Chapter 14: Wailing


Yan Mu Lin’s current mood was like he bought a lot of lottery tickets for so many years, but apart from 5 RMB, he never won a single prize. Then suddenly, the grand prize smashed against him, just like a dream. He never expected that he would meet the kind-hearted driver again. He never imagined it, especially under such circumstances. He was still thinking about repaying him some time ago, and now, he was caught unprepared.


His point was that the driver’s appearance could only be described in one word: Handsome! Handsome! Handsome!


He didn’t see the front before, but he saw it this time.


A handsome face with sharp lines was his favorite type. He had a slender figure, perfect proportions, and he even had 6-pack abs! This kind of body could make his saliva flow endlessly. To repay him, can he use his own body ah?


Yan Mu Lin, who was caught up in his flirtatious behavior, realized that he was showing his starry-eyed infatuation. He slowly pulled his hands away from the muscles of the handsome man with a bit of sadness. He was truly unwilling to let go of him, but this was not the time to be lecherous. It was time for him to save this man.


Shao Nuo Yu’s injuries weren’t light. There was a long scar on his arm, and the back of his head seemed to be hit by a club. He wanted to call the police and send him to the hospital, but he still hasn’t awakened, nor can he send him to the hospital.


In his temporary room, he found a first aid kit. Yan Mu Lin cut Shao Nuo Yu’s sleeves and cleaned the edges of the wound with alcohol. There was nothing wrong with the rest of his body, but if he does not wake up two hours later, then he would consider sending him to the hospital.


Fortunately, Shao Nuo Yu was not an ordinary person. Even if he was injured severely, he woke up after 30 minutes. When he opened his eyes, he saw Yan Mu Lin throwing away the cotton that was stained with blood to the trash can, then he put away the first aid kit to the medicine cabinet.


Seeing that he was awake, Yan Mu Lin blinked. Shao Nuo Yu seemed to have seen a hint of disappointment in his eyes, he was sure of it. However, Shao Nuo Yu only said: “We’re in your place?”


Yan Mu Lin was indeed quite disappointed, he could only touch the other person’s abs when he was unconscious. But it was also a good thing that he woke up. “No, I’m living here temporarily.”


Shao Nuo Yu struggled to get up. Yan Mu Lin reached out to help him. The former wanted to refuse, but his headache was terrible. When he moved, it was like everything was spinning. He couldn’t help but close his eyes. Fortunately, Yan Mu Lin supported him and helped him up.


“Do you need me to send you to the hospital?” Yan Mu Lin asked, frowning.


When everything stopped spinning, Shao Nuo Yu tried to move his unwounded hand and said: “It’s okay. My phone got lost last night, can I use yours? What district are we in?”


Yan Mu Lin handed him his phone and told him the district they were in. He watched as Shao Nuo Yu dial a phone number. After he explained the situation to the person on the other end, he returned the phone to Yan Mu Lin.


“Thanks for taking care of me today. Someone’s going to pick me up later.” Shao Nuo Yu said politely, without a trace of emotion in his face. He was thinking about who sent those assassins today. Darkness covered his heart, and it showed on his face.


Yan Mu Lin felt that he was unable to understand the situation now. He got involved in an assassination, but apart from being frightened, he didn’t feel any different. Except that he won’t tell the other person that he touched his abs! He definitely won’t. Even if this world seemed to be more tolerant of homosexuality compared to his previous world.


He saw that Shao Nuo Yu’s face didn’t look good, as if he barely succeeded to live. Yan Mu Lin said, “That would be great. Why don’t you go to the hospital to get your wounds bandaged? I only cleaned it for you.”


Shao Nuo Yu nodded, but he did not look very enthusiastic. Yan Mu Lin quietly sat at the side. After that conversation came an awkward silence between them.


Yan Mu Lin: ……


Shao Nuo Yu: ……


Both of them were just looking at each other.


Yan Mu Lin finally thought of a question, “Hey, what’s your name?”


Shao Nuo Yu, who was sitting on the bed, answered: “Shao Nuo Yu.”


Yan Mu Lin, who did not know much about business matters in this world, did not think too much about it. After he got the guy’s name, he was quite happy, and looked a little foolish: “My name is Yan Mu Lin. Fate seems to be bringing us together ah.” Wouldn’t it be great if we exchanged phone numbers? Naturally, Yan Mu Lin only dared to think about the last sentence. In today’s battle, he wouldn’t dare voice it out. In TV dramas, people who were being assassinated had unusual secrets. That’s extremely scary.


The room wasn’t dreadfully quiet anymore, but Shao Nuo Yu’s complexion hasn’t eased at all.


