Chapter 6: Moneymaking


Time was tight, so Yan Mu Lin was always cautious.


While he was preparing for his audition, Yan Mu Lin unexpectedly saw his rarely seen dormitory roommate. His roommate was in the performance department. A delicate pretty boy whose eyes turn into crescents when he laughs. He was slim, with monolid eyes, fair skin, and red lips. He had the boy-next-door image that was popular with the people, especially to the aunties.


Due to his years of mingling with the people in the entertainment scene, Yan Mu Lin had his own version of looking at things, especially when watching people. In this aspect, he was quite accurate.


His roommate was easy to get along with. From beginning to end, he was all smiles, not haughty at all. When got back and saw that Yan Mu Lin has not eaten, he would cook him a meal. There was a huge difference between the cold and detached person from his memory.


Every time his dormitory roommate returned to the dormitory, the two people never communicated. But now, he would even cook Yan Mu Lin dinner.


Taking the meal box his roommate gave him, Yan Mu Lin gave his thanks. “Thank you. I was about to go eat out.”


Feng Ming Ming pulled his desk’s chair and said, “It’s nothing. It was on the way.”


Yan Mu Lin also did something in thanks. The other person gave him a meal so he would send him a red packet. He couldn’t eat other people’s food without paying. Besides, they still haven’t reached the “good friends” stage.


After receiving the red envelope, Feng Ming Ming shook his head, “You’re too polite. Next time, just invite me to dinner.”


Yan Mu Lin insisted, “Inviting you to dinner is one thing, me paying for regular meals is something else. I can’t eat without paying.”


Feng Ming Ming felt slightly helpless. He came back only to discover his roommate, whose voice was stifled, in the span of two months, transformed to someone he was willing to get along with. He was an actor. As long as there was a film assignment, he would have to go to other cities. The time he spent at school was very short.


Yan Mu Lin changed his temper. He thought it would be worthwhile to make friends. They also did not have overnight enmity. If Yan Mu Lin entered the entertainment industry, they could also help each other. Although Yan Mu Lin’s character was now straightforward, Feng Ming Ming felt that it was better than the him before.


Both of them had their thoughts about each other, and they both wanted to get along.


In order to improve their relationship, Yan Mu Lin invited Feng Ming Ming to a meal.


After a while, Feng Ming Ming would go to another city for an audition. Yan Mu Lin also had an audition. Both of them were busy with their future, and their relationship was peaceful.


Sheng Xia Xiao still bullies Yan Mu Lin from time to time, but Yan Mu Lin completely ignores his existence. This made Sheng Xia Xiao grow uninterested in provoking him. In the second half of the year, there would be more dramas and movies. All the students used their energy to participate in various auditions. If they strived to get an opportunity to do a voiceover, they could sign with a famous brokerage firm after graduating.


The anime 《Pan Jinlian》was also the goal of many female students. Even if they can’t get the heroine role, they should at least fight for the other supporting roles. Not a lot could join the audition though. Ten girls signed up, but only three girls got in the auditions. Compared to the other classes, this was already a high number.


Yan Mu Lin did not pay attention to his classmate’s situation. He wholeheartedly devoted himself to his practice plan, allowing no interference.


The time for 《Pan Jin Lian》’s audition is getting closer, but Yan Mu Lin was relaxed. He was not nervous at all. The main thing he should focus on is to protect his throat. He did not tell anyone about this, including his roommate.


Currently, he still did not have a friend that he could trust to that extent. He had already experienced being betrayed before. He was supposed to audition for a popular movie, and he shared this good news with his friend. That night, his friend used the congratulating-him excuse to bring him out to sing. He had an agreement with him that he would not make him drink. Who knew that his so-called friend would lie to him and say that the drink was not alcoholic. Yan Mu Lin tasted it but discovered nothing, so he drank it. As a result, he did not pass the audition. His “good friend” who brought him out to drink got the job.


After being cheated, he couldn’t understand what the other party was thinking.


That was the first time he got cheated by a person he considered a close friend. It was like being stabbed by the knife. That kind of betrayal was indescribable. His friend knew that if he drank, his throat would have problems the next day, and he would be unable to express the voice the role needed. Obviously, the other person hid his thoughts so deep. To set up a friend, just for a role. It was horrible. However, if that person did not do such a thing to him, Yan Mu Lin would have continued sharing information to his friends without hesitation. He believed people too easily, he had to learn how to guard against other people.


Reborn in a strange world, he had to be more cautious.


Facing the mirror, Yan Mu Lin fixed his collar. He was wearing shirt and trousers. Two days ago, he changed his hairstyle, making him look a little fresh. His clothes were styled for students. After removing the thick scent of cowardliness, Yan Mu Lin’s temperament changed a lot. Anyone who will see him would wonder if this person was the Yan Mu Lin that they knew.


It did not matter what others thought. What’s important was whether Yan Mu Lin could make it on time today. He did not expect that the bus would experience a traffic accident on the way. The bus driver was not careful and crashed into an EN-V car. Naturally, the two drivers quarreled continuously. No one wanted to admit that it was their fault, and wanted the traffic police to handle the accident. Because of this, he could only get off the bus and transfer to another vehicle like the other passengers. He looked for information about public transportation on the Internet for almost half an hour. The subway was too far from him. If he had known earlier, he wouldn’t have felt lazy and took the subway instead.


