Chapter 16: Assistance

Guo Li Peng was the director of the TV drama 《Spy》. 《Spy》 was about a war spy, but instead of shooting about the warfare, it was shot in a stifling and strained point of view. Guo Li Peng was well-known for shooting suspense films in the industry. If he claimed that he was second, then nobody would dare claim to be the first.

Naturally, if you wanted to shoot a serious psychological drama, then it was only natural to choose respectable actors. Actors who shamelessly relied on idol dramas would never be able to join Guo Lipeng’s crew. Only veteran actors could get in. They must have great acting skills, and multiple acting awards. Those who belong to the strength school.

For example, the lady whose voice was imitated by Yan Mu Lin, she was not an ordinary actress who was hostile towards Yan Zi Qiong. She was a veteran actress who had been performing for almost 30 years now. 20 years ago, she was a well-known child star. She was adorable in her childhood, and was skilled.

However, when she grew up, she was slightly worse than her peers. When she acted in idol dramas, the response was lukewarm. She was very suitable in family gossip drama, but those were shows that were played by the older generation of actors. The audience liked fights between the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law. Unnaturally, she, a young girl, was hot in these kinds of drama. In her 30 years, she received one war film. By relying on that film, she became popular in the people’s eyes. Her name was Shi Yuan Yuan.

Yan Zi Qiong’s fame was different from Shi Yuan Yuan’s. Yan Zi Qiong got scouted by an agent due to her appearance. In order to pay for the gambling debts of her mother, she entered the entertainment industry that was filled with muddy water. She had a talent for acting.

Her first work was a TV series that was adapted from the novel of the famous novelist Ji Yuan. After several shows, she got popular all over China. However, this was also the time that she met Sheng Qing Dong, the man who made her regret her life choices. Because of their love for one another, Yan Mu Lin was born. Later, she discovered that the man was actually married, and that he had a wife and a child. She blamed herself for being too young and ignorant. She made mistakes.

In exchange for her debt being repayed, Yan Zi Qiong’s mother would take care of Yan Mu Lin for some time. However, after her brother got remarried, Yan Mu Lin was returned to Yan Zi Qiong. Since then, Yan Mu Lin has been living alone. When Yan Zi Qiong wanted to repair her relationship with her son, he had already grown up, and it was already too late.

No, it was not too late.

As a previous popular first-rate actress, Yan Zi Qiong returned to showbiz and her popularity has not slip even a little. She worked day and night. The number of roles that she played was uncountable. Thanks to this, her current role would definitely not be inferior.

This time, she was the female lead in the 《Spy》 series. She was the protagonist’s wife. Shi Yuan Yuan’s role was someone who like the male lead. One was calm, and the other was fervent. This brought a lot of joy to the TV series.

Just now, at the set, Shi Yuan Yuan was not malicious, she was just curious. She liked to anger Yan Zi Qiong. Why did she want to compete against Yan Zi Qiong? The media said that they once liked the same man. Later, the businessman chose Yan Zi Qiong instead of Shi Yuan Yuan. After that, Shi Yuan Yuan began to hold an unusual attitude towards Yan Zi Qiong, but she never badmouthed Yan Zi Qiong towards the media. She was an eccentric woman.

The appearance of the two of them would naturally attract the attention of Director Guo Li Peng. Now, not only did Guo Li Peng notice them, but also saw the wacky behavior of Yan Mu Lin. He talked about voice acting matters with Yan Zi Qiong last night. Was he the one that she brought? The voice just now, he could not distinguish whether it was him or Shi Yuan Yuan. Guo Li Peng, who has listened to numerous CVs in a film or in a TV drama, and he felt that the child was flexible.

The appearance of the two of them would naturally attract the attention of Director Guo Li Peng. Now, not only did Guo Li Peng notice them, but also saw the wacky behavior of Yan Mu Lin.

He talked about voice acting matters with Yan Zi Qiong last night. Was he the one that she brought? The voice just now, he could not distinguish whether it was him or Shi Yuan Yuan. Guo Li Peng, who has listened to numerous CVs in a film or in a TV drama, and he felt that the child was flexible. Yan Zi Qiong rarely recommended him a voice actor, so he was really curious this time.

