Chapter 15: Puchi


Before arriving at this hospital and meeting the Sheng family, Yan Mu Lin never thought that he would meet Sheng Qing Dong so quickly. The most common phrase used in his previous world for this was: I must have fucked a dog.


I must have fucked a dog – “真是日了狗了” isn’t meant literally, but as self-mockery for their bad luck.


But the Yan Mu Lin now wasn’t the timid person from before. In front of Sheng Qing Dong’s pressure, he could still smile. As far as the original owner was concerned, Father Sheng only contributed his seed. He did not feel filial at all. Not to mention now, Yan Mu Lin did not consider him as his biological father. He felt no connection with him. His current attitude was proper.


In the face of that evil force, he would show his brave side. Show the previous weak coward to them and have them say that he was unworthy of the Sheng family? He can’t do that. As for Father Sheng coming over to have him recognize his ancestors, Yan Mu Lin was not worried at all.


Although he did not want to recognize his ancestors, will Yan Mu Lin be impolite? Of course, he won’t. He can be polite and magnanimous.


Yan Mu Lin said to Sheng Qing Dong: “Mr. Sheng, hello.” He completely ignored the awkward moment at the back of his mind. He wasn’t the one who should be embarrassed, it should be Sheng Xia Chen, not him.


Thinking that they could pick on him. Why should they do that? He did not beat anyone. Besides, he did not know anything about them.


As Sheng Qing Dong listened to Yan Mu Lin’s words, his face grew as dark as the bottom of a pot. Thinking about it, he thought that it was no good to flare up out here. The Sheng family always cared about face. Sheng Qing Dong has lived for several decades so he could control his temper. He could not understand Yan Mu Lin’s attitude today. It was really unusual. In the past, he always lowered his head when speaking, with his voice really soft. Today, he even managed to smile. However, if you paid attention, you would discover that there was no hint of joy in it.


Since Yan Mu Lin called him, Sheng Qing Dong would not allow for his mocking to be heard in this hallway. He nodded and said, “Come with me.” He directly passed by Yan Mu Lin and Sheng Xia Chen.


Yan Mu Lin knew that he was talking to him, but he was not a dog. That guy didn’t even call him by his name. He pretended not to know and walked in the opposite direction. He did not have an appointment with him. Why should he follow?


Sheng Xia Chen watched as his father and Yan Mu Lin leave him. He was confused due to the actions of Yan Mu Lin. Did my father call me or him? After thinking about it, he followed after his father.


When Sheng Qing Dong was finally outside and was about to get inside the car, he said: “Mu Lin, get in the car. I have something to tell you.”


Behind him, Sheng Xia Chen replied: “…Dad, Yan Mu Lin did not come.”


Sheng Qing Dong turned around and saw the handsome face of his eldest son: “Where is he?”


Sheng Xia Chen pointed upwards. “He went upstairs.”


Sheng Qing Dong pressed down the flames in his heart, and said: “Didn’t I tell him to follow?” He was met with Sheng Xia Chen’s silence. The boy did not know whether he should answer. Sheng Qing Dong looked at him, “Say something.”


Sheng Xia Chen followed his orders and stated: “Maybe it was because you didn’t call his name just now. I thought you were talking to me.”


Sheng Qing Dong: “……” He was obviously talking to Yan Mu Lin. Yes, he did not mention his name, but why did he feel that this was done deliberately.


Sheng Qing Dong just stood there for a while and remembered that he had another meeting. He said to Sheng Xia Chen, “Stay here and wait for Yan Mu Lin. I will have dinner with him tonight.”


Sheng Xia Chen, who was left behind, wanted to refuse, but when his dad looked at him, he swallowed all the words he wanted to say. He did not want to meet Yan Mu Lin at all!


Since he couldn’t refuse, Sheng Xia Chen was forced to occupy one of the parking spaces at the hospital. He waited for Yan Mu Lin to come out. He felt like a paparazzi, though he did not want to. He was a board member ah.


This tacky waiting thing, he did not want to do it all!


