Chapter 4: Change




Simply incredible.


No one expected that Yan Mu Lin actually hid such talent. When he was suffering from claustrophobia, his classmates acted as if he was invisible. They did not think that the classmate they looked down on, and did not want to see would suddenly jump in front and show the huge gap between them. His voice acting skill was something they dream about. Why wasn’t this granted to them. They really, really did not know what to say.


This time, they all did not know how they would feel about Yan Mu Lin, who already finished dubbing. Should they feel jealous, envious, admiration, grief, or something else?


Anyway, they recognized for the first time that what they call expert among the people, and it turns out that the expert was always with them.


Of course, there were also people who felt contempt for Yan Mu Lin’s performance. The model representative was Sheng Xia Xiao who always confronts Yan Mu Lin. He saw that Yan Mu Lin was not pleasing to the eye, and when he heard that Yan Mu Lin was better than him, he did not want to admit it.


How could he surpass him?


How could Yan Mu Lin, that idiot, be as awesome as me? How could that be? I just wasn’t feeling well and he just happened to be doing better today. Also, this was not a recording studio.


Teacher Chen and the others gave Yan Mu Lin a high score. He won against Sheng Xia Xiao.


Sheng Xia Xiao as the loser naturally did not take his failure well. He just slept too late last night so his vocal cords did not adjust well. There’s no lack of chances to embarrass Yan Mu Lin, he’ll soon let him know the difference between the two of them. This time was surely just a coincidence.




Regardless of how Sheng Xia Xiao and his classmates showed off, they were all made aware of Yan Mu Lin’s intimidating ability, that he was not so weak and stupid. The current him, who did not have his trauma, removed the notion that he was jut avoiding dubbing so that he could save face.


Undoubtedly, Yan Mu Lin shocked some of his classmates.


Teacher Chen gave him a look of praise, and some of his classmates tried to get close to him. These were all things that the previous Yan Mu Lin wanted before he died. It was a pity he couldn’t see it.


Sheng Xia Xiao felt nothing but contempt for Yan Mu Lin’s performance, so he obviously continued to feel disdain against Yan Mu Lin.


After class, Yan Mu Lin pretended to “accidentally” walk up to Sheng Xia Xiao. He whispered in his ear, “How does being so shaken feel?”


Sheng Xia Xiao wanted to punch him, but Yan Mu Lin quickly moved to the other side. He laughed with the other students and ignored him. Sheng Xia Xiao was so angry, he felt pain in his liver.


In his fury, he completely forgot the task his father gave him.


Huaxia still had their imperial family, Naturally, the so-called aristocrats and nobility, the Sheng family was one of them. Sheng Xia Xiao acting so arrogantly in school was not unreasonable. His character only fell short of murder and arson. He made a living out of bullying students on a daily basis, and the school tolerated these noble children.


The Son of Heaven breaks the law, it would be a sin for him, and also for the common people. They were in a legal society. Aristocrats could enjoy special treatment, but it was not without limit. The parliament was the one truly in control of the country, and the law was not a blue and white porcelain.


The Son of Heaven breaks the law, it would be a sin for him, and also for the common people – There is no special treatment.

the law was not a blue and white porcelain – The law is not something for display.pan



At night, as twilight approached.


Yan Mu Lin laid in the bath, reflecting on whether he should take the initiative to attack. To create a reputation for himself, he needed to receive dubbing roles with development potential. He was still skeptical about it.


Now, the people in the voice acting industry follows the road to being a superstar. Yan Mu Lin was used to doing behind-the-scenes work, then he suddenly had to go to stage. He was not mentally prepared. He had to decide whether he wanted to work behind-the-scenes or in front of the screen.


If he chose the backstage route, then he would not need an agent or a company. He could handle everything by himself, but the job opportunities would be small.


If he chose being in front of the stage, then he had to sign a brokerage firm, have his own agent, appear in front of his future fans, and perform in front of them.


