Chapter 12: Guidance


Why can a short paragraph from a script cause Zhang Jing Jing to turn pale? Because she couldn’t give “guidance” using this paragraph. That’s right, Director Chen pointed out what she absolutely cannot do. No, it should be that her agency developed her to have a “pure and fresh” image. It’s not that she can’t do it, but Zhang Jing Jing absolutely must not do this. She really must not do it.


Zhang Jing Jing’s fans might not be clear about this, but as long as it was a voice acting director who had come into contact with her, then they would more or less know about this. In the industry, they had “a thread of mutual affection is a thread to future connection” principle. Nobody would expose another person’s weakness.


Doing a voice that did not sound “fresh and pure” was Zhang Jing Jing’s weakness. She seemed to have forgotten about this after being a first-rate star. Inviting a female CV who can only voice white lotus female leads to dub as Pan Jinlian, a role with all kinds of charm, wouldn’t the director be digging himself a hole for him to jump on? Isn’t this seeking death?


If Zhang Jing Jing had the capability, then Director Chen would naturally consider her. He was considered one of the directors with better temperaments in the circle. Obviously, he did not want his work to meet a violent death and get its corpse stamped on just for a famous CV. Even if it was a first-rate celebrity who had a huge fanbase.


If Zhang Jing Jing knew how to exercise restraint, then Chen Yu Chao, who knew about her weakness, would not do this unless she herself came and provoke him. If she voluntarily came asking for a beating, then with that, don’t tell him that he still had no reason to fight her? Chen Yu Chao was a person who hated being at a disadvantage.


At this time, Yan Mu Lin, a newcomer under Director Chen’s guidance, would naturally go along with the director’s idea. He himself wanted someone to nitpick for him at some days.


To say that he wanted to perform in front of this thorny senior and reverse the situation, was also true. He did not want to be just a newcomer. Who made him transmigrate to a newcomer, and not a veteran CV.


Yan Mu Lin glanced over the script. To have Min Tong Shu, that male gossip, in his side, he knew that with Zhang Jing Jing’s work, this would be difficult for her to do. He also realized that Director Chen did not want to give Zhang Jing Jing face at all!


With that being the case, Yan Mu Lin, who must support and cling onto Director Chen’s thigh, naturally had to cooperate with him in this voice acting performance. Director Chen was beaming, while he showed a newcomer’s shyness. Zhang Jing Jing’s face turning deathly pale was not his problem. Who asked her to make things difficult for herself?


Chen Yu Chao asked Zhang Jing Jing with a smile, “Do you need time to prepare?”


Zhang Jing Jing stubbornly clenched her teeth. If she backed out now, then she would probably be in the headlines tomorrow: “A first-rate CV couldn’t even pressure a newcomer, flying into rage out of humiliation!” Her fanbase, which hasn’t stabilized yet, would surely crash into the ground.


Time felt slow at the moment. The voice actors who were eating snacks in the surroundings were all waiting for Zhang Jing Jing to pressure Yan Mu Lin, the newcomer. Although he wasn’t arrogant, he was still a newcomer that got a major role, while they were struggling with minor roles. Feelings of resentment suddenly rushed out to the air. Well-known celebrities like them were being pressured, while a newcomer was having an easy time. Right, right, right……


The onlookers did not notice the subtle changes in Zhang Jing Jing’s face, they refused to believe that she was actually unable to express the lines that Director Chen pointed out.


Zhang Jing Jing’s finger, which was painted dark red, ran through the lines. Her finger showed slight trembles, and with her really down emotions, she realized that she offended Director Chen. As long as it was a director that knew her, then they would not give her such lines to make her give “guidance”.


Not because they did not dare, but to give her face, they would not do it.


