Chapter 8: Second Stage

Yan Mu Lin stood in front of a group of people whose expressions were filled with disbelief. He calmly nodded towards the middle-aged man in the middle. He could see at a glance that the middle-aged man who came out first was their leader. He was probably the director of 《Pan Jinlian》.

Yan Mu Lin did not guess wrong. When he was waiting for his turn to audition outside, he learned from Ah D and Ah Sang that Director Chen’s appearance was low-key. He had a flat top, salt and pepper hair, and an average face. He looked like other people owed him several millions. Regardless of the season, he always wore a vest. If Yan Mu Lin hadn’t recognized him, he might as well stop being in the entertainment circle.


The shocked people quickly picked their jaws off the floor. Director Chen walked directly towards Yan Mu Lin and motioned for him to leave the audition room and move to a conference room to talk. The assistant director followed them. Before leaving, Director Chen told them that they should choose well.


Everyone felt like a cat was scratching their hearts, Really itchy. They also wanted to know the newcomer’s name, okay? Director Chen was really too much. He didn’t have to keep it hidden from them, they also signed the confidentiality agreement. They wouldn’t spread anything!


Regardless of how they roared in their heart, everyone just watched the young and handsome guy follow the ordinary sinister-faced director into the room next door. They really want to eavesdrop. In the end what was that guy’s background, la.


When Director Chen and Yan Mu Lin was gone, the people in the audition room exploded into excitement and asked each other about the youth’s background, what school he attends, what his name was, how old he was, what he majors in. All types of questions were asked, but almost none was answered. From the little information they had, they only knew that his name was Yan Mu Lin, he was a student, and what his phone number was. The rest of the data was not filled in.


The fuck. Why did they do such a great job on confidentiality ah?


That’s not it, they’re blaming themselves for not requiring the applicants to leave information on the site. Otherwise, they could have known the background of the handsome guy. Nowadays, the society’s protection of the people’s privacy were getting stronger. But when they thought about it, they did not want to be exposed, then why should they force others to leave information that was unrelated to their job?


However, they still want to know about it!!


Will Director Chen let him join as the female lead directly?


Director Chen’s full name is Chen Yu Chao, he has produced a lot of successful anime. However, he previously learned under a famous director. Recently, he came out to produce anime on his own, which resulted in his sudden rise and achievements. 《Pan Jinlian》was not his first, and definitely not his last production, but it currently had the highest degree of attention, because Chen Yu Chao was currently a rising star in the industry.


When 《Pan Jinlian》started selecting voice actors, there has been a gossip circulating. There were media reports that said that the female lead would definitely be his previous work’s female lead CV. Her voice was sweet and charming enough. When they encounter her in person, her voice would leave their body weak. This kind of female CV would definitely meet the requirements of Pan Jinlian in most aspects, but was it here? Not only the media, but even the female CV started to pressure Chen Yu Chao. Naturally, it was unsuccessful.


Besides the female voice actor of his previous anime, there were also 2-3 first-rate CVs mentioned. They were probably photographed together with Chen Yu Chao having a meal, thus the various reports. There had been a lot of speculation.


Chen Yu Chao was a director who does not conform to the rules. He was not easily affected by the public. He thinks and does what he wants. Directors who have worked with him in the past would definitely rate him as someone who was a bit impractical, or a bit detached. No one knew whether it was exaggeration or devaluation. Though in the end, facts proved himself. Chen Yu Chao has always proved himself with his achievements.


Director Chen Yu Chao, who proved himself with actions, looked at the peach blossom eyes in front of him. When that person laughed, he would easily attract people, especially women.


“Do you want to introduce yourself first?” Chen Yu Chao tried not to use a hard tone as much as possible. He was a director, and the leader of the entire animation team. Although he did not have to paint every picture himself, he must still size up the overall situation, choose the roles, supervise the dubbing, and more to create clear instructions and requirements. Having access to new voices was something that made him feel excited, but he was not good at expressing that emotion on his face.


With someone starting, following up a reply was much easier. Yan Mu Lin organized his introduction mentally. He studied language art, so naturally, he knew how to show his best side and leave a good impression for Director Chen.


He believed that he could talk with the director alone, in this conference room (the assistant director doesn’t count). He also believed that, compared to other CVs, he had better chances in facing the director. Yan Mu Lin did not want to miss this opportunity. Naturally, he won’t show off excessively.


“Hello, Director Chen. I’m a sophomore at Imperial Media College, a radio broadcasting major. I am very honored to be able to participate and be given guidance in this《Pan Jinlian》audition. I hope my voice was capable to receive your favor and was able to get the chance to participate in the dubbing of this anime. I sincerely hope that I can participate.” As he introduced himself as a sophomore student, Yan Mu Lin smiled at Chen Yu Chao out of courtesy.