Yan Zi Qiong, who returned after falling ill, was naturally welcomed everyone. Her scenes were not reduced. Their investors had a lot of money. Even in the evenings, the cast’s expenses were not reduced. Guo Li Peng was a generous director. He only cared about whether the results would be good or bad.

He watched as Yan Zi Qiong and Shi Yuan Yuan have their usual interaction. Guo Li Peng was not interested in Shi Yuan Yuan, who was wearing her costume. Instead, he turned towards Yan Zi Qiong: “Who is this person with you?”

Yan Zi Qiong nodded and smiled lightly, “Yes ah. Mu Lin, say hello to Uncle Guo.”

Yan Mu Lin couldn’t restrain himself a while ago, he stuck his tongue out secretly, then respectfully walked towards Yan Zi Qiong and Guo Li Peng: “Uncle Guo, hello, my name is Yan Mu Lin.” He knew that calling Guo Li Peng uncle would increase their closeness more than calling him Director Guo. Fortunately, he had already researched about the entertainment industry in advance. He was aware of this world’s directors. Guo Li Peng was an amazing director, if he showed him disrespect, then he must be muddle-headed.

Guo Li Peng was a somewhat stout man. When he laughed, he looked kind and amiable, but anyone who has shooted with him knew that he was a meticulous man. He wouldn’t curse you or get angry, but he would ask you to do the scene a dozen of times until he found the angle he was satisfied with. He was more terrifying than a cursing director. However, the stars still continuously come to him. As long as they could act on Director Guo’s shows, then people would notice them. No doubt, there was a lot of masochists in the entertainment industry.

Guo Li Peng knew about Yan Zi Qiong’s past. Her and Sheng Qing Dong’s matter, how could they possibly conceal it from him, an old fox. He saw that Yan Mu Lin and Yan Zi Qiong’s appearance were a bit similar, but he would not say anything. He smiled, “Hello, there are a few people waiting inside. Do you want to go in and see?”

Yan Zi Qiong said: “I’ll leave Mu Lin to you. I’m going to change to my costume, have my make-up done, and then start.”

Guo Li Peng asked, “Don’t you need to rest?”

Yan Zi Qiong replied: “No. If I sleep any more then my bones will ache.”

Guo Li Peng nodded and allowed the make-up artists to take care of Yan Zi Qiong. Zhou Wen Jing and Yan Mu Lin followed Guo Li Peng into the audition room. It originally wasn’t in their plans to have auditions here, however, they couldn’t remove this room, so they had no choice but to make it a temporary audition room.

Since it was a period drama, the audition room was styled to look like an ancient hall. A person was already seated in one of the upper seats. He should be the actor who needed a CV. He had an exceptional presence. His name was Lao Xi Gu, and he looked like he was in his thirties. However, he had an excellent temperament and a unique aura, his role was probably not minor.

Due to his understanding of the 《Spy》 crew, Yan Mu Lin did not speak and looked for a place to sit. Zhou Wen Jing looked for other agents and sat near them. She was a veteran in the industry. Newcomers must give her face and give up a seat for her. A voice actor’s agent was curious. Why did Zhou Wen Jing come here to fight over their rice bowl?

One of the male agents asked: “Sister Jing, why are you taking care of a newcomer?”

Zhou Wen Jing smiled and said, “I haven’t taken care of a newcomer for a long time. I think it’s very fun.” Trying to worm out facts. You’re still inexperienced.

Male agent: “……” Silence. Who was that young man who Zhou Wen Jing thought was worth to spend time taking care of ah?

The agents at the side were all scheming, while the voice actors also had their own schemes.

All of the auditionees who who were recommended to be the voice actor were naturally not young. At first glance, only Yan Mu Lin’s little teen idol looks was unexpected. No one assumed that he wouldn’t be chosen, but that was only because he was with Zhou Wen Jing. To have the ability to catch Zhou Wen Jing’s attention, he most definitely isn’t inferior.

Honestly, they believed he was inferior. Zhou Wen Jing probably did not know of Yan Mu Lin’s abilities. She was only relying on Yan Zi Qiong’s contracts that’s all. They did not think that Yan Mu Lin would be able to get this role. The role being voiced was the leading role. Guo Li Peng was very prudent. That nitpicky man.