Shao Nuo Yu was still feeling dizzy and nauseous, so he did not speak much. Yan Mu Lin seemed to have noticed this and poured the man a cup of water. About the assassination, Yan Mu Lin would not ask a lot of questions. After all, this had nothing to do with him. If he did, then Shao Nuo Yu might dislike him.


Ten minutes later, four black-clothed men arrived. Yan Mu Lin reluctantly sent Shao Nuo Yu there, the question about his phone number, unuttered. He watched as a poker-faced chauffeur drive a car towards them, followed by two black cars.


With these number of bodyguards, Yan Mu Lin could not understand why Shao Nuo Yu still got attacked. The people in this city sure knows how to have fun. The world of rich people was something hard to understand. In his previous life, he couldn’t understand, and now, it’s even more difficult to get.


When the bodyguard opened the door for Shao Nuo Yu, Yan Mu Lin couldn’t hold back anymore and blurted out the words in his mand, “This… Shao Nuo Yu, are you married?”


Shao Nuo Yu was still feeling a bit nauseated so he couldn’t answer immediately. “No.” He paused for a bit, as he suddenly thought of leaving his phone number, but did not give it in the end. “Goodbye.” Once someone knows his name, then they would be aware of his status.


What Director Shao did not know was that in this world, there was an Internet slang called “It’s just useless shit.

It’s just useless shit. – It’s used jokingly, to say that you’ve put in a lot of effort into something, “however, it’s just useless shit.” Meaning it did nothing.

As Yan Mu Lin didn’t belong to this world, naturally, he doesn’t know of SNY. The joke got lost in translation qaq

Yan Mu Lin stared blankly. The man who had amazing abs was actually unmarried. This meant that he actually had a chance.


Yan Mu Lin watched as the car disappear in front of his eyes. Then, the evening breeze blew, causing him to feel chills. Ah, wait!


Ah! Why didn’t you still ask for his phone number, really stupid!


Feeling a sense of loss, Yan Mu Lin trudged back to his room, took a bath, and went to bed. He recalled his experiences with Shao Nuo Yu. His heart once again beating madly. Yan Mu Lin pulled the quilt up to his neck in excitement. He faced the ceiling and gave out a howl, “Aowuu~”


He felt comfortable after yelling. Whether or not he had the phone number, he should still go to sleep.


What he did not know was that the sleeping little couple next door was awoken by his howling.


The woman pushed her boyfriend awake: “Did you hear that? It’s as if there was a howling wolf!”


The poor boyfriend turned over, “What howling, you’re just dreaming. Sleep. Sleep, now. Sleep, okay? We still have work tomorrow.”


The woman also thought that she might have been dreaming, so she turned over and continued to sleep.


Yan Mu Lin, who just calmed down, was now asleep, while Shao Nuo Yu was watching a doctor sew stitches on his arm. The doctor said that the edges of his wound were treated in a timely manner and that there was no infection. He also showed him an X-ray of his head. It showed that he had a slight concussion. It will take about a week for it to heal.


Shao Nuo Yu did not immediately return home but headed to one of his villas that was named under someone else’s name. The bodyguards surrounding him immediately got up.


The previous him would surely trust his special assistant to block news of his injuries, but now, he would not do that.


With a light sneer, Shao Nuo Yu opened his cell phone using his uninjured hand.


After waking up the next day, Yan Mu Lin ate lunch and went to the recording studio to work on his recording.


Yan Mu Lin did not notice that the Mid-Autumn Festival has already passed by while he was busy working. He only found out when other people from the studio gave him mooncakes.


During his break in the afternoon, Yan Mu Lin was leaning on Min Tong Shu: “Min-ge, what are you looking at?”


After a period of interaction with each other, Yan Mu Lin and Min Tongshu were now good friends. Although the two weren’t at the point where they would tell each other everything, they still thought that the other party was to their preferences.


Min Tong Shu showed him the news article on his phone: “Can you see this? Even the rich people can’t live well ah. Just by going out to work, you can even get assassinated. So worrying.”


Yan Mu Lin looked at the phone and saw the title: Some rich businessman got off work late at night, and was hunted by unknown assassins. Suspected to be people from a syndicate!


Why does this headline resemble everything he experienced last night?


However, the article’s picture did not show the businessman. Moreover, to Yan Mu Lin, all rich businessmen were big-bellied. It was nothing like the cool and handsome image of Shao Nuo Yu. So to him, this news had nothing to do with the other party.


“Min-ge, are you thinking of leaving this industry for business ah?”


Min Tong Shu grabbed the phone from him, and said: “I, your uncle, is satisfied with this kind of ordinary life. Rich businessman or not, I am satisfied with this life, okay. Also, my tiny heart can’t stand that.”