At this time, Chen Yu Chao held Yan Mu Lin’s personal information in his hands, the content wasn’t much. It was not as comprehensive as his self-introduction. Imperial Media College. He knew several professors there, and although he did not have the opportunity to attend this school, he had contact with people who graduated from this school. He felt that the students of Imperial Media College were separated into two extremes. They could be the best, or bad enough that you’ll be driven mad. Details would be explained in the future.


This brief introduction was not enough for Chen Yu Chao to understand Yan Mu Lin’s professional skills. He took the script from the assistant director and opened it to the first page. Pointing to the lines above, he said, “I’ll give you five minutes to look at this two-person dialogue. If you can express the dialogue of the two in different tones, I’ll arrange a role for you in 《Pan Jinlian》. ”


If you have the opportunity, you must try your best to fight for it. This has always been Yan Mu Lin’s work principle. Otherwise, how would he, who has no background, no academic qualifications, no backer, successfully get the Best Male CV award? Although, he did die afterwards, but we’re not here to talk about that.


Yan Mu Lin did not waste a single minute. After receiving the script, his brain quickly turned. He first scanned and remembered all the lines in his head. When he looked for the second time, he began to analyze what the dialogue meant. This must be one of the lines in the animation. He did not have to mind his mouth’s shape, which saved him a lot of time. The rest of the time was spent racking his brains finding the best way to express himself and carefully pondering over the meaning of each sentence.


On the script, the names of the characters were written. Yan Mu Lin did not immediately start, he thought of a suitable tone for the characters in the script. He was so serious that he did not notice Director Chen and the assistant director leave.


The owner of the lines in the script was not Pan Jinlian. It was a dialogue between Grandmother Wang and Ximen Qing.


Yan Mu Lin had seen《The Golden Lotus》, so after looking at the dialogue, he estimated that this happened when Ximen Qing and Pan Jinlian clashed.

Because Pan Jinlian looked charming, his anger disappeared and turned into amorous feelings.

All this was seen by Grandmother Wang.

Afterwards, Ximen Qing went to Grandmother Wang. She saluted him and said, “Oh, Honorable Sir, how come you’re here?”

Ximen Qing asked Grandmother Wang: “Who is that woman next door?”

Grandmother Wang: “She is the younger sister of ‘King Yama’, the daughter of General Wu! What do you mean by asking her name?”

Ximen Qing: “I’ll be straight with you but you must not laugh at me. “

Grandmother Wang: How is it that you do not recognize her? Her husband sells warm food daily before the yamen.

Ximen Qing guessed three times, but couldn’t find out. Grandmother Wang laughed and told him. Ximen Qing burst into laughter and said, “Isn’t he Wu Dalang who was nicknamed Three Inches of Mulberry Bark?” After finding out who her husband was, Ximen Qing pitied the girl. “A nice piece of meat in a dog’s mouth. “


After he completely analyzed the script, Director Chen and his assistant director entered the conference room again. He was handed a cup of tea by Director Chen.


Director Chen asked Yan Mulin, “Can we start?”


Yan Mu Lin laughed, “Of course.”


Yan Mu Lin fixed his shirt, put a smile on his face, and adjusted his voice’s pitch. He started to show the dialogue between Grandmother Wang and Ximen Qing in front of Chen Yu Chao. He was like a professional that has been voice acting for many years. He was familiar with his skills, and could freely change his voice. It was like he could feel no pressure.


Chen Yu Chao knew that he found a dusted pearl today. As long as there was a chance, it would shine sooner or later. What was lacking in the voice acting industry was a young talent like Yan Mu Lin who was willing to work hard. However, whether he was really a hard worker, has yet to be verified.


After perfectly demonstrating the dialogue between Grandmother Wang and Ximen Qing, Director Chen positively said to Yan Mu Lin, “Classmate Yan, I can get you a role, but I can’t tell you what role it would be right now. We’ll give you a reply within three days. The phone number and email address on the Internet would contact you, okay?”


Yan Mu Lin, who showed happiness on his face, nodded. “Thank you very much, Director Chen. My phone number is always available.”


Director Chen said, “Okay, then we will sign the contract at that time. ”


Yan Mu Lin nodded again. He showed the manner of a youth. Being too mature would give other people a feeling that he was not worth being close to.


The audition was still continuing next door, but Yan Mu Lin already left the venue, with Director Chen’s promise. Hopefully, it was not just a verbal agreement.


Great. Today was a great day.


If he met that kind driver again, he must treat him to a meal. He was his lucky star.


At this time, “Driver Shao” who unknowingly became a lucky star in Yan Mu Lin’s heart was sitting on the dining table, facing his “family” who all had ulterior motives in their heart. The atmosphere could be described as dull and stifling.


Sooner or later, he will find the backstabber that took his father’s life. Now, he had all the time in the world.


yamen – the administrative office or residence of a local bureaucrat in Imperial China.


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