After waiting for fifteen minutes, Sheng Xia Chen saw Yan Mu Lin escort a woman wearing sunglasses out of the hospital. Behind them was another woman. Although Sheng Xia Chen was rarely involved with the entertainment industry, he still knew some people in it. For Yan Mu Lin to come to the hospital during class hours, it could only be because of his mother. If he remembered correctly, then the person behind them was Zhou Wen Jing, Yan Zi Qiong’s agent. She handled various superstars, making her a first-rate agent in the entertainment industry.


Based on his conjecture, Sheng Xia Chen was sure that Yan Mu Lin went to the hospital for Yan Zi Qiong. Otherwise, Yan Mu Lin would not have run away from his father. However, he was so impolite. From the very beginning, that guy has never been polite.


He did not understand why his father would suddenly attach importance to an illegitimate child. He had a mother and was also an adult. Why did he want to look after him so much? Could it be that the rumors were really true and that his father took advantage of Yan Zi Qiong’s feelings? Then the result of that was Yan Mu Lin? He could not believe that Yan Zi Qiong was that foolish to be deceived.


Regarding his parent’s feelings, Sheng Xia Chen could not come up with a conclusion. He was sure that his father would not tell him, and he would definitely not ask him directly. In any case, Yan Mu Lin was already an adult, to say much was not beneficial for him.


Regardless of who that woman was, Sheng Xia Chen would still fulfill his father’s orders.


Sheng Xia Chen got out of his car, and when he saw Yan Mu Lin was about to enter the car, he shouted: “Yan Mu Lin, wait.”


Yan Mu Lin turned around. Sheng Xia Chen was unexpectedly still here. It seems that he was waiting for him. “Looking for me?”


Sheng Xia Chen took a deep breath and nodded, “Yes, my dad wanted to have dinner with you tonight. The location would be sent to you.”


The corners of Yan Mu Lin’s lips curved upwards. Was that even requesting someone for an appointment? He has not seen anyone with such a disregard for another’s feelings when making an appointment. Sheng Qing Dong wanted him to go? Forget it.


Whatever thoughts he had, Yan Mu Lin did not say anything on the surface: “Oh, I got it.”


Sheng Xia Chen was already prepared to be ridiculed, but the other person was relaxed. He felt that something was wrong, and was a bit afraid to believe in his words. “Don’t forget to go to the appointment.”


Yan Mu Lin smiled at him, “I know.” This was simply a glib person talking.


After Sheng Xia Chen left, Yan Mu Lin got inside Zhou Wen Jing’s car beside Yan Zi Qiong. Mother Yan asked: “Who was that person?” She had never paid attention to her son’s social life. However, that person’s attitude was very problematic. She did not understand how her son knew that type of person.


Yan Mu Lin did not conceal anything from her, “Sheng Xia Chen. Sheng Qing Dong’s eldest son.”


Yan Zi Qiong’s expression changed slightly, but she was still calm. “…you know?”


Yan Mu Lin asked back, “Know what?”


Yan Zi Qiong did not dare to look towards Yan Mu Lin, so she turned her head towards the window. She answered him bluntly, “Your biological father.”


Yan Mu Lin nodded, “Well, yes. He usually asks me to go to Sheng family. Just now, Sheng Xia Chen passed me a message. Sheng Qing Dong wanted to have dinner with me tonight.”


Yan Zi Qiong felt very stuffy, “Going?”


Yan Mu Lin leaned back and said, “Not going. My surname is Yan, his surname is Sheng. We are not related.”


These past two interactions with Yan Mu Lin shocked Yan Zi Qiong. Her son never showed interest in anything. She felt like she couldn’t understand anything. It seems that certain things have never been in her control from the very beginning. Since she couldn’t control it, then she’d let it go.


In the past, Yan Zi Qiong doesn’t say anything so Yan Mu Lin wouldn’t speak either. He already showed his attitude. Surely, Yan Zi Qiong would not say anything more. Of course, he had no plans in getting close with the Sheng family. Every time Sheng Qing Dong approached him, he would always refuse. However, even if he accepted the goodwill of Sheng family, Yan Zi Qiong would probably not say anything. To this day, Yan Mu Lin still calls her “Auntie”, and not “Mom”, which was more intimate.


During Yan Zi Qiong’s hospitalization, there was a housekeeper who would bring her food. Yan Mu Lin went to her home for the first time, so the housekeeper was invited. She did not know Yan Mu Lin. It was only when Yan Mu Lin called Yan Zi Qiong “Aunt” did the housekeeper know. She felt somewhat surprised but did not ask questions.