Yan Mu Lin nodded, “Then, Min-ge, jiayou. By the way, have you found my sister-in-law yet?”


Min Tong Shu: “…..Single dog.”


Yan Mu Lin “hehe”-d at Min Tong Shu as he rolled his eyes. This guy is deliberately acting angry at him.


Yan Mu Lin drank a glass of water, and then returned to the recording studio to continue working on his voice acting.


After Zhang Jing Jing’s “guiding the newcomer” incident, the veteran voice actors’ attitude to Yan Mu Lin seemed to have grown better. The newcomer was skillful. They were unwilling to admit that he was skilled, but he could slap a first-rate CV’s face red, and get them to leave. That was very hard to imagine, but it was a fact. Still giving the newcomer a hard time was out of the question.


Yan Mu Lin stayed at the studio for two more weeks before his work was finished. The later period was the other people’s business, his participation was unnecessary. It was estimated that after two days, 《Pan Jinlian》’s second phase of publicity would start. At that time, Yan Mu Lin would finally hear his voice in 《Pan Jinlian》’s promotions. It should be said that his voice was perfect for Pan Jinlian. He was looking forward to that.


Before the 《Pan Jinlian》 advertisement was released, the Earl Watch advertisement was already out a month earlier, and since it was the Golden Age of Television, a lot of advertisements were broadcasted. The focus of the advertisement was the watch and not the voice actor. Yan Mu Lin was already prepared for this and did not care too much about it as long as his remuneration arrived.


After finishing 《Pan Jinlian》, Yan Mu Lin lost a lot of weight due to the irregular work schedule. Since the promotions have not begun, Director Chen allowed Yan Mu Lin to go back earlier. Director Chen had his own plans. During the promotion, he would not announce Pan Jinlian’s CV. Yan Mu Lin did not have objections. In this world, this was also a way to promote a piece. Voice actors may affect how the viewers see the anime.


After returning to the dormitory, Yan Mu Lin just slept for the past two days. In this period of time, he did not even notice that his roommate came back. He only got up from bed when his stomach grumbled for food. At this time, his roommate has once again gone out for filming.


He received a call from Aunt Zhou after eating dinner. She told him that Yan Zi Qiong was about to be discharged and he was told that he should go to the hospital. With Mother Yan’s awkward character, she obviously would not mention this.


Of course, as long as Yan Mu Lin’s cover did not slip, Mother Yan would not even notice that her son was already gone.


Since his last visit, Yan Mu Lin never went back to the hospital again. The two of them also rarely talked through the phone. After all, for Yan Mu Lin, Mother Yan wasn’t his birth mother.


This time, she was being discharged so he had to go. Even if Mother Yan was indifferent towards the original owner. Now that he was in this body, he had to go. Think about Mother Yan’s connections and his future. It wouldn’t hurt to go.


It took him 20 minutes by taxi to the hospital. Just as he was about to head upstairs, Yan Mu Lin was stopped. He looked up: “……”


This person looks familiar, hey…


“Yan Mu Lin, why are you here?”


Yo isn’t this Sheng family’s eldest young master!! The one with the face that really looked like it deserved a slap. It really causes one to feel unpleasant. It really makes you want to beat him up. I really do not owe you money ah!


Yan Mu Lin’s lips curved upwards and answered him with a question, “How come you’re in the hospital?”


The Sheng family’s eldest young master said,  “Don’t you have other things to do? So easygoing.”


Yan Mu Lin replied: “Then why don’t you be in charge of me and what I do.”


Sheng family’s eldest young master: “……” Really hateful!


This eldest young master’s face increasingly grew displeasing as he looked. Yan Mu Lin raised an eyebrow and said: “Could it be that you brought your girlfriend here to get an abortion?”


Sheng family’s eldest young master: “……” Bastard! How did he not find out before that this Yan Mu Lin was someone who was asking for a slap in the face.


someone who was asking for a slap in the face – It is used to refer to people who are mean with their words and always say things offensive to others.

Yan Mu Lin raised his hand to his chin: “Or did you bring your boyfriend for a circumcision? Maybe yourself….”


The thoroughly angered young master: “Yan. Mu. Lin! You should shut up!”


The man who was brought to be “circumcised” was standing behind Sheng family’s eldest young master. He was watching the two of them. That one. His father from Sheng family. Hehe.


Yan Mu Lin saw the person who just arrived, and stopped functioning for two seconds: “……”


This middle-aged man looked a little like someone?


That someone seems to be himself?


Seeing Yan Mu Lin look somewhere else, Sheng Xia Chen turned around. His voice’s tone turned respectful as he said: “Dad.”


Yan Mu Lin blinked: “……”


That one. His father from Sheng family. Hehe.



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