The audition was different from Yan Mu Lin’s two previous traditional interviews. Guo Li Peng’s topic was like this: “We would be giving everyone an equal opportunity. We’ll be giving you thirty minutes. In that time, all of you could go around. After that thirty minutes, I hope that everyone would be prepared. You could all use any of the staff’s voice. The content could also be chosen by you. The time for each one of you is three minutes. Starting now.”

They would be auditioning for a famous and charming actor, who now had a small flaw due to an accident. That person, Wei Zi Jun, was present, and he would be choosing his own voice actor. He had a lot of fans. When the news about his accident was released, his fans prayed for him and at the same time, he also gained a lot of fans.

The news about his return has long been hyped up in the internet. His company took advantage of this opportunity and mobilized the fans to give him an online welcome party. This was also to publicize the news about him and Guo Li Peng working together to shoot 《Spy》.

Because of his voice problems, the voice actor selection was followed closely by a lot of his fans. Who is going to voice their male god. We really want to know! Some of the nouveau riche fans even secretly asked the cast about this thing. Originally, the security of the crew was enough, but when there was too much people, some of the areas had less precaution. So while they were in the process of selecting voice actors, there were fans pretending to be a part of the crew, but no one discovered them.

The important point was that this fan was also watching the audition process. She was afraid of revealing her identity, she can’t take photos, can’t take videos, but it doesn’t matter. She will secretly record. The voice actor of her male god’s voice is the most important! En, this is her chance!

After the director told them to start, almost everyone rushed to leave the hall. Only Yan Mu Lin stayed in the location. He did not stand up and leave like the other people.

One after another, the agents in the room thought that he had his own schemes. Guo Li Peng was curious and asked him: “You’re not going?”

Yan Mu Lin stood up, his face looked somewhat bashful, and said, “Sorry, Director Guo, but may I ask where the rest room is?”

Guo Li Peng paused to look at him. So he was just embarrassed. He pointed at the back: “Pass through that door, head straight, then turn left.”

Yan Mu Lin was grateful, “Thank you, Director Guo.”

Wei Zi Jun just watched since he had problems with his voice. Apart from his lines, he rarely said anything.

Yan Mu Lin took advantage of his time in the rest room and searched for Wei Zi Jun’s preferences on his phone. The details posted by the fans weren’t interesting at all. Yan Mu Lin relieved himself before returning to the audition room.

At this time, a young actor was performing. His performance wasn’t very long or serious. It only contained a few lines. It might be because he was in front of a lot of veterans, so he was slightly nervous. He delivered the lines without any emotion or uniqueness. It was just like he was reciting something.

The assistant director really did not want to waste time with him. He told him to rest for 10 minutes and look for the feel of the performance. Without the feeling, the lines would not be delivered well. The young actor walked listlessly towards Yan Mu Lin. Of course, this was just a coincidence.

The young actor’s agent handed him his water, said something, and no longer bothered him.

Yan Mu Lin was very familiar with these lines. This was probably because after this was Yan Zi Qiong’s scene. He involuntarily moved forward and said, “Just now, you performed well.”

The young man looked distressed and said, “Was it? Thank you, but I was rejected by the director. Are you auditioning as a voice actor?”

Yan Mu Lin sat on the chair beside the young actor: “Yes.”

The handsome young actor’s eyes lit up, “Then you must feel good with the lines.”

Yan Mu Lin said: “Fortunately.”

The young actor smiled and stated: “Then can you show me where things aren’t good? I always feel that something is strange.”

Yan Mu Lin said: “Then I’m asking you to not get angry at me.”

Young actor: “Won’t get angry.”

Yan Mu Lin told him sincerely, “The level at which you read the lines were really embarrassing.”

The young actor’s mouth twitched: “……” He said to himself, I. won’t. get. angry!

Seeing the other’s expression turn bad, the corners of Yan Mu Lin’s mouth hooked up, his facial expression changed, then suddenly raised his voice: “Pei! Gou San, that bastard. He dared to betray this laozi. Laozi will follow his surname ‘Gou’ if I don’t shoot him!”

The young actor was frightened by Yan Mu Lin who was sitting beside him: “……”

I was scared by my own voice.

Not far from them, the fan was filming them using her mobile phone. Cannot film my male god, but filming this teen idol is also good.

strength school – there are two “factions” an actor could belong to. “shili pai” or strength school, wherein you rely on your skills, or “ouxiang pai” or idol school, wherein you rely on your face.

rice bowl – livelihood / job / way of making a living.

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