At this moment, she remembered that she did not receive Director Chen’s permission to publish a high-profile announcement regarding her participation in 《Pan Jinlian》’s audition. She assumed that Director Chen’s silence was him giving his approval, but that was not the case. Zhang Jing Jing was now aware of her faults, but it was too late. Today, she would continue to walk to her own death. Of course, she only knew that she offended Director Chen, but not to what extent. Perhaps, Zhang Jing Jing not being aware of it was for the better.


It was impossible for Director Chen to change the lines, so Zhang Jing Jing was forced to bite the bullet and write down the lines in silence.


Getting the role of Pan Jinlian was not as easy as getting a supporting role. If you received the script, then you must be very skillful. You must be able to add the finishing touch to the lines. Such as successfully voicing her when fooling around when Ximen Qing.


At that time, when Pan Jinlian lost everything and was saved, that was also her rebirth. To be a honey trap, she had to learn how to seduce men. It was an indispensable skill when doing missions. She had to learn how to seduce men into her trap to get the information she wants.


Before carrying out the “Ximen Qing” mission, Pan Jinlian already did a similar mission. After experiencing success, she was sent by her superior to cooperate with Wu Dalang. They had to act as husband and wife and turn into commoners.


After a series of coincidental encounters with Ximen Qing, Pan Jinlian successfully became a beautiful woman in his eyes. The two people at once exchanged flirting glances. The 1.78-meter tall Wu Da Lang acted as the Wu Da Lang who sold large flatbread. He learned how to disguise himself, so he turned himself to a short ugly man, which in turn gave Pan Jinlian a reason for having an affair.


Ximen Qing was a loose man with great looks and family background.


As long as they were a woman, then they would be willing to suffer hardships for Ximen Qing to be their husband.


After hooking up with Ximen Qing, Pan Jinlian has been leading him on. She only allowed small touches, and not allowing him to go to the last stage. What broke through this was the orders of Pan Jinlian and Wu Dalang’s superiors. After being asked to speed up, Pan Jinlian did not hesitate to move directly to the next stage.


This was 《Pan Jinlian》’s first climax. The passionate show between Pan Jinlian and Ximen Qing.


In Huaxia, different types of films had different requirements. If this version of 《Pan Jinlian》 was the uncut version, then it would surely be R-18. People who were underage were not allowed to watch it. If it was broadcasted on TV, then it was just an anime. The inappropriate parts would certainly be deleted and would be rated PG-12. However, this matter was between Huaxia’s radio and television stations and parents. If they do broadcast such anime, then they would suggest parents not to tune in to the broadcast.


In short, 《Pan Jinlian》 would have a specific target audience, and it would still appear on major TV stations and Internet platforms.


Zhang Jing Jing who was pretending to be in the right mood in front of people finally saw what she had to “teach” the newcomer—a moaning technique.


The script’s content was as follows:


【Oh~Ah~Aahh~Aaahhh~Ah~Ahh~Aahhh~Aaaahhh~A~hn~】Currently, Zhang Jing Jing’s heart died. If she came with her agent instead of an assistant, then she would definitely take her away. However, everything’s too late.


In a recording studio, lip-synching for a voice-over was unnecessary. Only skill was needed. As a woman, Zhang Jing Jing must have experience in this, but she really was not good at it. Every man she XXOOed with afterwards even asked her about this.


Their questions were more or less like this: Aren’t you a CV, why do your moans sound so……normal?


Zhang Jing Jing wasn’t a CV who came from a voice acting school. She herself felt that her moans couldn’t be artistic at all. Moaning was just moaning. She could also do it. Today, she will break the rumor that she can’t do projects with bed scenes.


Zhang Jing Jing closed her eyes and memorized the script, then opened her eyes again. The first “Oh” was followed by a series of “Ah”. She thought of her own voice when she was doing XXOO with her boyfriend. She called out the sounds in the script……


“Oh, Ah, Ahh, Ahhh, Ah, Aahh, Aaahhh, Aaahhhh, Ah, Ahn.”


If this paragraph was spoken in front of an audience, then it was still pretty okay. Her moans were still passable. It could make a person hard, but just hard enough for it to get up.