One was a path he was familiar with, the other he was not.


What should I choose?


After thinking for a long time, he still could not choose. He really had to know more about this world.


Since he could not sleep, then he might as well open up the computer and understand how the society views the voice acting industry. After he researched for quite a while, he found out that almost no voice actor was willing to work behind-the-scenes. 99% of them wanted to work on stage. They wanted to be approved by fans. Also, every voice actor debuted by the brokerage firms were all great.


After watching several huge voice acting programs, Yan Mu Lin found out that the easiest way to gain fans was through anime voice acting. Because anime characters originally doesn’t have a voice, the CV could choose how they would act. There was absolutely no restriction unlike in TV dramas. Those who act in TV dramas and movies were real people. Stars had their own voices so you could only imitate them and turn it more professional.


Voice actors are very willing to sign a contract with brokerage firms and stand in front of a stage. They were also, of course, divided into first, second, and third-tier stars. There were only very few dubbing superstars.


After carefully differentiating the voice acting industry’s ranks, Yan Mu Lin realized that if he wanted to be famous then he had to be on-screen.


He was already reborn, how could he still be an unknown behind-the-scene voice actor? He couldn’t do it. He doesn’t want to just take the Best Male CV award, he also wanted more people to know him and his work.


The first step was to have his own work. Advertisement dubbing was simply one of the numerous jobs a voice actor can do. Just like when a celebrity shoots an advertisement, it was a bit difficult to be famous unless the lines were very creative. One must remember that advertising was about the product and not the voice actor. The people would not buy the product because of the CV.


After surfing the Internet casually, he saw an animation company’s website. Just now, did he click on a superstar’s introduction interface?


The homepage was filled with a big line of words. “The anime 《Pan Jinlian》 are looking for CVs, we need your new voice!” It was so flashy, Yan Mu Lin did not want to look at it. He also checked the other recruitment websites and found that they were all similar. He did not read any of the anime’s original work. As for 《Pan Jinlian》, he could describe her characteristics even without thinking.


Pan Jinlian – Heroine of the novel “The Golden Lotus” and a minor character in Water Margin. She is a very typical example of a femme fatale and is also one of the most notable villainess in classical China. She is a popular subject of Chinese and Japanese tv series.


Approximately counting the CVs that 《Pan Jinlian》 crew would recruit. A leading role, and many supporting roles.


Yan Mu Lin did not need to look for others, he liked 《Pan Jinlian》, and now he just needs to register, register, register.


After filling in the form, Yan Mu Lin went through it and was satisfied.


Of course, the current Yan Mu Lin was not aware that the adaptations of the Four Classic Novels of Chinese Literature were well-received by the people in this world. Of course, they also liked various-mech-saving-the-world type of anime, and all sorts of romantic melodrama anime.


Four Classic Novels of Chinese Literature – A Dream of Red Mansions, Romance of Three Kingdoms, Water Margin, and Journey to the West. The most read and adapted works of pre-modern Chinese fiction.


The much-anticipated 《Pan Jinlian》 would definitely be very strict on the selection of voice actors. However, Yan Mu Lin who was unaware of this was very relaxed, because he was used to being in a competitive environment.


With a goal in mind, Yan Mu Lin got up early in the morning every day to go to the park to open up his vocal cords. Generally, voice actors are also good at singing, but Yan Mu Lin never thought of being a singer. What he really liked was voice acting. Through his voice, the character is made alive, it was satisfying for him psychologically.


His  life was the same as usual, and the results of the advertisement dubbing would come out soon. The producer was hesitating between him and Sheng Xia Xiao and decided to make the two people come to their company for an interview tomorrow, then make a decision.


Before the set time, Yan Mu Lin got on a double-decker bus, admiring the scenery on the road. He sighed as he felt that Huaxia’s cultural history was really different. There were electronic screens on the streets, and he didn’t recognize any of the celebrities on it. The LED screens all display advertisements of their history. With this strong sense of patriotism at the city center, it was easy to see that the government was doing something and they were doing it very well.


