Chapter 13: Hunted


After Zhang Jing Jing left the studio childishly, Yan Mu Lin once again devoted all his energy to work. He did not think of looking around Weibo or do other unnecessary things.

Weibo – It’s “U博” in the raws. It sounds weird for me to translate it as U-blog or U-bo so..

《Pan Jinlian》 had a total of forty episodes. Each episode took around 25 minutes to finish. Based on Yan Mu Lin’s ability, it would take him 2-4 hours to complete the first episode, and his daily work hours, except real voice acting, were basically 12 hours or so. Analyzation also takes up his time. Some directors had special requirements. It was also possible to spend a lot of time on a particular sentence, research, and then do voice-overs again.


The train back to school closes at 11 PM, while the late night bus was an hour trip. Waiting for a cab would take too long. Yan Mu Lin thought of asking Director Chen whether he could stay in the company. Director Chen also thought of this and asked the executives to rent him a room and a bed. Every day, a housekeeper comes and tidies up the room.


Compared to his small accommodation in the city, his place now was as huge as a double room, while the bed was queen-sized. An adult man could live here comfortably. Yan Mu Lin brought down his suitcase to the side temporarily. He was in the basement, and the treatment was very good. However, he could not stay here for long. The price that Director Chen gave him was only for two weeks. Yan Mu Lin could not delay everyone’s progress.


Yan Mu Lin then asked a teacher for leave. Teachers in their school were extremely lenient towards students who could get jobs. They did not want their students to just learn and do nothing.


During the period when Yan Mu Lin was not in school, Sheng Xia Xiao who always bullied him during the weekdays was obviously bound to find something wrong. He had not seen Yan Mu Lin for a long time. Where is that person, did he die?!


He never expected that the person he always bullied would disappear one day. After ordering someone to find out, he discovered that Yan Mu Lin had a job. How could he have a job? Where is he working? The guy who always trembled when he saw him actually had a job? Or was it a voice-over job? He definitely wouldn’t snatch his advertisement voice-overs. Why doesn’t anyone know?


Yan Mu Lin’s protection work was done very well. It’s not that he did this on purpose, but it was because he had no friends at all. What’s more, he was used to being a low-profile voice actor. He never thought of using the popularity 《Pan Jinlian》 to raise the public’s awareness of him. You should know that he did not even have his own Weibo account. This shows that he was really used to being low-key. He has not even thought of promoting himself. He was only focused on his work.


There were no annoying Sheng family members, and occasionally calling Mother Yan. At other times, Yan Mu Lin was either sleeping, studying his character, or working. Of course, he did not have the time to go online and gossip.


In the past two days, there was a hot topic. It was placed fifth in Weibo’s hot topic rankings. It even ranked first for a while.


The title was clear and concise, but also particularly attractive: Guess which audio is Zhang Jing Jing’s moans? Audio attached.


This was a Weibo post that was created two days ago. The content was identical with the title, only with two audio files inside. After opening the first file, you would hear average panting sounds. As long as you were a voice actor, you were capable of doing this. To speak frankly, it was only slightly better than the panting sounds you make when you climb a mountain. It was weak and without strength, like at any time, the person would feel dizzy and fall over. However, the focus was not on the series of awful gasps, but the next while, which caused their pulse rate to increase. They even forgot to turn off the file. Again and again, they replayed the audio. They then guessed that the latter was Zhang Jing Jing. Well, if Zhang Jing Jing’s voice was the previous difficult-to-hear, death-inducing sound, then who was the latter?


Was this Weibo post supposed to vilify or praise Zhang Jing Jing?


What’s the answer? Nobody is making an announcement! Where is the OP!


Because there was no response even after countless forwards and comments on the Weibo post, it also stayed on the hot topic rankings unconsciously. The blogger who made this post was accepted to be a marketing account. Of course, the blogger wasn’t the kind of marketing account who often stole a random person’s photo. Due to the current Internet regulations, if you infringe another person’s portraiture rights or any other right, the police had the right to punish you or the company behind Weibo. If it was infringed ten there were two reasons for this. First was that the blogger’s personal integrity was questionable, and second was that the website was not monitored properly.


No matter how hot the post was, it still hasn’t reached Yan Mu Lin. The blogger never disclosed the answer to the public. If you want to know then wait, wait, wait~ It wasn’t as if the blogger did not want to announce the results, but his source did not want to tell him. He just told him that the truth would be revealed at a certain time.


Staying in the recording studio regardless of the time, Yan Mu Lin always left the place when the moon rose above the willow tree. Today was no exception. After saying goodbye to the several staff members who were still in the recording studio to sort out the recordings. Yan Mu Lin rubbed his face. After the hottest spell of autumn, the temperature during the night gradually decreased.


That evening, the full moon was shining brightly, while the stars were sparse. The night sky was extremely beautiful.


Standing in front of the large building, Yan Mu Lin raised his head to look at the sky. Suddenly feeling that it was such a beautiful moment, he thought that it would be a waste to just go back to his room and sleep. He should walk around and feel this world’s nightlife.


