Chapter 10: Characterization


Yan Mu Lin and Yan Zi Qiong’s feelings weren’t deep, so naturally, he was kicked out from the hospital. Yan Zi Qiong only allowed him to visit occasionally. She said that she did not need him to appear every day. It was probably because her friends in the entertainment industry would come to visit and she did not want him to be seen by others. She fainted while she was working, so many people knew she was sick.


Yan Mu Lin, who knew her concerns, did not say anything. Leukemia was not necessarily fatal. He researched chronic myelogenous leukemia. As long as she had proper treatment, then she could survive more than a decade. Yan Mu Lin did not worry too much, he believed that Yan Zi Qiong herself wanted to live. Otherwise, she would not have come to the hospital. Of course, this still had to be kept from the outsiders.


Afterwards, Yan Mu Lin returned to school. If he did not return, then he would have no place to go to. He did not even have a friend who he could talk to about life, so later, he would work hard on making new friends.


Just as he returned to the dormitory and put down his backpack, a male student from the dorm room next door informed him that someone was looking for him downstairs. Yan Mu Lin checked his mobile phone and saw a missed call. At this moment, he remembered that when he went to the hospital, he turned his phone on silent.


But who would look for him? The missed call was from an unfamiliar number.


Rather than dying of curiosity, it was better for him to come downstairs and meet the person. Hopefully, he wasn’t looking for him to settle matters.


Imperial Media College was always filled with luxury cars. Before his eyes was a black car, it was not eye-catching at all. Though, standing at the edge of the car was a man that would attract girls who were looking for boyfriends downstairs. Like Yan Mu Lin, he had a pair of peach blossom eyes that would catch your attention. Yan Mu Lin did not have an impression of Sheng Qing Dong’s looks, so he did not associate him with the person.


There aren’t any other people around, presumably, this man was looking for him, Yan Mu Lin thought. “Are you looking for me?”


There was no smile on the man’s face. He said shortly, “Don’t act like you don’t know me.”


When Yan Mu Lin got closer, he found out that he knew this person from the original owner’s memory. It turned out to be Sheng family’s eldest young master. He looked good, but this expression, it looks like he needs a little spanking. This young master was looking at him as if he owed him several million.


Yan Mu Lin was irritated by the other person’s impatient tone. He smiled with both hands in his chest and said, “I don’t know you.” How will you respond ah? How?


As long as the owner’s memory wasn’t fake, then this eldest young master from Sheng family never treated Yan Mu Lin right. When his younger brother, Sheng Xia Xiao, bullied him, he would act as a spectator. Occasionally, he would speak a few words of frigid irony and scorching satire. [to mock and ridicule] He looked down on Yan Mu Lin. Yan Mu Lin was dissatisfied with him.


Yan Mu Lin’s sudden 180-degree change slightly shocked Sheng Xia Chen. He raised his eyebrows and confirmed in his heart that this was Yan Mu Lin. The guy who feared even pigs and fishes as long as it was from Sheng family. This brazen provocation, did he no longer want to live?


“Yan Mu Lin, don’t make me angry.” Sheng Xia Chen consciously warned him.


Yan Mu Lin wasn’t afraid, he stood there and said something like this: “What did I do to make you angry? Didn’t you call me down? You had something to say. I don’t want to quarrel or fight with you.”


Sheng Xia Chen wasn’t like his younger brother, who right away resorted to his fists when he was angered by Yan Mu Lin. He at least had self-restraint, and could only restrain himself and obtain an internal injury, that’s all. He could only use a blitzkrieg strategy to settle his father’s business.


He did not know how Yan Mu Lin who hadn’t appeared in Sheng family for more than a month suddenly changed. It was not annoying, but it was strange. Sheng Xia Chen swept a glance over Yan Mu Lin and handed the card and key to him. “This is from dad. Keep it. ”


Yan Mu Lin tilted his head to the side, with no laughter in his eyes. He shook his head and said. “Thank you for your kind intentions, but this isn’t mine. I won’t accept it. ”


Sheng Xia Chen frowned in his heart. He had no patience, and he never liked Yan Mu Lin. Deliberately running a trip for him was to give him (YML) face, then he would repay him by using all kinds of excuses just to refuse. “Yan Mu Lin, why can’t you just accept it. ”


Yan Mu Lin quickly returned it to him. “I won’t accept. ”


Sheng Xia Chen: ……


This time, he really looked at Yan Mu Lin seriously. In front of him, Yan Mu Lin was still not wearing famous brands, but he looked clean. The self-abased weakling was gone. It was a complete change.


Sheng Xia Chen asked again, “You really won’t accept?”


Yan Mu Lin stepped back and replied, “I won’t. You should go back. Also, tell your dad that I’m surnamed Yan and not Sheng. Don’t come to me again, goodbye!”


Yan Mu Lin turned away and went upstairs, leaving Sheng Xia Chen standing alone awkwardly. He also heard two girls guessing their relationship.


“Nowadays, rich young masters chase after people with a house and a card. Directly throwing it at his face, really not cool!”


“Exactly. In any case, he was a bit creative. It’s almost like he was afraid that other people wouldn’t know that his family’s wealthy. ”


“Right. Was he drunk? Giving money just to date a person…”




The two girls gradually walked away. Sheng Xia Chen stared intensely at the corridor where Yan Mu Lin left. It was almost as if he was urging for it to burn. This laozi did not have a single bit of relationship with him, K?!


Damn that Yan Mu Lin. He would remember this.


Sheng Xia Chen quickly drove away and stared at the items he threw on the seat. He thought of how he would explain this to his father. It seemed that the only way was to say it directly. His father was most concerned about his face, Of course, he felt that making Yan Mu Lin’s life difficult was below him.