In the evening, they ate dinner at Yan Zi Qiong’s home. Zhou Wen Jing was there with them. She observed how Yan Mu Lin and Yan Zi Qiong would interact with each other. Before dinner, she and Yan Zi Qiong discussed her following jobs. Her symptoms were chronic. As long as her work would not strain her, then it would not be too big of a problem, but reducing her workload was a must.


After eating, it was already late, so Zhou Wen Jing and Yan Mu Lin stayed there. Yan Mu Lin wanted to go back to his university, but Zhou Wen Jing persuaded him to stay. In addition to that, he also had his own plans. It was not bad for him to have a good relationship with Yan Zi Qiong and Zhou Wen Jing. It would be good if he could rely on their connections to pave the way for himself.


However, how could he make them introduce him to jobs naturally? He has never done this kind of thing, so he felt quite distressed.


Yan Mu Lin did not forget Sheng Qing Dong. That person was probably already home, very furious. It was especially amusing thinking about it. This feeling of bullying that kind of people, it was pretty fun.


Yan Mu Lin slept well in Yan Zi Qiong’s small villa. Unexpectedly, what he was worried about last night was solved today. Yan Zi Qiong and Zhou Wen Jing knew that he was studying something related to voice acting, and last night, the director casually told them that an actor who had injuries a year ago came back to film, but his voice practically does not want to come out, so he wanted to know if they knew a suitable CV. As for why the director came to Yan Zi Qiong for this matter, Yan Mu Lin did not care. What he cared about was whether he would be accepted for this job today.


After breakfast, Zhou Wen Jing drove Yan Mu Lin to see the director. Yan Zi Qiong did not want to rest at home, so she dressed up, and was ready to go to work.


Zhou Wen Jing asked while driving, “Mu Lin, do you have an agent?”


Yan Mu Lin pitifully shook his head, “Don’t have one.”


Zhou Wen Jing reached out and patted his shoulder: “Well, you shouldn’t worry about your agent for a while. I’ll find one for you. For the time being, I’ll be looking for suitable opportunities for you. Do you want to work behind-the-scenes or out in the open?” [T/N: Aren’t you driving QAQ]


In Yan Mu Lin’s previous world, he died working behind-the-scenes, but many knew of his roles. However, the people only knew the actors and did not know of the behind-the-scenes voice actor. This time, Yan Mu Lin did not want to just work behind-the-scenes, he also wanted to work in front of the screen.


So he replied without hesitation, “I want to go in front of the screen.”


Yan Zi Qiong on the other side sighed slightly.


Zhou Wen Jing solved the problem that has been bugging Yan Mu Lin for quite some time now. As expected, things were being handled easily when you have a backer.


After arriving at the set, Yan Zi Qiong and Zhou Wen Jing took Yan Mu Lin to the director. Yan Zi Qiong’s arrival invited a warm welcome from a group of enthusiastic people. Yan Mu Lin did not know whether it was genuine or not. He stood there in silence, acting as a plastic flower.


However, some people still noticed his existence. They speculated whether Yan Zi Qiong was going to ask the director to give her little relative a role.


But those newcomers only dared to guess in their hearts. However, the actresses who were of the same generation as Yan Zi Qiong weren’t as reserved as the younger generation.


A sweet and delicate tone that could cause people to have goosebumps sounded out, “Yo, Zi Qiong came with her little boyfriend to come and see the set?”


Yan Mu Lin rubbed his arms. Hearing those strange voices, he really wanted to teach them a lesson. He stood behind Zhou Wen Jing and used the voice of the actress from before, “Yo, Zi Qiong came with her little boyfriend to come and see the set?”


When they were far enough that the actress wouldn’t hear, Zhou Wen Jing did not hold back and laugh.


Some of the young stars near them could not help but bow their heads and cover their mouths so that they would not laugh.


The actress who walked into the room, and wanted to continue ridiculing Yan Zi Qiong saw everyone like this. She did not know why they were like that, so she decided to stop what she was doing.


What are you all laughing at?!


Yan Zi Qiong looked at Yan Mu Lin, who blinked innocently. He did nothing.


The high and cold Yan Zi Qiong: Puchi.



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