Yan Mu Lin, who completely couldn’t recognize north, south, east, or west, had to pick up his cell phone and look for the nearest subway station. He had a lot of time. There was still time for him to go to the subway. According to the cell phone’s navigation, he just had to move to another street, turn right, then there’s the subway station.


Ten minutes later, Yan Mu Lin stood blankly in front of an “under construction” sign. He looked at the sky dumbfoundedly. Damned mobile navigation, it actually had no function to detect on-going constructions. To actually claim that their technology was number one. What a cheat. It’s all a scam!


As a last resort, Yan Mu Lin had no choice but to just walk back to the intersection. The only thing that could quickly get him to the venue was a taxi. He waved for a taxi. Pull up, pull up….


En. No one’s stopping!


Seeing the time get closer to the audition’s schedule, Yan Mu Lin started to sweat. He could feel the shirt stick to his back, it was absolutely uncomfortable.


The location of the accident was one of the most crowded areas in the city. The taxis were not willing to accept passengers here. First, there was no temporary parking space. Second, it was too crowded. One could use three characters to describe the situation. That is “blocked, blocked, blocked”. All the passing taxis had passengers inside, and they were just passing by.


After Yan Mu Lin got wounded by the navigation, he had no choice but to look for the nearest bus station. There was no time for him to go to the subway station. There must be other ways to get there. Feeling anxious was useless.


The time was moving, yet the bus still did not arrive, and the station’s travel schedule still hasn’t changed. The city’s congestion felt intoxicating.


Time does not wait for a person. Yan Mu Lin couldn’t continue waiting here, the venue was only a short distance. He could also run, and get there in half an hour. If he planned to do that, he had no time to waste.


While Yan Mu Lin was racing against time, Shao Nuo, who just finished a meeting, was about to drive back when he saw a familiar figure, a drenched Yan Mu Lin.


What is he doing?


He would actually run on the streets on a hot day like this.


Yan Mu Lin had to stop and gasp for breath. He placed his hands on his knees, sweat dripped down his cheeks and onto the concrete floor. It evaporated instantly.


A luxury car parked on Yan Mu Lin’s side, the car owner pressed the horn.


Yan Mu Lin looked up exhaustedly. The car owner pointed at the passenger seat, “Where are you going? I’ll send you there.”


Yan Mu Lin looked cautious and skeptical. Is this person trying to rob me in broad daylight?


He wasn’t blind. The owner looked really cold, but his appearance was top-notch. With long phoenix eyes, a small tear-shaped mole on the corner of his eye, androgynous but handsome face, clear white skin, and sharp lines.


Yan Mu Lin asked, “Do I know you?”


Shao Nuo Yu also thought of this issue but replied calmly. “Mister, right now, there’s something called a ride-hailing service. I’m an X Bu driver. I can send you to your location. ”


X Bu – Uber’s Chinese name is 优步 / Yōu Bù. In their world (SNY) Uber is probably called that (X Bu).


Yan Mu Lin recalled something called Uber, but he didn’t use it. Uber drivers in this world work really hard. Voluntarily looking for a customer, they didn’t have to send a signal. Yan Mu Lin, eager to reach his destination, didn’t doubt it anymore and got inside the car. He really couldn’t run anymore, his physical constitution hadn’t reached to the point where he could run continuously for half an hour.


“Thank you. ” Yan Mu Lin said sincerely.


The structure of the world might have changed, but a majority of the license plates he knew still existed. Although there was no time to study the luxury car, Yan Mu Lin knew that the car he was in was the model on the cover of the magazine his roommate brought back.


So this driver was actually very rich. When he gets off the car, would he be extorted?


The first time X Bu driver Shao Nuo Yu was very professional, after asking Yan Mu Lin’s destination, he did not speak at all. Yan Mu Lin was so tired, he didn’t want to talk. He only wanted to take a breather and rest while Shao Nuo Yu was still reflecting on why he suddenly meddled in Yan Mu Lin’s business.


To actually act as a driver for a child, his brain was he insane!


After arriving at his destination, Yan Mu Lin shyly asked the driver how much the fare was. Driver Shao suspiciously without quality service stated: “No need for payment. ”


Yan Mu Lin: “…Then, thank you very much, mister. ” He didn’t arrive late.


He really could not understand the thoughts of the rich people in this world. Was acting as a driver fun? Do they like to help others? It seems that he still doesn’t understand this world, ah!


However, Yan Mu Lin did not like owing other people favors, so he gave the “driver” 50 yuan, and ran away. He had an audition to go to!


Looking at the 50 yuan in his hand, “Driver Shao” gave a call to his family’s assistant, and asked: “How much is X Bu’s 6-kilometer ride fare?”


His assistant replied: “Chairman, it’s about 16 yuan. ”


“Driver Shao” put the fifty yuan in his wallet and said, “I just made 50 yuan in ten minutes.”


A very frightened assistant: …….


Chairman! The money you make in 10 minutes is several thousand times more than that 50 yuan!


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