Yan Mu Lin, who succeeded in driving away Sheng Xia Chen, did not know that he had turned into someone else’s focus of discussion.


In a conference room that was not too grand.


The topic discussed today was out of everyone’s expectations. In the past, the issues were easily solved, or there were no problems at all.


Chen Yu Chao had his own team. He also had several brain trusts under his command. They always gave advice to the team and was silently behind the curtains. But today, they were all flushed with anger due to a young boy.


Chen Yu Chao, who had always been calm, pushed a chair. It made a creaking sound. What he was going to say was about to provoke a series of disagreements, “Anyways, this person would be Pan Jinlian’s voice, or else this anime would not be broadcast!”


Producer A: “Director Chen, he does not even have a single work. How could you give him the female lead’s role just from an interview? You also know that the female lead is the key to this film. A bad CV will destroy this work!”


Producer B: “Yes, Director Chen, although we work behind the scenes, I still agree with A’s view. Besides, he’s a man, how could you give him the role of a woman!”


Producer C: “I agree with Director Chen, he could be used as our selling point in the future. A CV who has never appeared on the screen will be 《Pan Jinlian》. When the people would inquire, they could only turn to our animation studio to understand the CV’s true identity. He does not even have a broker. Uhm, I think. ”


Director Chen added, “You don’t need him to prove anything. I can testify that he has the ability to do this job. OK, now make a decision!”


Producer A and B: “….”


Director Chen, aren’t you deciding so fast? What happened to being impartial!


In front of Director Chen, impartialness was nothing. He was the boss.


Right after disposing of Sheng Xia Chen, his refreshed mood started to calm down, when he received a call from Director Chen.


Signed. Signed. Signed!


What role?


Pan Jinlian. Pan Jinlian. Pan Jinlian!!!


Not a supporting role, not a supporting role!


When he hung up the phone, Yan Mu Lin almost jumped. He really got it? Why was it easier than he thought? Also, he really got it!!


He was invited to go to the recording studio tomorrow. Signing a contract was something that could be done in minutes. What’s more, Yan Mu Lin did not care about the remuneration. What he wanted was to accumulate fame and fans.


He did not expect to be chosen. His efforts was not wasted. Calm down. Calm down. Yan Mu Lin, you’re pretty good.


Yan Mu Lin, who was so happy, immediately rushed to the recording studio when he received the notice to come. Before he really started working, Yan Mu Lin got the character profile from Director Chen. First, he had to figure out the character, determine how he would use his voice, and then cooperate with the other CVs.


Director Chen saw Yan Mu Lin, and brought him to a conference room where he would get to know the other voice actors he was going to work with. Yan Mu Lin received a lot of envious eyes. Of course, there was a lot of disapproval and mocking.


Who did not know that Director Chen was pleased with this young man? Those who were there in his audition knew that he was truly capable, while those who didn’t, thought that he was recommended by an investor. He was this young, and a man at that, was he really able to match his voice to the female lead? Who would believe that.


While other people tried to figure out their own parts, Yan Mu Lin also followed Director Chen’s general outline of the story. His character’s voice gradually becoming clearer to him.


Chen Yu Chao’s 《Pan Jinlian》was an adaptation. It was characterized to be in line with the public’s demands. They completely overturned Pan Jinlian’s image in 《Water Margin》. Pan Jinlian became an intelligence spy who sacrificed herself for the nation. Wu Dalang became an associate of Pan Jinlian, and Ximen Qing became the son of General Ximen, who had a massive military force.


Pan Jinlian and Wu Dalang were hidden in the marketplace as a “fake” couple. Pan Jinlian showed a coquettish image. Then, the derailed image of Pan Jinlian became more interesting. In order to steal the intelligence of the military, Pan Jinlian had to seduce Ximen Qing and use him to get the information they needed.


The story was reasonable. Yan Mu Lin liked this version of 《Pan Jinlian》the most. It was no longer the floozy image from 《The Golden Lotus》. In his previous life, he had seen too much, and it was all boring. The movies were all third-rate. Director Chen’s 《Pan Jinlian》 showed the true meaning of Pan Jinlian.

《Pan Jinlian》’s plot was more or less the same.


Pan Jinlian used to be a lady of a certain official’s home. She married into a well-off magistrate’s home and had a son with him. But then, good things don’t last forever. Because of the war, her family was attacked and killed. Even her son, who was only three months, was killed under the enemy’s sword. On the day of the invasion, she went on a trip to burn incense, successfully surviving the calamity.


Pan Jinlian, who did not want to live anymore, wanted to suicide by jumping into a river. Fortunately, Wu Dalang, who was passing by, saved her and asked if she wanted revenge. After obtaining a positive answer, the two joined a spy organization to hone their skills. After a year of study, the two hid in the state of Chu, and pretended to live together as a couple.


Pan Jinlian, Wu Dalang, and Ximen Qing’s images were all overturned. Yan Mu Lin, who was supposed to voice the protagonist, worked hard to figure out her (PJL) voice. Her voice towards her companion, her enemy, and the person she had to seduce. All of this was part of his challenge. The protagonist’s various sides gave its CV tremendous pressure.


In the anime, Pan Jinlian’s character could be divided into three phases.

Early stage, she was a gentle and virtuous woman;

Middle stage, she was a weak and powerless woman;

Late stage, she was a strong woman filled with vengeance.


According to this classification, Yan Mu Lin found a position that belonged to “her”. In his previous life, when he had to dub for a role, it would take hours for him to be connected to the character. Now that he had experience, the time was greatly reduced. He informed
Director Chen of his idea.

laozi – I, your father. usually used in contempt, anger, or arrogance.


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