Yan Mu Lin liked it compared to the indifferent city he once lived in. When he got on the bus, the driver was all smiles. The passengers were also enthusiastic about helping others. The positive energy everywhere filled up Yan Mu Lin. In this strange world, the anxiety in his heart gradually receded, and he started to feel alive.


At the assigned location for the interview, Yan Mu Lin was asked by the receptionist to wait on the sofa in the hall. When the time comes, someone would assist him.


The lobby of the building was spacious, it had two front desks and four security guards. You needed to give an ID at the entrance, no matter if you were looking for someone or just needed to make a phone call, you had to give your employee number or any other ID card.


Because Yan Mu Lin was not familiar with the stars in this world, he did not know that each and every one that walked past him were celebrities. He only felt that they looked familiar, but couldn’t remember where he had seen them.


Trying to loosen himself up, Yan Mu Lin sat on the couch with his eyes closed.


A moment later, he heard Sheng Xia Xiao’s voice. He pretended to hear nothing. Sheng Xia Xiao’s actions made him feel embarrassed, instead of feeling oppressed by an overbearing president.


“You actually dare stop me, don’t you know who I am?” Sheng Xia Xiao stated, taking off his eyeglasses and pretending to be cold.


This did not work on the security guards who have seen big shots. There were stars that passed by them every day, from third-rate to first-rate. You should control yourself. If you don’t have a permit, then we’ll stop you. If you speak well, then we’ll guide you to the front desk.


However, Sheng Xia Xiao behaved as if he was unwilling to speak with what he felt were people beneath him. His attitude and dialogue with the security guard was something Yan Mu Lin truly could not listen to. Of course, he still decided to not know anything.


Fortunately, the people who were supposed to bring them to the recording studio for their audition soon arrived.


The person frowned, he was obviously dissatisfied with Sheng Xia Xiao’s arrogant attitude. However, he did not show it and led them to the elevator. Sheng Xia Xiao faced Yan Mu Lin with arrogance and disdain. In his eyes, Yan Mu Lin was a person that was beneath him.


He really did not know how Sheng Xia Xiao’s parents educated their son. Yan Mu Lin silently took two steps away from that person.


The sound engineer was already in the control room waiting for them. The audition was very simple. Sheng Xia Xiao and Yan Mu Lin were to stand in front of the condenser microphone with the piece of paper given to them.


Sitting next to the sound engineer was a thin middle-aged man with an ordinary face. If one does not look carefully, then they would not notice that he was actually a dubbing director.


The rule was very simple, they had one minute to express what was written on the paper in their own voice.


Sheng Xia Xiao, who already lost against Yan Mu Lin, did not forget how he lost his face previously. This time, he must find a way to retaliate. Therefore, he decided not to let Yan Mu Lin off. He came in front of the director, ready to amaze the world with a single brilliant feat. He was not afraid of Yan Mu Lin!


to amaze the world with a single brilliant feat – become an overnight celebrity.


Yan Mu Lin naturally did not let his thoughts show on his face. He did not bother arguing with Sheng Xia Xiao, that brat. He silently went over the script in his mind, making up scenes and thinking of suitable plans. He read the script once, and already thought of the emotion he wanted to convey.


Currently, outside the recording studio a wave of people was invited inside. Among them was a man standing in front, when he saw Yan Mu Lin and Sheng Xia Xiao inside the booth, his expression turned somewhat indescribable.


It only took him ten seconds before making a decision.


A man with exquisite appearance asked the subordinate behind him, “What are they doing inside?”


The subordinate answered instantly, “It’s an audition for the Earl Watch advertisement dubbing.”


The man nodded and said, “Send their auditions to my mailbox.”


“Yes, chairman.”


At the same time, Yan Mu Lin who was dubbing, did not know that such a thing happened on his audition. This changed his destiny.



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