Now, Zhang Jing Jing doing this to “guide the newcomer” in front of a director was disgraceful. Most of the people here were voice actors who studied for many years. They all studied voice acting. They have listened to a lot of teaching material and they couldn’t help but say that Zhang Jing Jing’s voice was completely without a touch of humanity. For example, a man who was estimated to last for about five minutes could only persevere for a minute. There was no intonation, and the climax was only average. The charm of the two sounds couldn’t be shown. If this was used in the final version, then the anime would immediately withdraw from the limelight. It was simply too boring!


The CVs who had the chance to listen to Yan Mu Lin’s live voice acting unconsciously turned their heads to him: It’s your turn.


Yan Mu Lin, after receiving a signal from Director Chen, immediately stepped forward and smiled shyly: “Sister Jing Jing, I’ve learned from your guidance.”


Director Chen looked calm, and stated: “If you’ve learned, then use it, don’t waste your senior’s efforts.”


Zhang Jing Jing let out a “hehe” and thought that she did pretty good. “Not bad, not bad.”


The CVs who were on the sidelines: “……” I’ve seen a lot of shameless people, but I have never seen such a shameless person. Simply a disgrace to the voice acting circle.


Yan Mu Lin scanned everyone’s facial expression. He coughed, and covered his face with the script, pretending to be shy.


In an instant, The bashful youth immediately disappeared. A comfortable gasp that came from a woman slowly came out of Yan Mu Lin’s mouth.


When the first “Oh……” sounded out, everyone knew that it wasn’t the sound you make when you get injured. It also wasn’t said coldly, or in doubt. It was a gasp filled with sensuality that could make someone flushed.


Continuing on, “Ah~Aahh~” Just a few sounds could make someone unable to resist. They could imagine the woman’s faintly wrinkled brows, and slightly open lips: “Aaahhh~” The breathy moans caused their heart rate to fluctuate. However, it still wasn’t the climax.


Suddenly, the faint gasps immediately sped up, and the moans got higher, almost like a scream: “Ah~Ahh~Aahhh~Aaaahhh~” Hearing the sudden agitated breathing and unexpected scream of excitement, they seemed to see the beads of sweat falling down from her forehead to the bed. Causing it to soak through the sheets and clothes. The lady in their mind grabbed the sheets with her hands. The bed was creaking repeatedly. The faint gasps sounding out continuously. The lady’s voice was fluctuating, inciting the wish to conquer her, and continue to thrust, thrust, thrust……


The cries of orgasm gradually became lower: “Ah, ah, ah~” It was like they could see the woman’s body arch from the bed involuntarily, closing her eyes and waiting for that wonderful moment. “A~hn~”


This was a wonderful night. This was what a man would think of when happy. He felt weak, and his mind in a state of confusion, but he was really comfortable.




Now, there was only silence.


No one wanted to address Yan Mu Lin’s skill. Young women were blushing in shame, while the young men wanted to cover their lower bodies that were filled with desire. Even those who were already veterans in the voice acting circle were gnashing their teeth in anger. They were now aware of the truth at this moment, and they wanted to weep, but there were no tears to shed!


Yan Mu Lin…… this damned child!


As for Zhang Jing Jing, she was already shocked on the spot by Yan Mu Lin. After a long while, she felt like she was given a resounding slap. She fled with her assistant and walked away with her still soft legs. Fortunately, the young assistant quickly supported her, but they did not look elegant. The little assistant was almost overwhelmed by Zhang Jing Jing.


Yan Mu Lin, the newcomer, looked at Director Chen innocently. He shrugged as if saying: I did nothing.


Director Chen pretended to naturally fold his legs and silently said in his heart: Fortunately, this laozi likes women.

it’s not that she can’t do it, but she absolutely must not do this – she can do it, but she’s not allowed to

a thread of mutual affection is a thread to future connection – it has the same meaning as not burning one’s bridges.


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