Yan Mu Lin, who lacked family care, could only set himself free at night in a bar. In his previous world, very few parents could accept that their son was a homosexual. They thought of it as a disease or a mental illness.


That’s right, Yan Mu Lin was a gay person through and through, and he was still 100% pure. To force him to like a woman was truly something difficult for him to do. In his world’s voice acting circle, he did not dare to make his sexuality public even to his friends. He always hid, especially when he goes to GAY. He always wore makeup and dressed differently. When he runs into someone good, he wanted to drink two cups with them and have a one night stand, but he couldn’t do it. In the end, he did not know which part of him was problematic, but he really couldn’t roll around the bed with someone he did not know.


He himself did not realize that he wanted to keep himself clean and that he wanted always dreamt of a complete family.


Alone in a different world, Yan Mu Lin picked up his cell phone and looked for a bar near him. Then he would use a navigation app to reach the place. If it was too far away, then he was afraid he couldn’t catch a bus to return home. Taking a taxi wasn’t possible, he was a poor student. He still didn’t get his salary. No money, no money, ah!


Halfway through, he remembered that he was only a poor student. He did not have money to go to a bar. His quickly-drying wallet seemed to not have money for him to use. Taking into account such a realistic problem, Yan Mu Lin, who was hit by such a blow, turned around to head to his temporary dormitory. Indeed, even a single penny could make a hero fall.


On the way back, Yan Mu Lin decided to walk around for a while. It was too late for him to eat dinner, he was truly just going for a walk, going for a walk. Thinking about it is so depressing, hey.


While Yan Mu Lin was immersed in his emotions, in the alley not far from him was the sound of people fighting. If he was not distracted, then he would surely hear the sound of people being beaten, and the sound of pipes being thrown on the ground.


Yan Mu Lin, who continued to walk around, finally realized that the street he was walking on was too quiet. When he recovered, he saw a dark shadow in the street he was about to go into. He did not even have the time to respond when the man’s hand directly pulled him to the gap between his body and a shop. The other person’s palm, which was concentrated with the strong smell of blood, covered his mouth!


Yan Mu Lin stared at the several strong men who held water pipes rushing to the opposite direction. He was coldly warned by the man behind him: “Don’t talk, or we will both die under those pipes!”


What is this situation!


Was he being held hostage?!


Yan Mu Lin quickly calmed down. Perhaps he was talking about the men who were chasing him. Those men did not have axes, so there shouldn’t be that big of a problem.


Truly a sudden and unexpected disaster. They were having a scuffle, when he, Passerby A, was pulled into this ah!


Now, his fate was suddenly in the hands of others. Yan Mu Lin could only wait with his eyes wide, and hands shaking. Even if he was reincarnated, in the face of death, he would still be afraid. No one was scared of death, otherwise, why would so many people want immortality? For example, Tang Seng.

Tang Seng – Courtesy name of Tang Sanzang in the novel Journey to the West. He was based on a Buddhist monk named Xuanzang. He was constantly terrorized by monsters and demons because of a legend which said that one can attain immortality by consuming his flesh because he is a reincarnation of a holy being.

The man behind him was panting. His chest was pressed on the back of Yan Mu Lin. The latter could feel the heat of his chest, and it almost burned.


Only when they could not hear the people chasing them did the two look out the gap to check. It was dark, and it would not be easy to find them again. Also, if they did not hurry to leave now, the other people might come back, and they would die. Yan Mu Lin thought in his heart that this man was simply a person that would bring him disaster.


The man behind him had a low voice, it had the magnetic quality that belonged to mature men. It was the sound that Yan Mu Lin liked the most.


The man’s lips were close to Yan Mu Lin’s ears as he asked: “Where do you stay? I’ll take you there. Rest assured, I won’t hurt you.”


Yan Mu Lin wanted to answer but the other person’s hand was still covering his mouth so he couldn’t speak at all. He first nodded his head to indicate that he understood and then pointed to his own mouth.


After realizing the problem, the man released his hand: “Sorry, the circumstances a while ago forced me to do this.”


Yan Mu Lin turned around and with the help of the dim streetlight, he saw the outline of the other person. He had a stern face with sharp lines. He thought that instead of meeting ugly men at the bar, it would be much better for him to bring back this cool guy to his temporary room. Anyways, tonight, he was going to be alone.


No matter how Yan Mu Lin refused, the man still insisted that he will take him back to his place.


They followed the path to his living quarters. The security guard of the district was used to Yan Mu Lin returning late. When he saw a tall and slender man beside him, he did not say anything. Young people also had their own private lives, so the security guard ignored him.


While inside the elevator, Yan Mu Lin noticed that he was familiar with the man beside him.


His eyes widened and his jaw dropped. He was so excited, he couldn’t speak clearly. His tongue was tied, and suddenly said: “You’re that hot driver!”


“Driver Shao” was deathly pale, and his arm was still bleeding. His head was struck by a club, so he was feeling dizzy. He did not want to speak but when he recognized Yan Mu Lin in the bright lighting, he relaxed and fainted.


Yan Mu Lin hurriedly caught Shao Nuo Yu and said, “Hey……”



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