient times, it was recognized as a non-material cultural heritage by the country and was world class. Therefore, the disciples of these schools had their own arrogance and did not perform before an audience. Not to mention the entertainment industry. In their eyes, a voice actor was low class. The targets of their performance were various national leaders.


Wei Zi Jun’s fan was very clever. She placed the audio in front of the video, which naturally won everyone’s attention. The fan’s Weibo was called 【This brother is especially handsome】. The number of people who followed the Weibo was quite a lot. She was a die-hard fan of Wei Zi Jun. As long as there was an activity, she would surely participate. Such as the small matter of meeting him at the airport. Regardless of where Wei Zi Jun was, she would definitely be there to cheer. After Wei Zi Jun had problems with his throat, she organized an activity to pray with a lot of fans. She was also very famous in the fandom. The number of her followers were no less than that of a 3-star celebrity. She was a pure fan that does not buy zombie fans.


zombie fans – the term used for fake followers that lurk on Chinese social media.


Her Weibo post was written this way: Absolutely 《Spy》’s live CV audition. Absolutely live kouji performance. All original, without any additives!


In this way, when 【This brother is especially handsome】’s post appeared, it caused a commotion in two different industries.


It was posted at 10:30 in the morning, and in less than ten minutes, it had already been forwarded 4,000 times, and this number continued to increase. This was because it also involved Xue Bai Ping, so his fans started to pay attention to it. From one, it turned into ten. Ten turned into a hundred, and so on!


【This brother is very handsome】’s original intentions were to share her findings with her co-fans, but she did not expect it to cause a trend. What she meant to express was that the new voice actor was handsome, and had professional skills. He was almost equal to Xue Bai Ping. He also showed a kouji performance which she captured, so she had to share what she saw and heard with the others!


There were now three trends: First, Wei Zi Jun’s fans began to discuss the issue of the auditioning voice actors in 《Spy》. A fan said that the newcomer’s skills weren’t enough to take on this role. Absolutely must not. X. X. X; There were fans who said that the newcomer’s kouji was so high that they could only see his dust and have no hope of catching up. He should be used as Wei Zi Jun’s standard voice actor; There were also fans who stayed neutral and waited for the official announcement.


they could only see his dust and have no hope of catching up – to be far inferior.


Fan 1: This level of achievement, and also a CV! The director isn’t blind, right?


Fan 2: Kouji? Did he learn kouji? So not all people who learn kouji were arrogant, people who look down on showbiz!


Fan 3: I think it’s okay, and that it’s pretty good. It’s rare to find someone who learned kouji that is this handsome, that isn’t bald and fat.


Fat, hahaha….


Fan 4: Bald and fat 2333333 @ A certain kouji master’s third apprentice @ Actually I am 80’s black fan


Fan 5: Waiting for the official voice acting results. +1


Fan 6: Waiting for the official voice acting results. +1


Fan 7: Waiting for the official voice acting results. +1


Fan N: Waiting for the official voice acting results. +N


Second, because there were two people who appeared in the video. One of them was Xue Bai Ping, an idol actor. The two’s attractiveness were compared, but they couldn’t identify who was more handsome. Only the side profile of the CV was shown in the video, you couldn’t see the full face. Must not compare. Previously on Weibo was a photo of a harpy eagle’s side profile. It was an animal that had the perfect side profile, but the most stupid front view of the face. If that CV was that type, then they certainly must not compare with their Ping Ping, k! That’s just stupid ah!


Xue Bai Ping’s fans were busy discussing the attractiveness of the new CV, while on the other hand, they were criticizing the video. He shouldn’t have frightened their family’s Ping Ping! Also, what was their relationship! Their Ping Ping wasn’t close to stars in the entertainment industry. Their Ping Ping is really cold, k!


Fan 1: Ah ah ah, my Ping is the most handsome!


Fan 2: The new CV is surely a harpy eagle, cannot be more accurate!


Fan 3: Who is he? My Ping refused to acknowledge him just now, surely he is thinking of using my Ping for hype!


Fan 4: Just passing by. PS. The side profile’s handsome.


Fan 5: Just passing by. PS. The side profile’s handsome.


Fan 6: Just passing by. PS. The side profile’s handsome.




Third, the newcomer’s kouji performance. Not only fans were forwarding, but even kouji apprentices have also seen them. They forwarded too. However, they did not praise him but taunted him.


A certain master’s apprentice A from Southern School forwarded and commented: Only at this level and he has the nerve to perform? Simply a disgrace of the kouji circle. [laugh cry]


A certain master’s apprentice B from Northern School forwarded and commented: Was this guy’s skill so poor that he would go as far as to sell out sex appeal to eat? Do you want to come to Xiao Ye’s family to have a meal, we have red braised pork, streaky pork, and steamed pork! [picture]


A certain kouji master’s third disciple replied to a Wei fan: You are bald, you are fat! My recent photo →_→ I have long hair, ok? I’m thin, ok?[picture]


@Actually I am 80 later replied to the Wei fan: I got shot even while lying down [pitiful]


As a result, the kouji circle’s North and South School’s grievances for many years have been forgotten by these disciples. Today, the kouji circle will tear you apart. Not satisfied!


At noon, the fans found out that one of the leading people in the video forwarded the Weibo post and responded with a four-character comment: Not a harpy eagle.


Xue Bai Ping’s fans, who were still craving for a dispute, immediately changed their attitudes. Since their male god said that the person wasn’t a harpy eagle, then doesn’t that mean that he was as handsome as their male god? With the forward of Xue Bai Ping, this Weibo post became hotter. Some fans who have not seen it before joined the discussion.


Xue Bai Ping’s fans, some stars, and even the director paid close attention to this post.


This Weibo post quickly got into the popular keywords and hot topic. It ranked third place in hot topic, then not long after, it became second!


Chen Yu Chao, who just decided on 《Pan Jin Lian》’s voice actors casually opened Weibo and clicked on the first hot topic. He had a habit, he would always like the first to the tenth hot topic.


Today’s first hot topic’s title was very strange: # Dubbing, Kouji, and Attractiveness Index #


Following his daily habits, Chen Yu Chao decided to click. Then he opened the audio and video one by one. After listening to the first one, he could not wait to open the second one. He just brought a cup to his mouth when he saw the person in the video…




Isn’t this Yan Mu Lin? After checking the video and comments under the original Weibo post, Chen Yu Chao’s mind formed various ideas. The voice actor in Weibo was Yan Mu Lin. The kouji performer in the audio was undoubtedly Yan Mu Lin. The attractiveness index was definitely about his appearance.


Trying to hide his smiling face, Chen Yu Chao’s stern face appeared somewhat sly. Tomorrow, Pan Jin Lian would start broadcasting, and they would need to increase the publicity.


Chen Yu Chao, who rarely posted on Weibo, forwarded the post. His comment only had three characters: Pan Jinlian.


After posting, Chen Yu Chao asked his assistant to remind Yan Mu Lin about the party this evening.


As a director of the animation industry, Chen Yu Chao had a lot of fans and is focused on by a lot of voice actors. The time he posted was during the lunchtime of most voice actors. At this time, some of them had started to rest and browse Weibo. They accidentally saw the “Pan Jinlian” comment of Director Chen. He also forwarded the Weibo post. What does this mean? Is it not publicity for 《Pan Jinlian》? Look again!


What did it have to do with the people in the post?!


At the same time, Zhang Jing Jing also saw that post. Seeing her breathe angrily, her agent asked her what was going on. She closed Weibo, and slammed the pillow sent by a fan on the ground: “Nine-tailed fox!”


Still did not know that he was filmed secretly, the sneak-recorded Yan Mu Lin was leisurely accompanied by Yan Zi Qiong for lunch. After auditioning, he did not see Xue Bai Ping again. So he led Zhou Wen Jing to a restaurant for lunch.


Yan Zi Qiong had scenes in the afternoon. So after lunch, she hurried back to the crew. After Zhou Wen Jing sent her there, she asked her to send Yan Mu Lin to school. After returning to the set, Zhou Wen Jing felt that everyone’s gazes were not quite right.


Soon, she and Yan Zi Qiong were called to a conference room by Director Guo.


Unsurprisingly, the discussion was about Yan Mu Lin’s audition.


At this time, a Weibo fan’s message attracted everyone’s attention. The Weibo of the video’s lead? No one @ him?


All the Internet users who were concerned about this matter were shocked: “……”


The lead who caused a huge wave on the Internet actually had no Weibo! He had no Weibo! He actually had no Weibo in this day and age!


Yan Mu Lin, who was still not aware of this news, was struggling with what clothes to wear at the night party.


The wind is cold in the evening, so it was better to bring a wool V-neck vest, okay.

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